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Dec 19, 2013

How to Get New 2013 Snowdown Icons

A few days after the Snowdown Icons went live on the PBE, RiotBlueFire released tentative information on how to pick them up. While these methods may change when the live server hits, I'll update this post when it does. Check out the scoop below:
Note: These icons are now LIVE

Fastest Method For Earning All Summoner Icons (Nerfplz Style)

  1. Find a friend - :D
  2. Gift each other a Snowdown Skin (Scroll to bottom for list)
    [Santa Gragas Cookie EARNED]
  3. Duo queue Showdown Queue (2v2 map) using Snowdown Skin
    [Slay Belle Surprise EARNED]
  4. ARAM or Showdown duo queue until you win 3 games
    [Bad Gingerbread Veigar, Giftwrapped Poro, Snow Teemo EARNED]
  5. Wait for Riot server scripts to slowly trickle in your hard earned summoner icons
  6. Celebrate!
Note: If you have no friends, you can STILL get the Giftwrapped Poro Icon! Hooray!

Icons Available Without Spending Money

Giftwrapped Poro + Bad Gingerbread Veigar
Play some ARAMs with your friends. After winning 3 you'll have both!

Specific Icon Earning Techniques

Giftwrapped Poro: To earn the Giftwrapped Poro icon, you must win three matchmade games on Howling Abyss. Meaning, you must enter a queue (NOT a custom game), and win three games. For example, you can enter the Showdown queue or the ARAM queue, but you can’t create your own game on Howling Abyss and have it count towards your three wins.

Bad Gingerbread Veigar: To earn this icon, you must win a matchmade game as a premade team during the Snowdown event. For example, you’ll earn the icon if you and four friends queue up in Ranked 5s to do battle and emerge victorious, or if you queue up with a buddy and claim victory in a normal game. The key here is that the games must be matchmade against other players (so Co-op vs AI does not count).

Slay Belle Surprise: Wear a Snowdown skin during the event. Any former skin or any of the three new skins will work. Skins from other holidays, like Kitty Kat Katarina, would not.

Santa Gragas Cookie: You’ll earn this icon by sending any gift during Snowdown using the gifting (including Mystery Gifting) feature in the store.

Snow Teemo: When you unlock all four of the other icons, you’ll earn the Snow Teemo icon. Please be aware it may take up to three days after unlocking the fourth icon for Snow Teemo to show up.

When Will the Icons Be Available?

They should be released upon the beginning of the Snowdown. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

When Will the Icons Show Up?

The Snowdown summoner icons are added by script, so they may not be available on your account immediately after you unlock them. You should receive your icons no later than three days after the event ends. For the PBE please let Riot know if you do not receive them within 6 hours.

Which skins count towards the Slay Belle Surprise?

Toy Soldier Gangplank • Snowmerdinger • Mistletoe LeBlanc • Festive Maokai • Slay Belle Katarina • Dark Candy Fiddlesticks • Bad Santa Veigar • Snow Day Ziggs • Snow Bunny Nidalee • Workshop Nunu • Happy Elf Teemo • Earnest Elf Tristana • Old Saint Zilean • Re-Gifted Amumu • Santa Gragas • Reindeer Kog’Maw • Candy Cane Miss Fortune • Ragdoll Poppy • Nutcracko • Silent Night Sona • Snowstorm Sivir • Snow Day Singed • Winter Wonder Lulu


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  1. MellowthreatDecember 14, 2013

    I immediately knew I'd never be able to get any of these summoner icons after reading Step 1.

  2. SSJSuntasticDecember 14, 2013

    Don't worry, you can still get the Poro icon! :D

  3. MidgetRapePRonDecember 17, 2013

    I won 3 ARAM games, and still no icon :/

  4. SSJSuntasticDecember 17, 2013

    They're not available yet, just a preliminary post. Will update the top when they're out!

  5. i gifted a skin and my friend did it to me .. and we never got an icon :(

  6. SSJSuntasticDecember 19, 2013

    They're added by script, there's probably a lot of traffic right now since it's only been out for an hour

  7. I won 3 showdowns but I didnt get the icon

  8. If I won 1 ARAM 2 showdown may I have the icon?

  9. Takes a while to get added; I just got mine.

  10. SSJSuntasticDecember 19, 2013

    I think the servers are overloaded at the moment, my friend got the icons but I'm still waiting on mine as well.

  11. do u have to win 3 aram games without leaving the queue?

  12. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    No, you can go into different queues.

  13. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    Just got my icons, they should be given out shortly.

  14. Don'tBotherTalkingDecember 20, 2013

    Can I win 1 Showdown and 2 ARAM and get the poro?

  15. Reaper HecarimDecember 20, 2013

    I won 3 1v1s in a row but no icon...

  16. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    Yes you can but the icons won't show up right away

  17. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    Need to be patient, the servers are busy on the first day so it might take a while.

  18. does Frostfire annie Works?>

  19. does FrostFire annie Wroks??

  20. you need to log out first!

  21. I think so, because she is part of the skinsale this week together with frost Queen Janna, frosted Ez, Winter Wonder Lulu. Can't imagine Riot will put them on sale, while they aren't part of the Snowdown event.

  22. I have won 3 snowdown showdown but still no Poro icon T^T

  23. does gifting someone rp count for the cookie graggy icon?

  24. Hey i know its the same for me but it sometimes takes a little time for riot to give out the icons. You will have it soon :)

  25. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    I'm actually not positive on that one, but it does say "any gift" so I don't see why it wouldn't!

  26. Lacie ScarletDecember 20, 2013

    Can I use Frost Queen Janna to get the Summoner Icon?

  27. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    No, check out the list at the bottom of the post for a full list :)

  28. Thanks for the reply , I have the Bad Gingerbread and Veigar Giftwrapped Poro: already

  29. Zack MillardDecember 20, 2013

    I wore my fancy-pancy Winter Wonder Lulu skin in a game last night. Woke up and still no summoner icon for Slay Belle Surprise. :s

  30. i've gifted twice and i don't have the santa gragas icon and i've relogged 4 times >:(

  31. SSJSuntasticDecember 20, 2013

    The script is running a bit slow, give it some time

  32. No, it's not a holiday skin just because it's got a snow theme to it. Only the limited edition skins count (there's a list in the main post).

  33. Product Of MarsDecember 21, 2013

    I bought a Bad Santa Veigar yesterday and used it. But i haven't recieve my slay bell surprise icon. :(

  34. do i need to win 3 times in a row?

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  36. Hey I bought a snowdown skin and send a mystery gift to my friend yesterday but i dont have the icons yet only the poro and the veigar icons why?

  37. Conrad ProfitDecember 23, 2013

    its been way more then 6 hours where do i contact riot

  38. I can gift a friend any gift, right? it doesn't need to be a snowdown skin, does it?

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