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Nov 5, 2013

Why the New Sivir Is OP


Since the new Sivir rework launched, Sivir's seen her win rate shoot up from the lower end of the AD carry spectrum to the undisputed #1 win rate champion in all of solo queue through every Elo. Even before that happened I moved her up to #1 God Tier ADC in the solo queue tier list; but why? What does she have going for her?

#1 Insane Win Rate

It's almost at pre-nerf Rumble/Graves status...but for those of you who need some more convincing there's also...

#2 Ricochet Rework


Sivir's next three basic attacks bounce to nearby targets, dealing physical damage to the first target and reduced damage to each subsequent target. Only the first target hit procs on-hit effects. Ricochet bounces to nearby targets until there are no targets that haven't already been hit by Ricochet.

After the rework on Ricochet, it regained the ability to hit multiple targets, meaning that her infinite waveclear that originally made her concept powerful as a late game single champion wave-clear machine (think triple super minion wave clearing ability) BACK.

This combined with the...

#3 On the Hunt rework

On the Hunt

  • PASSIVE: Sivir gains Attack Speed while Ricochet is active.
  • ACTIVE: Sivir rallies her teammates for a duration, granting nearby allies an initial movement speed bonus that wears off to a smaller, longer-lasting movement speed buff. On the Hunt has no cast time.

Gives her the ability to have a serious ASPD steroid even when her ultimate is on cooldown. The second change in her ultimate also allows her to continuously chase/run away from enemy champions without pausing to think, which means that it allows for a much smoother flow, giving her the same inescapable presence as Vayne when she has her ultimate active.

#4 Spell Shield Rework

Spell Shield

Sivir creates a magical barrier that blocks the next incoming enemy ability. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains mana. Spell Shield has no mana cost.

This last part "Spell shield has no mana cost" is the exciting part. In the past, due to the cost of spell shield, getting the skill early on was generally a poor choice, as it was unreliable and spent mana that could have been used for an extra Q. However, since it no longer has a mana cost, it's essentially a free spell negater that makes laning against champions like Caitlyn, Graves, Twitch, and Varus completely trivial as each of them will only have one main nuke.

Conclusions [TLDR;]:
Before, Sivir was a very cooldown oriented champion if you wanted to outplay your opponents, and required smart positioning and timing on her spellshield to maximize her trading ability. However, with the new rework, the necessary mechanics to use her skills well have been greatly lowered. She's a far more versatile and forgiving AD carry than before, and even with her low autoattack range, she's definitely a force to be reckoned with.

I'll also leave you with this parting screenshot:

Jungle Sivir? She might be OP...

Comments? Agree? Disagree? Post below!

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  1. If you have the reaction time to spell shield twitch's expunge I think i'm going to have to report you for hacks.

  2. Cobi Pang Jiong RuiNovember 06, 2013

    just tried sivir jungle :D

  3. SSJSuntasticNovember 06, 2013

    You don't have to actually block Twitch's expunge, if you turn it on once he gets 4 or 5 stacks on you, then he's forced to wait until it goes off before using expunge. This means that you delay his burst, and can generally kill him before he gets to use it. You can also spell shield his slow, which is his usual opener for his expunge harass.

  4. Zigs win rate...? Wut

  5. Jinx wave clear is heads above Sivir... (Fishbones AoE is absurdly good, and not that expensive if you plan right)
    Her Zap is obscenely good... (a fix for her would be to reduce the damage the further it travels)
    Chomps are O M F G (up to 3x root and insane for zoning!)
    And who doesn't love that rocket!

  6. Sivir is the first champion I got good with and also my favorite. I have played the past 3 versions of her and I would say this one is individually the strongest, but not quite OP. She has a really strong early game lane presence. Maybe as strong as pre-nerf Jinx. With that being said, I don't find her to be unmanageable to lane against, but I think she is very prone to snowballing. 2 or 3 early kills could mean gg. But I think this happens with other a handful of other carries as well. No reason to single out Sivir.


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