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Jun 27, 2013

Spirit Guard Udyr Promo Site Released!

Up next on the list of Ultimate tier skins is Spirit Guard Udyr! On the same level as the Pulsefire Ezreal skin, it's got some insane graphics that are sure to amaze...check out the details below!

Bear Stance

Phoenix Stance

Tiger Stance

Turtle Stance

Summoner Icons and Banners

Personally, I might just do it for the summoner icons and banners!

Check out this PBE video preview by SkinSpotlights as well:

Excited? Comment below! Don't forget to check out the official promo site!

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  1. You forgot to add "Confirmed on Saint's stream"

  2. Would be awesome if he got the Haka /dance :/

  3. FlugguerreimenJune 28, 2013

    Wow!! i wanna urf the manatee spirit duuu!!


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