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Sep 27, 2013

Chatting About Championship FOTMs - Support Annie, Zed, Vi, Corki


Ever since the world championships, a couple champions have hit the scene, which I'd like to cover today:

Zed's been a super contested pick this season, even after his nerfs. His damage is still very high, with good potential to hit multiple targets, which means that the difference between a good Zed and an average Zed is extremely high just on the offensive end.

On the other hand, I think that the main reason Zed's been so strong is mostly because of his defensive ability to juke skillshots, which is a skill that most solo queue players likely won't be able to implement without some practice and great ping.

While his potential, like Riven, is extremely high to outplay and deal tons o' damage, I'd say he's still a niche pick in his current state simply due to the difficulty of his play, definitely not something you want to bandwagon onto without some practice.

Support Annie
So the Chinese teams have been running support Annie under the pretense that it's "OP". While I can't comment on whether or not it's OP, I can say however that it's viable...up to a certain point. While people can be good at champions like Sona even if they've never played her and aren't a support main, Support Annie needs to have a good amount of experience playing Annie in order to utilize her combos effectively as well as pull out her stun during moments when they need to.

One big mistake I see quite often is that some Annies tend to see how their shield reflects damage, and will purposely put themselves in harms way hoping that the enemy ADC will kill themselves...please don't.

Also, since Annie's W is a short range ability that's technically a skillshot, you'll see a lot of whiffs at lower Elo. Check out OMG Cool's interview on Annie below:

I'm still not sold, but I was a little late to the support Fiddlesticks bandwagon as well. who knows?

So the Championships have shown that Vi is absolutely ridiculous in terms of synergizing with certain high CC and/or high burst midlaners (Ahri, Zed), and has been dominating the scene. This coupled with the introduction of the new remade Trinity Force has made her extremely powerful and accounts for some of her surge in popularity recently.

I do agree that she's very strong at the moment, and although she's currently sitting at Tier 2 (the balanced tier) on the list, she will definitely be moving up soon as she brings a lot to the table.

Last but not least...Corki! There's no doubt that a lot of people have not only picked him up recently, but have also succeeded in winning with him. I think he's definitely very strong right now, and an improved version of Ezreal (as Doublelift described him long ago). However, I don't think he's the only dominant AD in the field right now, and I still think Caitlyn or Vayne is more than a match for him if played correctly.

The most interesting thing about Corki is his boot choice. A lot of people vary between Berzerker, Ionian, and Sorc Boots. However, I think that the best choices are as follows:

  • Ionian
  • Berzerker
  • Sorc
Even though some AD carries tend to build towards Sorc boots in the game, the reason for this is that they're fed the blue buffs by the jungler, which allows for the cooldown reduction to play a smaller role. Additionally, building Sorc boots luls most players into thinking that they don't need to auto attack anymore and can blow up their enemies from afar.

Obviously even though his spells are strong, in the end Corki as an AD Carry needs to be played as an AD carry...with auto attacks. So be careful when building sorc boots, as it WILL make you lazy.

Got other champions you want me to talk about? Have some insight or comments about the champions above? Comment below!

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  1. Annie's stun isn't a skill shot, its her passive. If you use her q to proc it, you can't miss.

  2. SSJSuntasticSeptember 28, 2013

    Was thinking of her W as an early game AOE stun, edited ~

  3. Annie support is really great to go very offensive during laning phase!
    i was thinking a bit like you at first yea Annie support must be fail stuff when you aren't aware of it and then i had the opportunity to test it few days ago.
    It's great! still a bit more solid than Fiddlesticks support & less risky than a Leona even maybe Thresh so great over all and Passive + ulti makes it great as Sona and even more with the damage over time that's what makes Annie great pick at the support sit!

    Also except the skill-set discussion and advantage/disadvantage i think you really watch out the synergy needed for the support and place it according to that mostly in the tier list.
    I can't say much on one game but the synergy needed seemed quiet OK compare to Fiddle > Leona for example!


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