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Sep 29, 2013

Best Heroes to Carry Out of Ranked Elo HELL - v.4.0


Another year has gone by, champions have changed, and now it's time for another post on selecting champions to carry out of Elo Hell!

Carrying out of Elo hell is tricky, you'll need to play consistent champions that have:
1. High chance of success
2. Low rate of getting banned, and most importantly,
3. Easy to win!

Check out our picks for the current meta:

Top Lane:
Singed - As one of the hardest scaling tanks in the game, Singed gets very strong very fast, even if he loses his early game. As long as he doesn't feed the entire game, once he picks up a Rod of Ages, he has the ability to completely disrupt the flow of a game simply by existing. Enemy teams will send two or even three champions up to stop his ridiculous pushing abilities, which allows your team to pick up easy objectives and jungle ganks around the map.

Watch out for Teemo however, as he'll put serious dent in your day.

AD Carry:
Caitlyn - Caitlyn's arguable the easiest AD carry as she's extremely forgiving with the highest range in the game. With lifesteal quints, as long as you position yourself correctly, you can always pick up farm and be a threat early and mid game. Although she doesn't scale as hard as certain other champions late game, her ability to snowball a team into gaining objectives allows her to be a very solid pick in solo queue.

Sona - She's is almost definitely the easiest champion in the game in regards to spells, as she only has one skillshot. While using her Q and power chords properly may take more practice than usual, she's a very forgiving champion to play. This combined with the fact that her offensive and defensive capabilities are among the highest of all the supports allows her to suit a number of different playstyles. As long as you don't get insta-killed early on, she can outsustain pretty much any lane matchup.

Jarvan IV - I generally try and stay away from high skillshot intensive champions for Elo Hell carrying, since if you're not used to playing him, he can backfire a lot. However, in his current state, it's almost impossible to do poorly with him. His late game scaling is decent, and his utility is almost unmatched in terms of AOE CC. His ganks from start to finish are extremely devastating, and overall a very strong pick in my view.

Mid Lane:
Kayle - This one was a bit difficult for me to choose. A lot of the popular mid champions, like Ahri and Zed, are generally seldom banned. However, their skills are on a very high technical curve, which means that to carry out of Elo hell, their consistency may vary greatly depending on match-ups and individual player skill.

Instead, I say Kayle mid is definitely a better suit, as her Q and E combo allows her to effectively trade with every champion in the game, and with the proper runes lead to easy lvl 2 or 3 first blood kills. Her late game is also insanely strong, as the AOE damage she provides and utility on her ultimate makes a strong presence on any team. She also counters Zed very well, which is always a plus...

Bonus: Banned Champions Pool
In addition to the champions above, if you can get Corki, PICK HIM UP

Hue Hue Hue

What do you guys think? Got some picks of your own you think are better? Post below!

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  1. Hey Richard, mind if you check your email really fast ^^

  2. plastic_budgieSeptember 29, 2013

    Love your guides mate i have been one of the first users of this site for a long time. My grammar isn't brilliant but i'm sure if i ran a site i'd like things to be perfect i noticed a couple of things delete this comment after fixing them if you want.

    singed section : up to to stop

    Sona Section : Q and power chords properly make take more practice than usual

    ( make take more )
    Jarvan Section : as if you're not used to playing him,

    Love the guide my friend keep up the good work.

  3. SSJSuntasticSeptember 29, 2013

    Appreciated :)

  4. plastic_budgieSeptember 29, 2013

    You're welcome. :) Keep at it pal best LoL site imo.

  5. The best thing about them is that they are easy to use :)

  6. Antoine BolleSeptember 30, 2013

    When you talk about proper build for Kayle, is there something you recommend?

  7. Fantastic ;)

    But what if you're not very good at Singed? (I end up feeding with him most of the time because I try to play offensively with him, how exactly am I meant to play him)

    Also I started to play more Morgana games too (after reading your FOTM skillshot one) and am starting to hit a winning streak :) Also I don't quite get how Sona is very easy to carry out of elohell because a lot of the bot lane support champs tends to be high burst such as Leona, Taric, Thresh and Blitz (if not banned)

    Lol I'm nub and want to get to silver before end of season xP

  8. You should mention that Kayle counters basically ALL assassins.

  9. Singed is an easy champ to get into though. After five games AND watching one or two games of Dyrus' singed, I basically raped face with this mother fucker. Like every other chamption, you have to play him multiple times to understand his speed, tankiness, and overall ability to perform.

  10. you can go for a lot of ap,(deathcap, dfg...) and rush the lichbane.

  11. But how exactly do you 'rape face'. I always end up with the enemy not walking on my trail and I don't know how to harass them under lane.

    Also MID LAME? wtf.

  12. Mid Lame?

    And I never end up getting kills with Singed but end up getting killed.

  13. You don't harrass them, you keep them off your creeps while you farm the fuck out of theirs. Then at a certain point, you can just walk up to them and fling them. If they run, then move back to minions and have them lose cs, its that simple.

    You're not aiming to harass them, you are aiming to zone them.

  14. Trynda top. Easiest champion ever. Hits like a train, great scapes mechanisms and can take 3 enemies in 1 single fight (and thats exactly what u want in elo hell). U should never stop pushng.

  15. MikeProGamerHubOctober 02, 2013

    What do you think about Tryndamere being put on this list?

    As long as you can farm into late game, split push and keep pressure on the whole map, in my opinion its pretty close to what you said about Singed, but just a different type of play style.

    [email protected]

  16. Top Lane Draven is New MetaOctober 03, 2013

    I think Jayce can be put on this list, has a good bullying laning phase, can also go mid, top and bot.

    Rarely banned in bronze to gold, and can hypercarry lategame.

  17. Baldur DahlgaardOctober 06, 2013

    Id say s couple dorans rings, Sorcs boots, Lichbane/Nashors (Dfg?), Lichbane/Nashors, Dcap. There from utility like GA, Banshee and etc.

  18. Tommy TootzOctober 09, 2013

    Just a suggestion, nasus is an extremely strong pick in elo hell.... you build him full tank+ult and you can't die... games in silver and bronze go on so long that you'll have 500+ stacks on your q almost every game and you literally can ignore lane harass due to his insane sustain

  19. I feel ashamed to admit that sona was the last champion in the game that I learned how to play, I always had difficulty with her because her passive was too much for me at the time.

  20. I'd say that jinx is pretty fucking broken right now. Traps are op for catching while the w can actually snipe low hp people when a little farther away from auto attack. Also ult is crazy if it can hit and q is great for harrasing, pushing, and dueling as well.


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