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Oct 9, 2014

Official Patch 4.18 Notes Released!



Patch 4.18 is ready for release and has a TON of new changes, check out this quick summary below:

Nerfs: Kha'Zix, Lucian, Tristana, Viktor, Wukong, Yasuo; 
Buffs: Azir, Ezreal, Gangplank; 
Tweaks: Sion, Akali;

Patch 4.18 notes


Hi Summoners,

Welcome to patch 4.18. While we don't have a lot of balance changes this patch, 4.18 is the launch date of one of our largest champion updates to date: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut. Be sure to check out his champion reveal page here, or just try him out in-game when he launches! But please, for the sake of you and your teammates' sanity, maybe play a few normal games with him before you queue up for ranked. I get the feeling many of you won't listen, but at least I've had my say.

Also of note within 4.18 is a whole pile of bugfixes for Azir (sorry!), a GANGPLANK BUFF!?, the removal of Pando Media Booster, a Smart Ping volume slider (look at this new audio technology we can implement!), and phase 2 of our mass champion texture rebalance! You can think of this patch as more of a small maintenance update as we look forward to the World Championships in Korea and the future of competitive League of Legends. Definitely some bigger things to come in the future, so stay tuned!

P.S. Same deal this patch about there being larger than usual downloads. We're shipping pieces of the updated Summoner's Rift as we finish them but, once again, they won't be available to play!
 Chris "Pwyff" Tom



Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, will be released with the launch of 4.18. Check out his reveal for gameplay info, his insights article for a look at his development, or his teaser for a glimpse into his story.


No more bonus resistances when Akali is in her shroud, but now whenever she stealths she gets a significant movement speed boost.
Akali's one of those champions who, when she gets ahead, completely circumvents her meaningful weaknesses by having extra resistances from Twilight Shroud. A fed Akali ultimately turns into a bruiser-assassin Akali who hops into a fight, tanks out damage in Twilight Shroud, and then continues to obliterate the squishies. Rather than removing her defensive mechanics completely, we wanted to focus Akali's skills on more ninja-y things, hence the heavier focus on sneaking and agility. This also allows us to reinforce the proper counterplay to Akali (reveal her in stealth and beat her up), give her better themed mechanics, all while reiterating her focus on opportunistic assassinations. Up front: this is meant to be an overall nerf, but we hope Akali players will be more focused on the cool plays they can make with this new mechanic.

W - Twilight Shroud

NEWNOW WITH MORE NINJATwilight Shroud now gives +20/40/60/80/100% movement speed each time Akali stealths, rapidly decaying over the course of 1 second
REMOVEDRESISTANCE IS FUTILEAkali no longer gains bonus armor and magic resistance while in Twilight Shroud


Bird is the word.
We're hoping to give some extra love for new players picking up Anivia, as they'll have a clearer understanding of how to use this cool chick.

Q - Flash Frost

NEWSTUNNING INDICATORSFlash Frost now has a cast indicator to show stun range
NEWSTUNNING CLARITYFlash Frost now has an icy cloud around its particle to show stun range (only the Anivia player can see this)


So many bug fixes. Also some small buffs to Azir's base attack damage and attack speed.
Gauging a new champion's release strength has traditionally been a difficult task, given we have to account for player learning curves, the landscape of the game and, in Azir's case, how that champion's ability coding holds up in millions of unique games (and game interactions). All of the above also plays into the next steps we need to take in helping (or toning down) that champion. With Azir, we saw some small changes we could take to help out his laning phase, but we're going to take it easier on anything larger until these fixes go through.



Passive - Shurima's Legacy

TWO AZIRS!?Fixed a bug where two Azirs were able to summon a Sun Disc from the same interactive clicker
NO SUN FOR YOUFixed a bug where other players were able to target the Sun Disc interactive clicker with abilities (e.g. Lee Sin's Safeguard) or were told they could click on it and then couldn't and then became sad.
TACTICAL CLICKINGReduced the clickable size of the Sun Disc interactive clickers by 20%

Q - Conquering Sands

SLACKING ON THE JOBFixed a bug where moving inactive soldiers into active combat range with Conquering Sands would fail to activate their attacks properly, leading to 0 damage attacks
CONQUER FURTHERFixed a bug where Azir's sand soldiers would fail to cross a wall if they were just a little short of it

W - Arise!

PRETTY SIGNIFICANT BUFF FIXFixed a bug where multiple soldiers attacking multiple targets would often lead to soldiers incorrectly applying reduced damage. Reiterating here: this is a pretty big 'buff' fix.
THEY'RE BREAKDANCE FIGHTINGFixed a bug where dancing would break Azir's soldier's basic attacks

E - Shifting Sands

NEWTAKE ME WITH YOUIf Azir uses Shifting Sands on a soldier currently moving via Conquering Sands, he'll now join the soldier on a combined magical journey
I CAN'T TELL THEM APARTFixed a bug where Azir wouldn't shift to the correct soldier in certain situations
READY TO GOFixed a bug where pressing E immediately after pressing W would occasionally not work. Feel free to W+E away now (or try W+Q+E for an even cooler combo)!

R - Emperor's Divide

IT'S COMPLICATEDFixed many bugs with Emperor's Divide. This ability should no longer:
  • Deal damage multiple times
  • Multi-bounce targets
  • Pin targets to walls
  • Fail to bounce targets to the far side of the wall
  • Not break channels
  • Break spell shields and still knock enemies back
  • And more!

Bug Awareness

SOONWe're aware of a bug where Azir's Sun Disc currently does not ramp up in damage. We'll be fixing this in patch 4.19.


Small Ezreal buffs.
See above. We're trying to give Ez some extra love so he can keep up in a modern game of League of Legends.

Passive - Rising Spell Force

BUFF DURATION5 seconds  6 seconds

Q - Mystic Shot

NOTE: This change has already taken effect, but the tooltip hasn't been updated. We'll get to that as soon as possible. Thanks!


Cannon Barrage now deals full damage in waves to everyone within the zone, rather than randomly dropping cannonballs on heads.
Real talk: this change doesn't do everything for Gangplank in the long-term, but a consistency pass on Cannon Barrage was one we saw we could do in a self-contained change without fundamentally altering GP's playstyle.

R - Cannon Barrage

IT'S HARD TO AIM A CANNONCannonballs now fall in waves that damage the whole zone once per second. Individual cannonballs no longer have individual damage zones.
COOLDOWN120/115/110 seconds  125/110/95 seconds


W's damage has gone down, particularly at higher ranks. Also, sometimes we just want to talk about Kha'Zix.
While it's true that Kha'Zix has been a tough bug to balance, we wanted to talk about our approach with him. If you're not interested in a long Kha'Zix context for a single change, feel free to move on. WARNING: this discussion's going to get a little complicated!

So. Kha'Zix has once again found a way to prosper as a high-priority assassin, but the popularity of a champion doesn't automatically translate to them needing a nerf. To us, when someone becomes popular in high level / competitive play, we see them as exhibitingsymptoms of certain attributes that competitive players value: strength, overall effectiveness, and reliability. As such, we do keep an eye out for popular competitive champions, but our first goal is to understand if they're just powerful strategic picks in the current meta or if they're actually objectively better (or more reliable) than their peers.

In the case of Kha'Zix, Q was designed to be his main tool when assassinating targets, and it's important to maintain that relationship for game health / champion identity reasons. Right now, however, Kha's actually prioritizing W as a first evolution (and max rank), but he's still expecting to do all of his assassin-y things (note: without evolving or focusing on what should be his primary killing tool). We're fine with players opting for a W-first Kha'Zix, but this means he's gotta make some meaningful tradeoffs, like losing some offensive threat while gaining utility / poke. Unfortunately, this hasn't really been the case as we're still seeing Kha'Zix being very effective as an assassin while also getting all of the extra utility of evolved W.

What all of this tells us is one of two things: a.) The utility and strength of evolved W is too reliable in combination with Kha'Zix's base kit, so he can get the best of all worlds by maximizing his utility while alsobeing a high-threat assassin. Or b.) Kha'Zix's evolved Q is too weak to properly use as a primary play pattern, so he's forced to max / evolve W to stay relevant in the game but doesn't really want to. We strongly suspect the first case is more true (and this is reflected in our change).

It's tough to justify a champion being 'too weak' if they continue to be a high-priority pick in games where strength and reliability are the mostimportant traits. Final reassurance though: we do think Kha'Zix's play patterns are fairly healthy overall, so we're not planning to make any major changes in either direction, we just wanted to explain some of our thought processes as we work.

W - Void Spike

DAMAGE75/115/155/195/235  80/110/140/170/200


Occasionally relenting pursuit. This will have been the third time we've made a joke regarding Relentless Pursuit and no apologies will be made at this point in time.
When we originally re-balanced Lucian back in patch 4.12, we were actually concerned with him being too weak in the laning phase (hah), and so gave him compensatory buffs to keep up. Since then, however, Lucian's gone on to be a premiere lane bully with access to a pretty solid late game as well. These changes should make Lucian think a little more about that aggressiveness in lane.

E - Relentless Pursuit

COST0 mana  40/30/20/10/0 mana



R - Absolute Zero

ABSOLUTE CLARITYAbsolute Zero's tooltip now shows the minimum damage it will deal


Still not renaming it. Maybe in a future patch. Foot stab?

E - Cutthroat

WHOOPSCutthroat now properly grants assists


Rapid Fire gives a smaller but more powerful buff in the late game. Tristana gets less attack speed per level.
Apologies if we're repeating the same thing from 4.17 but we're looking for ways to give Tristana more moments of weakness. As another repeat: while these changes may not completely address that goal, we're hoping that by making Trist more dependent on Rapid Fire to deal damage, there will be clearer windows to engage or disengage against her.


ATTACK SPEED PER LEVEL+4% per level  +2.5% per level

Q - Rapid Fire

DURATION7 seconds  5 seconds
BONUS ATTACK SPEEDNow gives 30/45/60/75/90% attack speed 30/50/70/90/110% attack speed



Q - Siphon Power

SORRY AD VIKTORThe bonus Discharge magic damage can no longer critically strike
BUGFIXViktor's shield will now properly break when Viktor takes small amounts of damage


E - Nimbus Strike

WUJU STYLE?Nimbus Strike will no longer pick a secondary target if they're targetable but invisible due to Fog of War


Yasuo's base health and movement have been reduced. Remember that time we talked about taking more time to read the summary than the actual changelist?
As hypercarry swordsman, Yasuo should make early game tradeoffs for opponents to capitalize on before he grows to his late potential. Right now, that isn't quite the case as Yasuo's quite strong in the early game, even in unfavorable matchups, in addition to scaling extremely well. These changes are to more specifically highlight Yasuo's early weaknesses, including being squishier if his passive isn't up and, more importantly, being more vulnerable to ganks if he's pushed up and doesn't have minions to dash through for his retreat. We'll be keeping a close eye on Yasuo with these changes, however, as having an early game weakness will almost certainly have an impact on his late game reliability.



Mass Texture Rebalance (Part 2)

We're continuing our comprehensive pass at the game's older character textures. Our goal is to improve parity with newer releases and make sure everybody looks at home on the Rift as its style and color palette continue to evolve.
TEXTURESThe following textures have been updated:


  • Base, Boom Boom, Definitely Not Blitzcrank, Goalkeeper, Piltover, Rusty


  • Base, Apocalyptic, Cryocore, Vandal


  • Base, Masquerade, Shadow, Tango


  • Hired Gun


  • Base, Frozen, Haunting, Ravager, Void


  • Base, Brolaf, Forsaken, Glacial

Splash Updates

As we've mentioned previously, the splash art team is engaged in a long-term effort to update our oldest base splashes. A few more are ready to go this patch!
SPLASHThe following champions have received updated base splashes (click the portraits for the full image!):



Lee Sin


Randuin's Omen

WARNING: Due to a bug, this change is currently not in effect (the tooltip is simply wrong, it's still 10%). We'll be looking to hotfix this when we can and will update the patch notes accordingly. Sorry!

With hypercarry marksmen running rampant in the mid to late game, we're returning a little more power to Randuin's Omen to give tanky dudes better itemization choices when fighting back.

Our next featured game mode, Hexakill: Twisted Treeline, will be released later this patch!

In-Game Announcement Banners

In-game announcements received a visual update back in 4.16. We've read through your feedback and are making a number of tweaks and improvements aimed at making announcements cleaner and less intrusive. For clarity.
CLARITYAnnouncements have been scaled down a bit and moved higher up on the screen
MORE CLARITYIncreased the transparency of announcement background effects
EVEN MORE CLARITYSummoner names have been removed from some announcements for brevity. Killing spree callouts retain them for bragging purposes.

In-Game Options Menu

Volume Sliders

With our new audio engine up and running, we gained the ability to tie a lot of existing audio effects to new volume sliders. We're implementing a slider for ambient sounds, as well as the often-requested ping slider. These new options are meant to give players more control over their audio experience in League of Legends."
  • Added a new volume slider for pings
  • Added a new volume slider for ambience (ex. red buff's campfire and the wind on Howling Abyss)

Removing Pando Media Booster

As we discussed a few weeks back, we’re removing Pando Media Booster from the installer and patcher this patch. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Pando is a defunct 3rd party peer-to-peer service we previously used to help players download new files faster.

If Pando Media Booster is on your computer, you’ll see a popup once you launch League of Legends that’ll prompt you to remove Pando from your computer with a single click. We no longer use Pando’s services in our releases, so we recommend removing it.
  • Pando Media Booster has been removed from the installer and patcher
  • Players with Pando Media Booster on their computers will be prompted to remove it with a single click

Suggested Players

PREMADE FACILITATIONThe Suggested Players invite list in premade lobbies now recommends friends of friends who are currently online and available for a game


  • (Fixed during 4.17) Resolved a significant source of crashes introduced last patch which predominantly affected Mac players. This won't solve every crash, but we remain committed to fixing as many issues as possible in every patch.
  • lot of Azir fixes. Head back up to his section for the full list!
  • Garen's R - Demacian Justice will no longer cancel itself if the target enters the fog of war while Garen is mid-cast
  • Undoing a Ruby Sightstone purchase no longer interferes with Sightstone's ability to place wards
  • Abilities blocked by spell shields no longer proc life steal or spell vamp
  • Improved Soraka Bot's AI to better accommodate for her gameplay update
  • Soraka once again has recommended items on ARAM

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times during Patch 4.18:

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  1. I'm calling a Yas rework now, Rito are just going to nerf him even though he's not op. He's either going to be bad or "op". Here cometh a rework.

  2. hawklight75October 09, 2014

    ahahhahahah Yasuo must be nerfed anyway. sorry about u i have Yasuo as well.

  3. Giacomo PonziOctober 09, 2014

    Thoughts on new Sion? :)
    I think he will be a good Tank now :)

  4. Calling Yasuo tier-3 :).

  5. Yasuo tier 2 now

  6. This is Brad.October 09, 2014

    Poor Yasuo, I bought him just 2 days ago... Let's see how this works... And on new Sion... I'm already using him as a jungler... Mid with CC + Sion's Ulti - Opponent's Flash = Chaotic. I've been waiting for that Garen bugfix, though, it happened to me 5/10 times I ulted someone in a TF near Baron or Dragon, it was frustrating. The TU on Blitz and the new Kog's splash has me dropping flowers all over the Summoner's Rift.

    You know what would be good on next patch? Snowstorm Sivir face Texture Update, she looks like a Thief.

  7. Mitty Taster: Ryback Rests™.October 09, 2014

    People might have to opt for flat health in the midlane now.

  8. new sion is really good:

    -40 sec gap close+aoe knockback
    -lots of cc
    -aoe %hp damage
    -extremely tanky
    -built in armor shred
    -fast clear times and fast pusher
    only flaw is that he's slow but you can make up with mobis and an adequate team

  9. tristana and yasuo are the most hit in this patch,buff on omen is killer for them

  10. rabidtangerineOctober 09, 2014

    Maybe now I'll stop banning Yasuo. Maybe.

  11. The nerfs will continue until Urgot has company in Tier4

  12. erevery body give wel come to space jam

  13. Matheus BochiOctober 09, 2014

    Yasuo tier 3 now, very fun

  14. Not really. His defense is low now.
    Dmg and combo still sick.
    They should nerf his passive, i mean doubled chance for critical strike. Thats the base of his opness.

  15. I bet he is still op. You can trust me or just see how he works.

  16. Still God tier (in my opinion) at least Tier 1. His power wasn't about HP or shield. It's about his doubled crit chance.

  17. Try him. He is still op. Nothings gonna change.

  18. His Q cast is slow as hell. But i'll try him soon.

  19. Tristana was more like a tweak/buff, 2 seconds for 20% more AS(as if she needs more than 5 secs to melt an adc/apc), means she can focus on building AD more, like IE bork zerks lw BT and GA would make her get full AS think, heck u can go for yoummu instead of bork who knows lol, anyway it deffo wasnt a nerf

  20. Not OP at all. Stop bitching about Yasuo when he's been nerfed every other patch and can easily be kill with CC.

  21. SquirrelNutkinsOctober 09, 2014

    Salty Yasuo main spotted.

  22. Yasuo was an interesting nerf, he lost a ton of health. I wonder how effective it'll be though. I don't really play mid at all but in my experience it was tough to do damage to him at all because of his wind wall and flow shield. the nerf practically doesn't affect his game against a lot of champions I feel.

  23. I don't know any of the stats on the new sion but my friend played him on the PBE and hated it compared to the old sion. His ult is 40 second CD? I didn't know he did %hp damage... I hope my friend can get over it and still play the new Sion, he looks so cool and his ult would make me <3<3<3<3 my pants.

  24. I was saving up to get Yasuo myself. I don't care that he got nerfed though since I'm only getting him to pwn Yasuo fanboys 1v1. XP

  25. why do so many people complain about these Yasuo nerfs? everyone knew he was unbalanced. I thought everyone agreed the nerf was well deserved. Are there really that many Yasuo fanboys complaining about it?

  26. Ainars OzolinsOctober 10, 2014

    I played with him yesterday. Can't find a lane where he is useful. Q cast time is long, and everything can interrupt it. Champion speed is so slow, that you can really use your passive on champions who are not running away, because you can't catch anyone if they does. Ult... omg... the only place where you can use it to run from lane to lane using river. It's fast, but you can't change direction as fast as you wanted to... In jungle. Sustain is good, clear time is normal. Ganks are weak. You can slow enemies, but you won't stun anyone with q because everyone will simply step aside. You can ult to get faster to lane but cooldowns (140/100/60) are too long...
    I didn't liked him. i believe he'll get some buffs with next patch... then maybe i'll try him again.

  27. Her attack speed on lvl18 is reduced by 18*1.5=27% and Q is buffed for 20%. So no, it's actually less AS late game.

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  29. Oh ok <3 thank both of you and wukong only , sorry

  30. Tomás LacerdaOctober 10, 2014

    You guys are so frustrating, look, here's a free advice.
    Problem: You keep posting information that is posted in EVERY LoL site, and when I say every I mean every. single. one.
    Solution: So, instead of being boring, uninspiring and kinda dumb, why don't you post an opinion of the patches? Like Curse SaintVicious does? Try to be different, otherwise, why the fuck would I keep visiting nerfplz?

  31. Matias MariñoOctober 10, 2014

    You mad?
    Actually I am not able to get into any LOL pages instead of this one (Firewall is blocking them in my office), so why don't you shut up? In my concern this info its not hurting you or whatever...

  32. Tomás LacerdaOctober 10, 2014

    Someone thinks the world spins around him :o

    And please, next time, be an adult and actually make an argument, I used to do that too though, the "why don't you shut up?" but then I turned 7.

  33. Matias MariñoOctober 10, 2014

    Don't you realize?, the only person who is complaining without any reason for something that its not affecting anybody is you... why don't you create a new page with info and with your opinion instead of being such a dumb?

  34. Can't tell if trolling, or.... Yah, trolling

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  36. SquirrelNutkinsOctober 11, 2014


  37. KingofMongoose .October 12, 2014

    damage based on his own %hp, specifically ~10% of his max hp in magic dmg with his shield

  38. This is Brad.October 13, 2014

    I still love him <3 <3 <3

  39. having gotten to experience him now I've found that he is really good. My friend still hasn't actually played him and built straight tank though. His ult is OP, I learned very fast what the loud *BOOM* means.

  40. the new sion, built full tank, is incredibly strong in the jungle. he can gank any lane from the inner turret, have upwards to 6k health at the end of the game depending on the build path, and if you want to, you can buy atma's to have upwards to 250 AD.

    and even then, built full tank, i still manage to do a respectable amount of damage, if people try to ignore you, your naturally high AD stat scaling and your armor shred E can hurt them to the point where they have to acknowledge you.

  41. calico jonesOctober 14, 2014

    I predict Sion Tier 1 either Top or Jung. I've already picked him up in the jungle and he's not only really fun, but really influential in every stage of the game.

  42. I'm so sick of hearing Yas is OP, he has SO many things going against him in mid. He's like Zed in some ways, he has a TONE of counter picks, and hell they made Azir to counter him for goodness sake. Another thing, he has a very high skill cap, VERY HIGH. It's very hard to snowball with him as most mids can just blast him from afar. And his teamfighting feels very awkward if he doesn't have any reliable knock ups. Yas isn't op, people are just need to learn how to play against him.

  43. Lee SeunghwanOctober 19, 2014

    15 + bug fixes for 1 champion in 1 patch... i think we have a new record

  44. high skill cap? I'm saving up for him mostly so I can prove that's not true. He's made to counter most mids that try to blast him from afar. Playing against him with Galio was the worst experience of my life XD

  45. He has a kind of complicated kit that is prone to bugs though^^. Props to the dev team that had to program this nightmare :D good job!

  46. He is right though, any Yasuo is dead as soon as a Dark Binding/Equilibrium Strike/Scatter The Weak/*insert hard CC* is just looking his way in teamfights

  47. That HP Loss can and will likely be mitigated by a starting Doran's Blade(which is good on Yasuo anyway) and his shield can be proc'd by a singe AA, rendering it useless for 10 secs at least... And bitch please, if i can play AP Ezreal mid and survive with only a dorans ring + 2 heal pots, the Yasuo should be able to pull that off with a Doran's Blade+ 1 Heal Pot + shield aswell(even though Ez is ranged)

  48. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master -> Riot's philosophy
    In all seriousness though, he is easy to pick up, but there are just so many nuances that you need to pay attention to(which specific combo to use on an engage, will it kill me if i go ham and ult 3 members of their team, is their hard CC up etc.). Again: Easy to Learn/Pick up, Hard to Master


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