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Nov 26, 2014

Pantheon Killing Dragon Early Levels 2 or 3


Now I know this post is a little late for some of you, but I just want to touch on Pantheon's level 2 jungle for a bit. I think it's very strong, and depending on your risk tolerance, may or may not affect his damage/clear speed much at all.

How it Works

Basically, with the way Pantheon's passive block works, he has the ability to block the dragon's only attack, the fire breath. By stacking up to at least 4 autos or his W between every dragon breath, he can mitigate either all, or a substantial amount of damage depending on how much attack speed you put on your rune page.

If you don't stack attack speed, you can still do it around level 3 to 4, but lanes will most likely be warded by then and increases your risk factor.


  • Early dragon. and
  • Faster to 5 stacks.
  • Doesn't give you level 3;
  • Dragon buff shows up on your laners, so they still have dragon timer;
  • Jungler knows exactly where you are; and
  • Attack speed runes reduces burst potential during ganks.


Minimal Rune Setup

The above uses 2 attack speed quints and 9 attack speed blues, and also one attack damage quint and attack damage reds. This leaves your champion with about 33% health after doing dragon, which isn't too bad. 

I would suggest popping in one more attack speed quint, as it will make your dragoning much much safer.

Mastery Page



Grab traditional jungle items (machete, 2 pots, trinket). Level 1 get your spear, level 2 get your W.

To start with, you want to pick up your blue buff first in order to make sure you have the mana and cooldown to stay alive through dragon. You can have someone help you leash, but it's not particularly necessary as you can see from the video above. However, make sure to smite blue buff closer to the end so you get your mana back.


Once you hit level 2, head over to the dragon pit real stealthily, and start attacking it. If you have your W up right after he breathes fire, use it, but save your spear. right after he breathes fire, if you don't have your W but have your spear, then use your spear. Try and save your W for directly after he breathes fire, especially if your spear is on cooldown.

If you have enough attack speed this won't matter as much.

Ward dragon early against Pantheon...always.

Thoughts? Comment below!

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  1. Yeah just watched a YT video about this. Holy moly. Going to try this today. =D Pantheon Jungle

  2. Sweetie BrellaNovember 26, 2014

    Level 2? That's cute.

  3. SSJSuntasticNovember 26, 2014

    But dragon doesn't spawn yet and you end up level one at three minutes :P

  4. OK It worked, LOL. But my team laners couldn't utilize it well, they still fcking lost their lanes. Also enemy had WarWick and he is a monster. Devourer warwick ults you? say goodbye to your Health bar.

  5. ww needs serious nerf,he's like press r for kill

  6. the mastery page is really really bad,sorry.
    frenzy? I wouldn't even build crit item on pantheon unless i get cocky and go full crit and youmuu doesn't gives enough crit for make it worth.
    feast?i will get only 9 hp and 3 mana for killing blue before dragon and with 60 monster killed in jungle you get 180hp and 60 mana back,no thanks i prefer buy a potion
    warlord?unless you're cocky you will build tanky stats as pantheon in the mid to late game so you will gain something like 5-6 ad
    why not get the %damage?they really helps your damage late game

  7. SSJSuntasticNovember 26, 2014

    Pantheon has 100% crit chance on targets under 15% health on both autos and his spear.

  8. ok i forgot abiut his passive cause i don't play him often
    still not understand why warlord and feast,the % damage are better than warlord and the sustain you get from frenzy is too low

  9. SSJSuntasticNovember 26, 2014

    The % damage only works on champions, as a jungler you'll get a lot more out of the bonus attack damage.

  10. Mate you can dragon at level 1 haha. I have even taken red before than dragon

  11. yes but pantheon actually want to gank alot so he doesn't really care about 1-2 ad in early game

  12. Thanks to the objective carry potential Panth got with this patch, now my main is either banned or picked in every fucking match :( BB mid Pantheon :(

  13. Shouldn't this work on master yi as well? With good timed alpha strikes and enough attack speed to get the q reset in time?

  14. You should be at level two if you took a buff unless one of your lanes was a douche and took experience

  15. I sense a Dragon attack speed buff incoming

  16. He's talking about pantheon with the objective of taking early Dragon, and he clearly listed the pros and cons of going early Dragon route(I. E. Lower burst potential during ganks due to that mastery set up). So no, it's not optimal for ganks but that's not what that build is for

  17. Could ww also solo the dragon at 2?

  18. Zsolt Shorty MolnárNovember 28, 2014

    actually any jungler can solo it just by standing back, waiting for the breath and move toward dragon when he breathes, it will land behind you doing no dmg at all...

  19. Hi guys!
    I really wondered if this is worth. I mean, Pantheon is one of the best early game junglers, and when u get a level behind and maybe miss a good opportunity to gank and get ur lanes ahead, i just wondered if it's worth? Just a thought... :)

  20. ok but 1-2 ad won't help you doing the early dragon while the % damage will be overall much more helpful,also feast is a bad mastery even for an afk farmer like master yi,is like a potion every 50-60 jungle creep

  21. Nidalee and Heimdinger can kill Dragon lv1 as well :) (unlikely on actual game, though)

  22. No. (methinks)

  23. It's all about Pantheon's Passive and having enaugh atk speed

  24. Eh, no. Alpha Strikes? sure its good dmg but yi's dmg early is not high enough, he doesnt dodge the attax at all, like Pantheon does.

  25. It gives your whole team and yourself (5 players) +8% Bonus Ability Power+Attack Damage. It's worth :-)

  26. MenWith2FedorasNovember 28, 2014

    Jungle Malz can solo Dragon at level 2. Using the voidlings, you can juggle the Dragon and take no damage. There's a video of a Master Tier AD Malzahar Jungle main doing it somewhere on Youtube.

  27. Actually, yi is invunerable while in alpha strike. But hey, it was just an idea :p

  28. yes, master yi can solo dragon at level 6. well i can, and i use 25% aspd runes 5% cd

  29. Oh, it's true. Sorry i forgot =O! InVulnerable to that dragon thing..... might just work =)

  30. jax can also. but its harder

  31. Exevier EtcheverryNovember 30, 2014

    You are right, a lot of champions can. Even Nidalee can, but she take long for the lack of damage.

  32. Exevier EtcheverryNovember 30, 2014

    I love AD Malzahar, its main shortcoming is that the Voids are very slow to his combo.

  33. TheGuigamez .November 30, 2014

    welp.......i can t think anything else but riot either buffing the dragon (which is less possible), or nerfing pantheon, which i think it will probably happen. LET US ENJOY WHILE WE CAN!!


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