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Jan 29, 2014

How to Get Lunar Revel Icons

The Lunar Revel is upon us, packed with new skins, wards, and best of all, tons of new summoner icons!

Check out the possible rewards and how to get them below, be sure to act fast though for the event ends at 16:00 PST on February 11th!:
Basically, to get the icons this year you'll have to win at least two (2) games on each different map (AI and custom games don't count.)

Summoner Icons

Year of the Horse Icon
"Set out on the warrior's path by winning a matchmade game during the Lunar Revel and you'll earn the Year of the Horse icon. But soon you'll realize that although each began their journey alone, the greatest warriors of history were even more powerful as a team"

Icon of Dragonblade Riven

"Embrace freedom and play two matchmade games with your allies on the Howling Abyss to revel in the Icon of Dragonblade Riven"

Icon of Lunar Goddess Diana
"Join your allies searching for truth in darkness. Play two matchmade games in the Twisted Treeline or on the Crystal Scar during the festival to earn the icon of Lunar Goddess Diana"

Icon of Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
"Seize power in two matchmade games on Summoner's Rift during these next weeks to claim the icon of Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere"

There are four icons to earn during Lunar Revel:

The Year of the Horse Icon: To earn this icon, you must play and win a game in a matchmade queue. Custom games do not count, but you do not have to play with friends to earn the Year of the Horse Icon. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.

Icon of Lunar Goddess Diana: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Twisted Treeline or the Crystal Scar (Dominion game-mode). Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.

Icon of Dragonblade Riven: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Howling Abyss.

Icon of Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere: To earn this icon, you must enter a matchmade queue (not a custom game) with at least one friend and finish two games on Summoner’s Rift. Games against AI or “bot” opponents will not count.

Q: When do I get the rewards?
A: You should get your icons no later than three (3) days after the event ends. If you did not receive the rewards after three (3) days, please let us know.


Additionally, this year also features a new "Choose Your Path" icon, which will be available depending on what summoners vote for their region to get via voting at the Lunar Revel promotional site!

Log into your region's promo site to vote! NAEUWEUNE, TR, BR, LAN, LAS, RU, OCE

Path of Power

 Path of Freedom

Path of Truth

Q: What is the “Choose a path” experience?
A: "Choose a path" refers to a region-wide vote during the 2014 Lunar Revel (from January 28 until February 11). Players in each region can choose the Path of Truth, the Path of Freedom or the Path of Power. At the end of the Lunar Revel, we will announce each region’s chosen path, and players in the region who have been active within 90 days will be rewarded with a specially-treated summoner icon representing the path their region chose to follow in 2014.

Q: How does the vote work?
A: You must be logged in to the website to vote. You’ll select one of the Paths by clicking on it. Then, click “Submit final vote” to lock in and send your final selection. We’ll tally the results, and announce the chosen path after the event ends.

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  1. For OCE you only have to play 2/4/6 games to get the Diana/Riven/Tryndamere icons and win one of them to get the Year of the Horse Icon. These have to be played with a friend and can't be against AI. The games on Oceanic DO NOT have to be Howling Abyss or Twisted Treeline. We do not have a TT que up 95% of the time.

    1. iliketoastmanJanuary 30, 2014

      so you don't have to win all the games to receive the icons?

  2. SSJSuntasticJanuary 29, 2014

    Thanks for the heads up dragondrew!

  3. Same in LAS, and probably LAN also.

  4. When does the event end?

  5. MellowthreatJanuary 30, 2014

    Who cares about these icons, or icons ingeneral? Atleast with skins you get to see them ingame and they're actually relevant. Who's ever been in a loading screen, seen an enemy's icon and has been like "oh this guy means business i need to watch out for him" lol, just a clever move by riot to open up another stream of revenue. Must be enough dummies buying them.

  6. Basti DempiJanuary 30, 2014

    do i have to invite someone? or can i play solo to get them all??

  7. you actually don't even need to pay for these icons, you only need to play some pvp ARAM, summoner's rift and twisted treeline. you do not have to pay for them whatsoever. most people play pvp anyway, so when they finish a game or win them they get a special treat?

  8. iliketoastmanJanuary 30, 2014

    do you actually need to win any of these games because I have played all of the required games with a friend but I haven't won all the games . I got the Diana icon but I didn't win all the games on ARAM. I haven't received any of the other icons though.:(

  9. MellowthreatJanuary 31, 2014

    Or you can try and actually read what I said, use a little bit of reading comprehension and realize everything I wrote was about icons in general? Anyways, now I'm referring to these icons specifically (gotta point this out for you evidently), Riot is only releasing these away for "free" to spark interest in the theme itself and to get people to collect more icons for money, be it in the future or to buy pre-existing ones already. Either way for little kids to spend more money on silly icons. See how that works? It's a business. Riot discovered another money-maker. That's all i was trying to state.

  10. They are a business. So? Good job you realized that. A business does everything to make as much profit as possible. It's their PURPOSE. You are literally crying over free icons you get from Riot which you can use in a free game where you don't pay to win and people don't get majorly disadvantaged by being f2p. It's your choice. The fact that some people decide to pay for content such as skins and icons is up to them, not to you. Are you jealous that you can't get all icons during events that require you to use RP? Good for you. In conclusion, mind YOUR business rather than anyone elses. kty

  11. MellowthreatJanuary 31, 2014

    Lol ok so now you're agreeing with me on the purpose of the free icons. Thank you. That's all I was trying to say. Oh i was "literally crying"? Lol all this exaggeration. And once again if you'll read what I said, and stop acting like i said things that I didnt, youd notice i never said people can't have choices on whether or not they buy these things. I just don't agree with it as you can tell but it's how Riot's growing and earning more revenue from customers. I know people that have spent $500+ on this game, which to me is a real shame because one of league of legend's biggest assets is it's free to play.

  12. Sungsup LeeJanuary 31, 2014

    what are you trying to get at. Do you want a f2p game that doesn't earn money in anyway? Do you want a charity game? What model are you presenting that would make the game "better"? Do you understand what it takes to make a good game, let alone a successful one?

  13. I have the Tryndamere and Riven icons but not the Horse icon. Why is that? Isn't the Horse icon just if you win any matchmade queue?

  14. Do you need to WIN games, or just simply PLAY the games with a friend?

  15. I think I read somewhere it said mid-Febuary. I probably saw it on the FAQ page.

  16. Horse you can do solo. All the other ones must be with a friend. This is for NA.

    I'm just wondering if you need to win 2 games with a friend or finish 2 games with a friend. Win or lose do you still get the icon if you have a friend in the game with you?

  17. insertmynamehereFebruary 02, 2014

    feb 11, i think

  18. but how can i get Icon of Lunar Goddess Diana cause im in OCE server and we don't have 3v3 map ??? \

  19. LOL Sungsup showing him who's boss!

  20. MellowthreatMarch 03, 2014

    Ofcourse, I also pity the little kids that are throwing money out at 1x1 pics of stupid icons. And if you'll read what I said, you'll notice that I'm not presenting a model? I like that morons/little kids throw money at this game, keep it up, it's how I manage to play for free lol.

  21. MellowthreatMarch 03, 2014

    Ah shindaru, the only thing I'm the boss of is your virgin ass lmao


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