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Jan 25, 2014

Big Miss Fortune Changes Coming Up!

The latest champion to be targeted by a major overhaul is Miss Fortune, everyone's favorite ult bot with no escape. Check out ricklessabandon and company's plan on modifying our heroine!

RicklessAbadon says:

i'll probably finish her up over the weekend (i'll have lol on my mind all weekend thanks to the ogn finals starting in less than an hour). sadly, no one will get to play with her over the weekend, but i can at least post some numbers to sate your curiosity during the interim.

  • miss fortune changes aren't expected to ship live with 4.2, so these changes will have plenty of time for iteration while on the pbe (i.e., no rush on these)
  • the list i'm going to type out is of course subject to change before hitting the pbe, and will still be subject to change for the entire time it is on the pbe (i.e., don't get attached to anything or panic about anything)
  • i just recently woke up from sleeping, like, almost a full day. i'm still kind of groggy, so please forgive any typos and anything else that might be erroneous—i'll correct as needed :3

Miss Fortune
  • Double Up
    • Mana Cost reduced to 55 (from 70/75/80/85/90)
    • Cooldown changed to 7/6/5/4/3 (from 9/8/7/6/5)
    • Damage to 1st target changed to 110% AD (from 25/60/95/130/165 +75% AD)
    • Damage to 2nd target changed to 120/130/140/150/160% AD (from 30/72/114/156/198 +90% AD)
    • Criteria for 2nd target selection reworked*
  • Impure Shots
    • Mana Cost reduced to 30 (from 50)
    • Cooldown changed to 15/14/13/12/11 (from 16)
    • Passive's damage changed to 6% AD per stack (from 4/6/8/10/12 damage per stack)
    • Active's Attack Speed buff changed to 20/30/40/50/60% (from 30/35/40/45/50%)
    • Grievous Wounds duration reduced to 2 (from 3)
  • Bullet Time
    • Damage reduced to 45/75/105 (from 65/95/125)
    • Bonus AD ratio reduced to 30% (from 35%)
    • Now applies stacks of Impure Shots (does include bonus magic damage; does not include Grievous Wounds)
*This will be a fairly significant change—details will accompany the PBE post.
so, yeah, there's some info to digest for a bit. i probably won't get too deep into discussion until she's playable, but that's where i want to start with her.


SSJSuntastic Says:
Seems like they aren't really changing the actual champion much, but a lot of her early game power is being shifted more towards her late game. The fact that her bullet time now applies stacks of Impure Shots sounds pretty OP, 

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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  1. Miss fortune was the one adc i really liked, and these seem pretty good. Bullet time was never all too strong, in my opinion, so this tweak seems interesting.

  2. Why no Kog'maw love?


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