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Dec 15, 2013

QQ Tracker Alert: Kayle, Is She OP?

In a fierce game between Europe's NIP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) and KMT (Kiedyś Miałem Team), the game finally resolved with Kayle annihilating both Riven and Renekton 1v2.

Naturally, the General discussion exploded with Kayle QQ on how overpowered she is.

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Kayle been at the top of the food chain for a while, specializing in insanely good kiting abilities and taking down squishy melee champions. She's definitely earned herself an easy Tier 1 spot on the solo queue tier list. she OP?

Win Rate

Weighing in at a hefty 52.5% in solo queue according to, she's definitely a heavy contender for being an extremely "strong" laner simply on statistics alone. Her most popular build by far is the one pictured in the video, with Nashor's Tooth and Lichbane synergizing VERY well with her kit.

The new preseason masteries have also given her a strong boost since the offense tree benefits hybrid champions almost TOO well (hence the 3.15 nerfs to the offense tree).

Skills in the Current Meta

The versatility of her ultimate will always be helpful against high burst champions as well as low mobility champions "all-in" melee champions. This means that she excels against common picks such as Zed, Olaf, and Garen.

Her splash damage from her E will also greatly benefit from fighting melee heavy, damage heavy compositions. This means that in a Riven dominated metagame, Kayle's potential to counteract her abilities is very high. Although in lane Riven vs Kayle is a very skill-based match-up, late game Kayle definitely becomes a huge issue for Riven's effectiveness.

She also holds up very well against most mid-laners, as she gets a damage spike at lvl 2, whereas most mid-laners get their major damage spike at 3. Her ultimate also does very well against champions with high burst and low CC, such as Zed.

Damage Output

Kayle's damage output is best compared with Nasus. She scales very hard into late game, and will do a surprisingly good chunk of damage if left alone to farm. She's not easy to catch or focus down, but can wreck a team's day by herself. 

In lane her trading ability is very high (even if you grab a point in her heal at level 4), and she definitely has the chance to snowball from some early cheese kills mid lane.


I'm not quite ready to say that Kayle is broken and deserving of nerfs, but she's also not particular FOTM at the moment, with a popularity lower than even Volibear. If she does become a very mainstream pick on the other hand, I could see the general community getting very tired of her very fast. Luckily, her skillset isn't very flashy or fun to play, so I'm not terribly concerned in a play rate spike.

If you're looking to grind up some quick Elo and want a simple champion to practice and master though, I think Kayle is a great pick with high potential that will bring you far.

To the heavens!

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  1. I got shredded by Kayle mid :D

  2. SSJSuntasticDecember 15, 2013

    I think"shredded" is a very good description of what she does haha

  3. I swear, this is so odd.
    I dominated as kayle, ziggs,syndra, and leblanc in the end of season three, and now their competitive in season 4. Same happened with gragas a month before worlds. Sleeper champions are the best.

  4. I was playing Fizz, and once she hit level two all she had to do was all in me with a q e combo. It was, on many levels, sad.

  5. SSJSuntasticDecember 15, 2013

    Seems like you're ahead of the curve! Let me in on the next OP :D

  6. SSJSuntasticDecember 15, 2013

    Yeah, it's definitely a very faceroll strategy. I mean there's skill involved, but for the enemy player it certainly doesn't seem that way...

  7. i hope she doesn't get nerfed haha, i main kayle and i love her.
    Although i have oddly never met another mid kayle, only supp kayle.

  8. RadioactiveheroDecember 16, 2013

    Please don't tell people about Kayle as someone who mains Kayle i have an almost 70% win rate over almost 50 games. Attention = nerfs and bans. Shes not op, just can be very good in the right hands. With quick reactions ive made some crazy clutch plays keeping the adc alive or absorbing 5 ulti's.

  9. RadioactiveheroDecember 16, 2013

    The moment she does this combo, the most obvious move is to keep out of range, but that won't be enough, you need a good enough jungler to notice these critical times of overextending which is very easily done on kayle unless being careful. The moment kayle is out of position, any form of CC pre 6 will decimate her. Long story short, unless you counter kayle in lane, its up to your jungler to help your lane.

  10. I would say Dr mundo and Sion, but they're competitive now too :/

  11. For some reason, I feel that Zac top is pretty viable again, maybe even overpowered again. Now with the new mastery defense tree benefiting manaless champs. I think I'll try him out in match.

  12. Mellanie BlessDecember 17, 2013

    Click her and get free rp codes

  13. Sweetie BrellaDecember 21, 2013

    I think I figured out why's she's strong now. It's the new Offense mastery Tree. When you use her E to auto-attack you proc both Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving. When you have that, Arcane Blade, Hybrid Pen, Nashor's Tooth and LB you have both strong burst and Sustained damage. Also, you'd be surprised how many things she can check with a well timed ult.

  14. Okay....I'll try to use kayle since with her ulti she can survive the most deadliest bursts like Zed, Leblanc, Annie , etc so guys can you me give me some of the best item sets for kayle?

  15. It also happened to me LoL fizz vs kayle.....

  16. Zacharias33January 22, 2014

    That is the only reason I bought Aether Wing. And it was worth it. She is so good. She can even go jungle, and when you get a Spirit of the Spectral Wraith her damage is great.

  17. DanielRiga070March 12, 2014

    (Maybe this is gonna be old but I don't really care) Start Doran's Ring/Doran's Shield depends on your lane matchup, Rush Lich Bane, don't forget to buy wards. Then buy Nashor's Tooth. Then buy Rabadon's Deathcap, Guinsoo Rageblade/Hextech Revolver (1st against Bursty team comps, 2nd against sustained team comps). Buy your Zhonya's Hourglass, Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial Scimitar, Guardian Angel. Your boots choice should be: 60% of cases Berserker's Greaves, 30% of cases Sorcerer's Shoes, 9% of cases Mercury's Treads, 1% of cases Ninja Tabi

  18. PotulnýProdejce Vysavačů ÝksněApril 12, 2014

    Kayle is still strong but recent Lich Bane nerf calls for a little buff to either Q or E I feel because Kayle was not broken with dmg she was okay but Riot went full retard and nerfed both Kayle and Lich Bane yeah we got a little more UT but since she has only 2 damaging spells nerfs both to essential item and Champ himself were stupid.


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