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Jan 27, 2014

Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere Skin Preview

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Check out the third final of the Lunar Revel skins set for 2014 - Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere!

Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere battles on

Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere blazes the path of power, and the most haunting tales of the conflict are stained by the blood of his enemies.
One story tells of his single-handed defense against an ambush on a narrow bridge. Green and gold armor aflame, rage fueled his rampage through the opposing ranks. Word spread from those lucky enough to survive, it's not the edge of his blade that kills you; it's the weight of the dragon riding it. 
Crash through the front lines as Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere for 975 RP, available only during Lunar Revel.

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  1. The only one of the trio skin without any good particles effects... oh his skin turns red and thats about it...


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