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Oct 7, 2014

Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes



Every season, Riot makes some major far-reaching changes, in particular to the jungle and the terrain. For Season 5 (2015), Riot's not making any exceptions, and earlier today, released some broad ideas including the following:
  • More jungle objectives
  • Increased damage and HP on jungle camps
  • More specialized jungling items (ex. ganking vs invader)
    • One of the items may allow junglers to use smite on enemy champions

Official Post

Hi all!

Riot Fearless and Axes here to talk about our goals for the jungle. In the 2015 preseason, we want to improve strategic diversity: both in which champions can get played in the jungle andwhat different options each one has.

This season, a jungler’s perceived strength is largely tied to their ability to gank. While there are those who are functionally better at clearing / counter-jungling / objective control than others, the impact that ganking junglers have can really overshadow other strengths.

To explain more: slow, health-focused junglers quickly lose their advantage after their first purchase because there’s so much sustain built into tier one jungle items. Objective-focused junglers rarely have the opportunity to flex their muscles when a ganking jungler can kill a lane and then take the objective with less risk. Finally, I’m sure all of you remember when we introduced Feral Flare to support heavy farming junglers, but quickly toned it down after release. It was here we realized we needed a larger suite of changes to make these different strategies actually viable, and we’re hoping that this preseason will be our opportunity to do that.

So what’s all this mean?

First, we’re going to be increasing the number of objectives for junglers to take and control, with the goal of giving them more tools to set up plays in a game. We’ll be testing a concept where each camp gives an extra reward when Smite is used on it, with rewards like counter-jungling protection, increased lane safety, or increased vision control of the map. These mini-objectives should create more variance in jungle routes while also leading to more jungler vs. jungler interaction

Second, we’re planning to increase the base difficulty of the jungle. Up front: this does make the jungle a more complex place (especially for those new to it), but this is something we feel will be necessary as we continue to promote real diversity in the position. Ultimately we want to create a world where a player can pick up Xin Zhao, Warwick, or Hecarim in the jungle just as easily as they can find a place for Elise, Lee Sin, or Kha’Zix. By increasing the durability and damage of jungle camps, junglers will start to value a wider array of strengths. Jungle clear speeds end up having greater differentiation and gradation; area-effect vs. single target, sustained vs. burst, etc, where previously most had enough power to take any camp with similar, minimal costs. The balance between healthy jungling and fast jungling becomes extremely important as high sustain junglers can clear with less risk while fast junglers have the potential for big payoffs alongside higher chances of disruption.

Changes to the the jungle, however, are only half the story. To talk about jungle items, we have Riot Axes:

Right now, jungle items are almost entirely role-based - you’re a Fighter, you want Spirit of the Elder Lizard. There’s a little bit of flexibility, but you’re pretty much buying your baseline clearing power plus the stats you want most later in the game.

In the 2015 preseason, we want to overhaul jungle items to support all sorts of different playstyles. These new items will be oriented around how you want to specialize as a jungler rather than what kind of role you’ll fill later in the game. Your jungle item choice will give you more power as a ganker, say, or more incentive to invade the enemy jungle to steal camps.

Our hope is that some junglers might use these new items to ‘double down’ on their pre-existing strengths while others will use them to shore up some of their weaknesses. In the end, each will have to make a tradeoff. The premiere ganker who also buys ganking jungle items might run into trouble when being counter-jungled, while the jack-of-all-trades might have extra difficulties in a 2v2 gank against their specialized opponent.

Items also matter for the late game, of course, so we want your jungle items to upgrade into powerful and unique items that matter. We’re currently exploring an enchantment system - similar to that used on boots - with enchantments providing the late game power that you can expect from a real item without compromising your meaningful choices of jungler strengths.

Bottom line, we want you to be able to opt into the jungle strategy that best suits you and your team before then customizing your items to fit your champion later in the game. We want to make jungling more engaging by offering you real choices in how you go about taking camps, purchasing items, and punching/slapping/stabbing/smashing/anchoring/biting/draining/ponying/burning/puncturing/clawing/kicking/hugging your enemies in the face.

We hope you’ll check out these changes on the PBE, and let us know if we’re heading toward that target.

Extra Tidbit

With the caveat that this could still get pulled, changed, etc., one of the new jungle items allows you to use your Smite on enemy champions. Still figuring out what effect is going to be (damage + slow, just a crazy slow, ???). Mainly just very excited about the patterns that emerge when Smite has more pulls on its usage so that Smite becomes a multidimensional choice.

Thoughts? Comment below!

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  8. This is Brad.October 08, 2014

    Whao... Using Smite on enemy champions actually sounds very atractive... And maybe the people will understand why, us, junglers need to farm our asset off. And people could understand that we hate to be underleveled when ganking pre-6 and post-11, after that it doesn't matter really cause mid game bring out the worst/best of us...

    I feel like enchanting jungler items is a great idea, I mean, even as a main jungler sometimes you struggle your mind on choosing your ideal jungling asset. See Evelynn and Master Yi. Enchantments in boots give us a very straight-forward action. If defending base, if needing even more global presence, if needing to push hard, if carrying, if falling behind, etcetera... In any of our boots that also are choiceable at our pleasure. That, in jungle, would be wonderfull.

    Can you imagine if they decided to make items according to every lane in the future? I can't grab one of the possibilities out from my head right now, but that could be interesting.

  9. Wow sounds really cool, I really play jungle but I might give it a try with these new updates. My only issue I could potentially see, and I mean I don't even know if it is one, but buying your jungle item second to the enemy might be a bit of a advantage. Say you choose the 'ganking one' the enemy could than chose the invasion one to counter your choice and there may be a potential for it to make it super risky even entering your own jungle etc.

    On a side note, nice website ssj, i don't know if you remember me but I use to come on your website like way before you did the redesign and all that almost every day to check it out and about the past month or so I have just decided to get back into LoL. Seems you have gotten really popular man congrats great to see your efforts are paying off! You still mates with xspecial and all that?

  10. Tomás LacerdaOctober 08, 2014

    Nerfplz, instead of copy paste, read, and make a short version of it, otherwise no reason to come and read the same thing we already know.

  11. I don't think I like this change. It is already frustrating enough that you need good runes to be able to clear efficiently in the early game, which prevents low level players from trying to play and learn the jungle role. This will make it even harder.

  12. 1. This is a posting site so not everyone knows all of the things "we already know". 2. There is a summary, but some people like the long version.

  13. SSJSuntasticOctober 08, 2014

    There is a short version right at the top...

  14. Have to say that I'm intrigued by what they've posted here. Of course we'll need to see what they put into action, but I like the idea of there being more choice and more strategy to the jungle picks than just the current either-you-gank-a-lot-or-rush-flare method. Having a jungle item that can also be upgrade to be relevant for the late game would be great as well.

    Not so sure about the jungle camps providing buffs based on if smite is used or not. Again, have to see what they roll out there, but it sounds a bit convoluted. Would your opposing jungler get the same buffs if he invades and takes one of your camps? Sounds like it might just be a power swing from ganking junglers to invade junglers in that case. But we'll see. Still fun to think about the changes.

  15. besides that you will be able to upgrade your jungle item even more , I am really afraid this changes will be pretty shitty. Pre level 20 players (or smurfs) wont be able to jungle anymore for sure since its really hard with no runes even now. also low elo players have issues to manage their jungling and ganking already and now they will have to take note of so much more. oh well, gotta see it first tho. RITO pls give me acces to PBE already, im waitin halve a year now :(

  16. smiting champions OP

  17. I've been saying they should add the ability to smite champions since I played long enough to know what flash did.... Only took them 4 years to catch up

  18. Why is everyone complaining about how hard it is to jungle this season already? Runes? you don't even need runes to jungle. Veigar needs runes to jungle. Jinx needs runes to jungle. Amumu and Master Yi are like the only two actual junglers that I can think of that really need runes for their first clear at all. Jungling is way easy now.

  19. as a jungle main, i disagree with these changes. the jungle position is already one of the toughest positions to play in the game behind support maybe. so many plays and snowballs result from a jungler making a good gank on a lane. now they are going to make jungling more predictable from the jungle item specialization, and adding in more things to keep up with. Junglers how to keep track of baron, dragon, both buffs, and make sure each lane is pushing properly, and to snowball each lane to victory. clear times are going to be much slower now. I feel as if the jungle is in a good place right now. this is just going to separate lower elo from high elo even further.

  20. Puddleglum567 .October 09, 2014

    The process of killing the camps is easy, but knowing when gank, push objectives, defend objectives, counter jungle, and split push is hard all while keeping up in farm is hard.

  21. We finally get to smite Teemo. SUCCESS.

  22. Philippe MazzoneOctober 10, 2014

    i think specialize doesn't mean only do the same thing over and over... u may be an invader and your ganks will be even more surprising

    i'd like to see these changes

  23. Philippe MazzoneOctober 10, 2014

    the only thing i didn't like in these changes... junglers will just steal kills all the time, even more in low elo...

  24. This change will really be awesome in the higher elos.. But then again in the lower elos or if u have jg as ur backup role and dont have runes u will have shit ton of problem playing junglers like amumu and other late game junglers.. This is a positive addition as well as negative.. Players below level 25 will play duo top more often then :/

  25. ı need ancient golem passive , %25 bonus healt ı need healt but ı am tank ı dont need shield because ı play sejuani and your know she is w skill :(

  26. this patch is sejuani , vi .... nerf ı don't want this!!!!!!

  27. ancient golem give me healt <3 :D


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