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Jan 2, 2015

FOTM Report: Taric- Season 3 Gems



Ever since Patch 4.20, Taric's been making a comeback. Historically, Taric does very well against champions like Thresh and Blitzcrank, poorly against champions like Morgana, and fairly even with everyone else.

  • Insanely strong team buff via his ultimate;
  • Strong against AD heavy teams;
  • Almost undodgeable stun; and
  • Gems.
  • Predictable;
  • Short range; and
  • No speed boost.

Recent Buffs:

Path 4.20 Armor Changes
Patch 4.20 was especially helpful to Taric, since Riot changed Chain Vest to build from cloth armor. This opened up a lot of his build paths to allow for early cloth armors translating into mid game lane dominance.

In the same patch, Randuin's total cost has decreased by 200 gold, which might not sound like much, but for a support this is huge.

Righteous Glory
Although this item isn't all that popular on Taric yet, it synergizes very well if anybody on the team gets it. It gives Taric a much needed movespeed boost, and allows him to quickly close distances to drop the hammer.

Other FOTM Changes: 

  • Sona - Nerfs on Sona's sustain make Taric's Relic Shield + heal look stronger in comparison
  • Morgana - Nerfs on Morgana have taken out one of his prime counters in lane.
  • Zed - Zed's insane popularity means that more often than not, enemy teams will run double AD top and mid
  • Graves - Popularity on Graves gives Taric back his best lane partner. Conversely, with his low range he also makes easy prey for Taric.
  • Lucian Nerfs - Mana costs on his escape means he can't just dash away every time he's stunned. His dropping popularity also means Taric doesn't need to worry about his ultimate chunking him down from out of Taric's effective range.


All in all, I'd say Taric's in a great spot right now, and with a super low popularity and very easy learning curve, is great for some quick rank at the moment.

Then there's always the Hydra Taric fallback, but that's a different story...

Thoughts? Comment below!

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  1. RundownmonkeyJanuary 02, 2015

    and you didnt pick pink taric for the page picture why?

  2. SSJSuntasticJanuary 02, 2015

    That was my first choice...but I usually pick the pink one :P

  3. RundownmonkeyJanuary 02, 2015

    in my opinion there is only one taric skin (however the price is outrageous)

  4. KingCaliburJanuary 02, 2015

    Im glad to see the GEMS back in action!
    P.S. Thank you for this site, its the only one so far that I've found, to bypass the proxy at work. :)

  5. András SzegváriJanuary 02, 2015

    You exposed the secret OP again :D

  6. András SzegváriJanuary 02, 2015

    pink taric counters every angry homophobic polish kid :D

  7. Been playing taric for 4 years and i'm glad to see him back on a small rise again. My personal fun build path transitions him into more of a fighter, of course depending on the game and fun.
    Early game:
    Relic Shield + 3 mana pots
    Targons + boots + sightstone
    By mid game I hope to have this:
    Targona + Ninja Tab + IBG + pieces of zephyr
    My final build (not a serious build, mind you, only if i'm excelling greatly)
    Ninja Tabi + Zephyr + IBG + SV + Essense Reaver + Randuins
    Again, a fun super Taric build, not practical, but fun in the correct situations

  8. LOL I hate you pink taric people who think you're funny. I like the BLOODSTONE!! ROARRHH!! Epic taric :-)! bloodstone skin is the one I have. But I shall buy the Pink Taric :D ahahahhaha. it's funny. gay taric. taric has good skins

  9. NoxianSpidercrabJanuary 02, 2015

    I go Taric top here and there. My strange build goes like this:
    Frozen Mallet
    Ninja Tabi
    Now, I could just build a Iceborn Gauntlet and get the stats I got from the Triforce and FM. But what's the fun in that?

  10. I find Taric's Hydra more interesting than his win rate
    You better start talking SSJ

  11. I'd pick a MR Item, IBG instead of Trinity and... I don't know, an Offensive Item maybe?

  12. Speaking as a long time Rammus/Taric main, Taric was just as strong in the jungle as Rammus in S4 (when he was god tier) before Rammus's Q got nerfed. S5 jungle and overall item changes have been very good to him. He's one of the stronger junglers in the game right now and still under the radar....

  13. Jonathan KlineJanuary 04, 2015

    Building armor on Taric gives him greater damage and greater armor shred. With three armor items (and runes and masteries) at lvl 18, Taric will have ~500 armor, and his shatter will reduce enemy armor by ~50 for four seconds. That level of armor reduction will cut most enemy carries' armor in half or more. Assuming exactly half of the target's armor is removed, then this is equivalent to buffing all team physical damage by 33% on all affected enemies. That's pretty freaking strong. TL;DR - Armor IS an offensive item on a Taric if his team has any physical damage.

  14. Taric weakness is:

    -Movement Speed

    My build is:
    Iceborn Gauntlet
    Boots of Swiftness (Alacrity)
    Frozen Heart
    Spirit Visage

  15. You mean Taric? Jungle right now? it's one of the best junglers? What build? wow

  16. Build doesn't matter as long as you get 40 cdr by 18. Some do it with runes and some without.

  17. Ariel NunesJanuary 04, 2015

    Maybe the lack of mana can be "dodged" by using runes with mana in the blues, as he is a support, and in early game usually needs to worry with the other team ADC and not much with AP damage incoming, so use like red=armor, yellow=hp/level or armor, blue=mana, quints=hp or mov.speed, or even 1 ap+2armor, or else gold/second

  18. Nice! Okay, yup. Max CDR 40%.... is the goal.

  19. Can you send us a link to your lolking page so we can take a look at your games please?

  20. Can you link me to your lolking page so I can see your build and stats please? ^^

  21. same here :D

  22. Hi there,

    I used to spam Taric jungle like a month ago, it was very fun!

    I took 19-29% attack speed in runes (19 if I chose for spellvamp quints), 9/21/0 masteries.

    Rank W > Q > E, R when possible.

    Start with machete + 2 pots. After that I built trailblazer, you need the sustain/AoE stun. After that I bought Catalyst, which I later built in Righteous glory. This is an amazing engage item that gives great stats and is overall perfect on Taric. Build your trailblazer with juggernaut enchantment. After that it's usually Randuin's, Spirit visage, Ninja tabi (b'cus juggernaut gives tenacity), Early frozen gauntlet greatly increases ganks and clear times.

    He can kill camps pretty well, not extremely well, but Taric's strenght is his amazing sustain which has practically no cooldown when killing camps due to his passive.

    Start killing camps with W, so that you can quickly get that off cooldown with your spell rotations. Don't forget to auto attack once after every spell for your passive.

    Ganks have to be well coordinated, spam ping laner to pay attention. Throw your E, close distancce with Righteous glory, keep them in place with it's 2nd active and frozen gauntlet passive.

    Late game taric jungle is just beast. GL!

  23. AmphibiousFrogJanuary 07, 2015

    Taric was my main support starting out in league so happy that he is getting recognized again!!

  24. Marcelo RamosJanuary 07, 2015

    I play Taric for the easy 40% CDR from Frozen Heart, (Locket or Spirit
    Visage), and Iceborn Gauntlets. In this context, the Warden's Mail
    change was mixed because in one hand, i can Cloth5, on the other, Relic
    shield is very good, and getting a chainmail + pots used to be very
    efficient by itself as preparation for the lvl 6 teamfights.

    also never felt Morgana that much oppressive against Taric, because of
    heavy focus on the masteries of the Defense tree, and Boots of
    Swiftness. Also, more levels on E to shut down her shield, and get
    another E quickly.

    The big improvement in my opinion has been the
    new Banner of Command, getting the slot of the Locket, it has enough
    impact that i sometimes even consider not even needing Iceborn

  25. Eramnius Dw Sári ZénóJanuary 10, 2015

    Anyway, Righteous solves all problemes on taric. Catalyst gicves mana+manaregening and more sustain, extra movespeed for team and 1 more cc. that's huge. and if you play with movespeed runes you'll have no problemes. those g/s runes worth it for more speed. Still don't have gapclose, so it's rly important. Usually I play with targon, but i tried the token too when we had no glory. still a good thing, cus movespeed is useful, like sivir's ult. and with glory, i musn't afford to coin and have a better work at targon. it's still a damaging shield that saves live and can kill enemy. so puse it. My build: Targon, Righteous, sightstone, locket, visage, thornmail, mr boots

  26. Now, all that's left is to add Top Lane Taric! :0 No seriously, I have a huge list of reasons why, but I don't wanna spam. The comments somewhere in my history but I can repost if needed.

  27. pink taric is the only taric.


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