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Dec 15, 2013

Yasuo's Weekend Debut

It's no surprise that a champion might do poorly on his debut weekend. He's eager to show all the other champions what he can do; maybe even impress them enough to make it into the big leagues with dudes like Lee Sin or Taric.

Some people make the cut, like Graves on opening weekend. Others, like Lissandra, take the masses a little time to warm up to.

So what's Yasuo's current standing two days after his release?

Ouch. Almost nobody wins with him and nobody finds him enough of a threat to ban him.

Naturally this brings us to two possible conclusions:

Conclusion 1: I Have No Idea What I'm Building/Doing

This of course is the easiest conclusion. Yasuo has a high learning curve, and without it, we're just running around like lunatics trying to block everything we can think of with Wind Wall.

There's probably an optimal build and play method out there somewhere, but until either we figure it out or our Korean overlords disclose that information, Yasuo might stay subpar.

Conclusion 2: His Skills/Numbers Need Tweaking

This of course, is the preferred player base conclusion. He's simply not strong enough for a melee ad carry with an ultimate that's best used in conjunction with a team that's built around knock-ups.

Of course, the statistics might just need more data, but with the same amount of playtime as champions like Hecarim and Aatrox, I think that statistics are a fairly good representation of Yasuo's current ranked solo queue viability at this point.

What do you think? Have some success stories and/or insight on Yasuo from opening weekend? Comment below!

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  1. Durem FeetkillerDecember 15, 2013

    Played total 4 games with yasuo.
    His kit isn't that big deal, what is hard is to land a good knock up and to do so (getting 2 stacks) in the middle of a fight is quite difficult, he needs a lot of team coordination to engage in the favorable moment.

    Won 3 normal games and after feeling quite comfortable with his kit went into one ranked (couldn't resist)
    Ended up beeing carried by a fiora 20/5 and doing less damage than my support thresh.
    (Had to go toplane against vladimmir, who made me suffer the entire game)

    To me, he is played midlane, but could work maybe in support with some cc.
    I don't see him as a toplaner, maybe jungler could be.

    I like this guy, ima keep him going, but for the moment, just in normals

  2. BroadcastAssassinDecember 16, 2013

    Had a game with exactly one good Yasuo so far out of probably 25 or so (Yasuo on my team, opponent's team, or both). The rest all fed or had no impact whatsoever. At this point, when I see Yas in the opponent team's loading screen, I get happy and know exactly who I'm targeting all game long for free easy kills.

  3. My friend played him in the jungle and was able to get fed and carry the game. It was only a normal game, but i think he does much better in the jungle than trying to actually win a lane.

  4. Michael ThompsonDecember 16, 2013

    Yasuo is perfectly strong, but no one really knows how to build him. I've seen him do crazy damage. I've even gotten a quadra kill with him. I feel like his learning curve is also the issue. I think he will be much like Talon: abysmal win rate below Diamond, nice win rate Diamond and up. People just need to know when to engage and when to stand down.

  5. The first one. No one knows how to build him yet. He is perfectly capable of dealing an insane amount of damage and is very versatile in any lane or jungle. People just need to test him out more with correct assists and he makes a lethal champion.

  6. I ban Yasuo to avoid my teammates picking him, as he is certainly very cool & tempting, but :

    - His set is completely broken op in 3v3, where jungle & lane creeps allow tornado charge pretty much anywhere.

    - His set is completely underpowered in 5v5 for the exact same opposite reason : you stand 0 chance to do a tornado engage on ANYTHING besides your lane opponent early. And if you remove this tornado... he has about 0 options left, which leads us to the scenario I saw many times now where supports deal more hero damage than Yasuo (and im not even talking about ap-killers supp).

    Sometimes a miracle can happen in fight if he survives long enough to charge his tornado, but what tool does this "melee-range not-even-burst-assassin squishy" have to survive?
    A weak as piss wind wall. I think they should add a second form of wind wall like the Q : when he dash with E and cast wind wall it should make a wind "bubble" around him, that would allow him to survive a little longer for sure. (and they could boost the width of the normal wall to compensate)

    Funniest part was to see haters theory "new champs are op on release so they can make more money D:<" get raped & destroyed.

  7. Robert CalabreseDecember 16, 2013

    I have played Yasuo quite a bit since his release and to be honest he is a champ that demands fast agile assassin style gameplay. I think he is being under rated at the mom due people not knowing how to rune/mastery as well as build. But I have found that his wave clear and cs is insane. Pair this with someone who can move in and about fights Yasuo wins. The thing I see most is people not building to synergize his kit. People tend to ignore the tooltips and what his abilities can actually achieve... Bottom line in my opinion is he's a strong champ and will get popular when he is moonlighted in an LCS tournament. BTW he scales better with some attack speed and crit more then he does straight AD which is 90% of the people I see building with him. Oh and Yasuo does not work as a glass cannon at all.

  8. I've played against Yasuo, but never played with him. But out of all of the Yasuos i've played against in top lane(atleast 5-7 times), Yasuo has a very weak laning phase compared to really any champion that's played top lane (riven, darius, rengar). I just got fed off a Yasuo in top lane because he couldn't take my Rengar lvl 2 burst or Darius' retarded damage. Most of the games I've had with Yasuos are linear, either Yasuo gets fed and just steamrolls the team, or he feeds and becomes useless. It's too early for me to really say anything, but he might just be like Lee Sin. Everyone thought that Lee SIn was trash when he first came out, but look at the blind monk now. Who knows? I hope he is, 7300 ip takes like 10 years to get.

  9. I believe that Yasuo will be a great champ once they get the team composition in order. His kit and mobility will be utilized best in mid lane having a jungler and support champ with knock up skills (think Vi or Lee Sin for jng and Jana or Lulu for bot). Early game won't be as effective but his mid and late game scaling are daunting.

    Imagine when Yasuo ults with other champs :)

  10. Nobody understands how to use him or what to build. I personally think he's op if used correctly. Aside from that, he is a ridiculous counter to orianna as the wave wall stops her from getting her ball back rendering her open to be quickly killed or ganked

  11. (strandedon)thewrongbeachDecember 17, 2013

    too buggy

  12. Bryce Miller-BookerDecember 17, 2013

    I feel he is similar to lissandra in that you need good teamwork to utilize his skillset effectively. Not only that but he has a larger skillcap than most champions so he is not very solo que friendly. However, in teams or duo que when your team supports you with knockups, it is very easy to get guaranteed kills, snowball quickly (he really only needs 2 items), and do amazing damage. Finally, a well placed windwall either pushes the enemy adc out of a fight, or forces them into an awkward position where they are more susceptible to being killed, which is not where you want to be as an adc. Really I feel he is not solo que friendly, but is still a strong champ with a very team oriented kit.

  13. The Legend OSGGDecember 17, 2013

    One of friends, ranked plat 1, picked Yasuo up the other day and has played probably 25 games with him. His first 5 or so weren't very good, but as he began to understand the champion, he dominates every single game with him. I think Yasuo just has a high learning curve and takes quite a bit of skill to dominate with. The last game my friend i played he got a solo pentakill. GG

  14. Apparently you've not built him right if you think he doesn't work as a glass cannon. Once he gets a Shiv+Phantom dancer in the belt it's good game ladies and gentlemen. I've 1v5'd a pentakill as Yasuo mid-late game with my AS capped @ 2.5. AD is a non-issue, so I do agree with you on that.

  15. TonyTheLiger1412December 18, 2013

    I played 4 games with Yasuo so far, aside from 1 custom game to understand his kit. I played Jungle once, and solo top the next 3 times. The jungle game, I didn't do that well. Around 7-12 I believe. The three top games, I won lane with ease, and carried very hard. He split pushes extremely fast with his constant multitarget criticals, clearing a wave in 3-4 seconds in late game. I haven't had a chance to play him more, since everyone wants to play him, but so far, he's been extremely powerful for me in low silver games.

  16. I don't think he is really underpowered, but his role being a squishy ad carry with no escapes makes him a tough fit for the current high mobility meta. He also needs knock-ups/backs from his team to be able to actually use his ultimate.

  17. Build CorrectDecember 18, 2013

    He doesn't need to even use his ultimate to get kills he just needs to keeps using Q as it has a very low cooldown late game. So many people are giving him hate for this but build him with 100% crit chance (due to his passive) and you will do very well with him.

  18. Build CorrectDecember 18, 2013

    That won't work after 2 days. The Yasuo's now don't know how to build or play so thats why they are feeding. Everyone will be very good in about 2 days.

  19. I think once people begin catching on to his potential there'll be some big fans; he's lacking cc, but he's very mobile and has typical carry damage once he's got farm; wave clear is terrific.

    Build wise - Static Shiv is crucial - it does so much for him, as does Infinity edge; between those two items you have a truckload of damage and 90% crit. As long as the rest of your build employs some damage mitigation he becomes hard to down.

  20. All you need to do is read a characters skills. then common sense tells you how to play the champ XD

  21. This article kinda pointless..... You need to give a champ a few weeks or so at least before you can judge if it needs Buff or not.

  22. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    The thing is, every week is a month in Internet time, especially when you already have data from thousands of games. At 30 min a game 1000 games is already 21 straight days of testing.

  23. i bought Yasuo recently and the first few games I tried him I lost lane against Soraka bot :/ However, after getting the hang of him, I have a 17/5 kdr with him. His e/q spinny thing is good to farm easily after you win lane, and you can kite with q. Jamming e on random minions is nice to distract your enemy. With a Shiv/IE, you can easily dominate mid game with 90 crit chance. Does anyone know what the best defensive item is?

  24. Depending on the enemy comp I end up getting a randuins or visage, sometimes both if they are evenly split with AD/AP. Also if you want 99% crit chance slap on 5 crit reds, it may not seem like much but it does help while you build statik and IE.

  25. Joshua StathamDecember 22, 2013

    Except you're making an error in judgement by not taking in account WHEN the games are played, and WHO they are played by. 1000 games of testing will allow a single player to test an untold number of different things over time, as they won't be repeating the same test as often. A group will converge frequently.

    When you have the first week of games it will largely be 90% of games of the same thing based on builds for other champs (in this case that appear to fail often), 9% games of some other thing that might do better or worse (basically the experimental group who test different combinations until they find something that works), and finally maybe, just maybe, 1% of games where the champ has a powerful (future cookie-cutter) build that was either stumbled upon by accident, or by the experimental group, which can make him competitive or at least balanced.

    In 1 week there will be a lot less originality than say 3-4 weeks. Yes people like to test a new champion in different ways, but not everyone does and this will be reflected in his win-rate. Especially considering 90% of the player base is Gold V or lower, and more likely to be following cookie-cutters than experimenting with the knowledge to back it up.

    TL;DR: 1 million games by Bronze and Silver players, vs 100 games by Diamond and Challenger players will very poorly showcase a champions potential when lumped together statistically.

  26. SSJSuntasticDecember 22, 2013

    That's a very good analysis Joshua, I guess we'll wait a few weeks to see how things pan out. With winter break coming up soon, there should be a lot of data flowing in!

  27. I honestly don't think there's any way that Yasuo could be anything more than a mid lane or jungle. In later fights it's harder to stack his q right before a fight, but if you're able to pull it off, a good EQ combo can turn a fight around by being able to knock people in the air. Yes, his damage does fall off late game if you are not in a good lead. He relies solely on mid game at which point you should have a couple good items. Personally, I like to go with a Zephyr and Shiv so that I not only free up a boot slot for something other than Merc Treads or Zerk Greaves, but that the cooldown on his Q at level 5 would be 1.33 at this point. Now you could obviously go for more attack speed with a Phantom Dancer and get more speed, and movement speed, but that would fill up your crit, taking up now 4 of your 6 items. This is always viable, but if you want to go for more damage, I'd say get an IE, Thirster, and the last one is very situational but for all intent and purpose, let's just go with Iceborn Gauntlet. The IE for 90% crit + 250% crit damage, Thirster for sustain in teamfights, and the Iceborn for good sustain with that armor and the spellblade passive doubles with a nice AOE slow just for kicks, although the mana more or less goes to waste, a bit of a stupid choice but it's very viable. Let's review though.

    Static Shiv (first item)

    Zephyr (or IE if you're ahead)

    3rd tier boots (you can always sell them later due to the added move speed from everything else, sell them for a Phantom Dancer)

    Make sure to get Zephyr at this point if you already didn't.


    Thirster (interchangeable with other items if you prefer, Bork is not needed unless there is an HP based tank.)

    Iceborn Gauntlet, GA, Maw or Mercurial (if they have high ap or very long stuns respectively as you already should have tenacity at this point)

    Core Items: Static Shiv, Zephyr, IE

    Optional Items: Triforce, Bloodthirster, GA, Randuin's, Bork, Cleaver, Last Whisper, or Hydra (Personally, I don't like the Hydra due to its AA reset which is not needed for the high speed Yasuo, but it does give HP regen, Life steal, and a decent amount of damage for its cost)

    Situational Items: Maw, Mercurial, Iceborn, Randuin's, Bork.

    On Yasuo, I'd suggest either full AD or AD Lifesteal and go with 22/2/6 or 21/9/0

    The first masteries:

    or the second:

    If playing him in the jungle, keep the same build, and go with the second masteries, except with 3 in Block and Unyeilding, put them in Tough Skin and Bladed Armor.

  28. I play him successfull as Support like Morgana Shields vs Annie and Blitz, who can Nuke some, but i went full tank. and carried my mid be tanking + shielding and pushing.

    Build- Execution heal shield item what every Leona buys,
    Warmogs, Atmogs, Trinity if gold left or Botrk for ATK Speed.

    -Toastytony aka 08111995

  29. Yasuo is NOT an early game champ, and even if he snowballs, his damage doesn't show up till mid game. But endgame, he can solo the team, and will always have a damage output with his core ( Statik Shiv, Infinity Edge, Vampiric Scepter.) When I did lose with him, it was due to I would itemize damage and pretty much died to anything that passed the wall, but finally one game I built Infinity Edge, Triforce, Zerkers, Hydra, Randuins and GA ( Sold Statik shyvv for tri ) I got a pentakill, 1v5. The enemy team even had a rather fed ahri, and mentioning J4 with a Leona would make it seem like I am lying, but Yasuo has the mobility and the AOE with hydra to successfully disrupt the team.

    He is a constantly moving champion, even during lane or just farming, your moving. Defending? Moving. Taking dragon? Moving. Losing? Keep moving. His kit does need a little work, his abilities don't synergize as well as they would seem. You can do 3-4 dashes during a Q CD, and your whirlwind proc becomes short ranged if you do Dash->Q combo. His dash is also very awkward, and can put you in a very bad position. His advertised harass combo is easily punished, since a lot can happen in the half second plus recovery frame after the dash.

    But the trick is windwall. Yasuo is a.... Cool down based champ that prioritizes attack speed. But that isn't the point, the point is he does't have mana. When you put windwall into your trades and engages, life becomes awesome. Dashing in, won't catch off aware players, so you can use that to your advantage. Windwall, then throwing a Q will give great results! Plus, has anyone noticed Yasuo's AA range? It's so dam long. Abusing dash to get in your face, getting smacked by AA while not being able to do anything except run? Put yourself in that situation!

    There are many more in-depth things you can do with Yasuo, but of course, this is a comment.

  30. Lou DeliesscheDecember 22, 2013

    a good champ, i like this new gameplay, third champion gen incoming ! but the E spell fluidity is not good, i mean that , yasuo should dash more faster than now... Tons of damages btw, just 1 problem : your team have to follow you when you press r, cause is ultimate is a f*** good engage

  31. 44.95 percent win rate now. He's now higher than urgot!

  32. Report Baron for afkDecember 24, 2013

    The problem with Yasuo is that everyone tries to play him as an assassin instead of what he is: a melee AD carry. As such, during team fights he should only be fighting whoever is diving him rather than going straight for the carry, he gets a lot of survivability from his shield, but any competent team will blow him up BEFORE HE HITS THE GROUND. Yasuo is a very subpar assassin since he has requirements to his initiation. In other words, he can't really go in without having someone else set up for him, or he has to be so far into the fight that by the time he can actually use it, there is no one to use it on or he is already dead. Now, Yasuo is a playmaker. He can do a lot of counter engaging, but he needs a team to back him up. The same way that Kog'maw needs a heavy protection comp, Yasuo desperately needs a counter engage comp or a hard engage comp. That being said, Yasuo is an AMAZING carry in these comps since he has the AOE engage that is physical damage.

  33. Joshua StathamDecember 24, 2013

    Thank you. I think this is even more apparent where in higher rankings, champs like Ezreal or Vayne are (with good reason) feared in the right hands, but their overall win rates are actually abysmal. Ezreal sits at 47.69% and Vayne even lower at 45.64%.

    Now don't get me wrong, there is the possibility that Yasuo is just weak right now, or in this meta (Eg Shyvana and Mundo becoming FOTM cause of item and meta changes), or for whatever reason. However, it is also the possibility that he has a lot of potential we haven't seen in the bulk of games, and he has a high skill cap that precludes him from doing well in lower ranked games.

    Also one final note to consider, it could also be the case that he is a much more team dependent champ, and can only truly shine in a team with Janna and Malphite (as an example). Think about team comps like "Protect the Kog", which we all know work, but doesn't exactly do so well in SoloQQ.

  34. Personally I am running 7.1 ap 11 armor 11 atk dmg 5% crit. 18 in offense and 12 in support masteries. I get 100% crit with an IE and Statik then I usually build to counter or destroy. Good items on include but not limited; Spirit visage TrinF Bt or Botrk and Ghostblade. Ghostblade in replace for IE Bc of the crit from trin and Statik it still gives u a solid 100% crit bc of his passive. Overall I love the champ and I am dedicated to making him Tier one -God. TruYasuo

  35. ive won my last 3 ranked games with yasuo, if you get a good start and aren't stupid, i think hes viable, played him top mostly.

  36. Blade PenguinDecember 27, 2013

    Waaaaaaat? My past MANY matches (before I moved away a little to come back later) I usually will do some MAJOR damage to the teams. I have won about 75% of the games, most of them I'll go positive, although losing. In mid, being allowed to farm, you only need your jungler to help you get a statik shiv. Then it's just easier. He is kinda tricky to play, but sometimes when i connect late, its a clutch double kill at turret into a game well played.

    Truth is though, you MUST play for dps, not glass cannon. I tend to go squishy early, then rush into giant's belt, which turns into my warmogs/frozen mallet/sunfire. You're still pretty squishy, but i sustain fights with a bloodthirster. Usually I duo queue with my friends who have a displacement ability/are able to send people "Airborne". learning to poke with yasuo is tricky(laning) but learning to wall is even trickier. Yasuo's wall is about 20 seconds, you have to learn which damage should be blocked, and at which time. Since his melee range is a bit longer, learn to fight behind the wall. I have survived way too many fights with my wall.

    When starting, I start with Doran's shield most of the time. Sometimes a brawler gloves to easier travel into Avarice. Get Avarice as early as possible.

    His early game isn't where he'll be shining. You will NEED help from jungle, and all you can do is cs until you hit statikk and a few kills.

    When late game hits, you probably will get focused really hard, counter this with a GA/positioning. Timing is always the answer to Yasuo, WHEN to place walls, WHEN to dash in, WHEN to go for the enemies' blood.

    Overall Yasuo is perhaps one of my favorite champions, the wall is so much denial to certain heavy skillshots (Gragas' barrel, Ahri's everything) You have to be aware of mobility champions, they can easily get past the wall and it may be your life.

  37. Just so you are aware, he has a 10% reduced crit damage rate. So 240% with IE.

  38. Well i have played yasuo around 15 times now... I would say its pretty strong if you know the champ and how to use it, you have an insane early/mid/late game due to your low cds, and even better if you get as your Q cd decreases... also all you need to do is try to stay a bit in the back wait for an engage and rush your 2 stacks then try to hit all with the 3rd Q stack... early game rush statick shyv, and if you can IE, then build a randuins omen, and a blood or hydra, boots i should suggest as since it lowers your Q cd, and finally a guardian angel or last whisperer... Remember yasuo is a high damage output but weak champ, wait for the teamfight to engage, that everyone has blown their cds then engage.... just stack your Q up, and try to help your team with the wind wall at the front of the line... if you need anything more from yasuo you can add me (: xZiko (LAN)

  39. I personally believe that they should take away the time limit on his Q. Meaning that he would not have to get that third stack in a certain time it would just be every third Q. This would make his ultimate way more effective and you wouldn't have to rely on your team's knock ups as much. It would be a bit like Annie's passive every fourth ability stuns,

  40. Yasuo is a very odd one. His build has not changed on the slightest: build AD and crit first, then go a little tanky if you want or just go glass cannon if you're fed enough. Yet, his victory rate has changed dramatically without any need of tweaking; from 36% to 47% since release. Every day there's one or two champions he leaves behind and to the date he hasn't skipped a day on the task. As it has been stated, half people think he's garbage, half people think he's way too overpowered.
    I don't know which side to pick; we're talking about a champion that is incredibly succeptible to all kinds of ganks to the point at which having a good ganker as jungler counters him despite matchup; that can at the same time, duel 1v1 a fed late game Nasus and come on top.
    He lacks just so much in lane; he's a very frail melee glass canon without any escape, burst or sustain; yet, he has the scariest lvl 2 I've seen other than Rengar's (4 stacks on E, 3 stacks on Q, 100 stacks on Resolve; then all in), completely destroys the problematic Dr. Mundo; denies and kills Nasus at all points of the game, can set up simply beautiful ganks out of nowhere with knockup champions, and has a game-changing skill in his W.
    I just have absolutely no idea about this guy. Is he overpowered because of his teamfights late game? Does he need a buff in his laning phase or even an escape? I've seen videos of junglers baby-seatting Yasuo for a few levels until he gets Statikk, and then allowing him to snowball very hard. I've seen videos of junglers camping Yasuo, denying him and making him little more than a W bot late game. My thoughs at this instant is that he's balanced; the risk is comparable to the reward.

    As for tricks regarding his gameplay, I just think you really NEED sustain, but purchasing a Vampiric Scepter puts you way too behind towards buying your core. I've somewhat solved this issue by going 3 LS quintessenses, starting Doran's Blade and rushing another one as fast as I can. This way, his Autoattack->Q combo on a minion gives him a small chunk of his health back. Doran's Blade stats also give him a little bit of early game power he can use to stay alive until teamfights start. Not starting with Doran's Shield can make a significant difference against ranged harassers until you get your second, though.

  41. Hizqeel AhmedJanuary 06, 2014

    I played over 70 games as Yasuo in ranked and I can say that I have learned a lot about him and his builds. He seems to be not very OP but he is for sure very reliable to carry with his team comp.

  42. Literally just had a game with a yasuo in unranked and he carried so hard, it was unreal. Against a pretty normal skill enemy team, he got two quads and a penta. Never seen someone rinse so hard with him.


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