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Jul 2, 2013

Xelnath Releases Two More Yorick Kits

To go along with his previous post on Yorick, RiotXelnath just released yet another two sample Yorick kits for us to muse over:

Defensive Ghoul Yorick Kit
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Melee Bruiser who also has a lot of adds:

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In regards to the Necromancer vs Bruiser thoughts, here's what Xelnath
Since this thread has grown up into a frenzy, I pulled Morello aside after a meeting and basically threw this question at him.

"The player base is very split between fighter and necromancer. I am confident I can make an excellent kit for either. What direction should I take? Are we saving the cloth necromancer for another champion?"

His reply was quite succinct:

"Yorick is the necromancer champion for League of Legends. I have 50 tanky guys who auto attack. I don't have a guy who uniquely commands minions, provides awesome counterplay and fulfills the fantasy of an undead summoner.

The design space for this direction will be richer. The mechanics will be more fun and the game will be better as a whole for having a cool ghoul-commander champion.

That said, he doesn't have to be a squishy caster. Let him have lots of HP and build AD, but focus the counterplay on avoiding or shutting down his minions."

This direction is clear, its unique in a way that only Yorick can satisfy (Darius commanding 3 Noxian soldiers is just not as cool as an undead guy with a ghost posse). That said, I do like the "minion rush" ultimate.

I'm going to spend some time thinking more about the kit that best expresses this. Source
Thoughts on these Yorick kits? I kinda like the other two better...

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  1. Jacob BaxterJuly 02, 2013

    I really like the defensive ghoul version

  2. Agreed, it's very dynamic.

  3. but only cc is a slow

  4. this is awesome!


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