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Jun 26, 2013

Maximizing Turret Aggro Range

Earlier today I posted a tip regarding turret aggro in the article related to AD carry tips, which I realized may have left a little left unexplained.
"Stand diagonally from the turret to maximize your harassing range" 
Realizing that this might not be a tip that everyone knows about, it gives me a good opportunity to take some screenshots to show you how it works! (Click on any of the screenshots below to zoom in)

Mid Lane Positioning
When I say "stand diagonally" from the turret, I mean in relation to the lane itself. In the first screenshot, I'm standing directly parallel from the turret in its maximum aggro range. You'll notice that it has an orange border around the turret when it's targeting me (they've also added a pinging sound, which makes it easier).

Standing straight against the turret

Meanwhile, in this second screenshot, I'm standing off to one side, which means that I'm almost twice as close in terms of the axis of the lane, but I'm just out of turret range because of the way lines work. The closest path between two points is a straight line, which means that the more diagonal you are, the closer to the enemy side you can get without pulling turret aggro. (Math buffs let me know if I should phrase that differently.)

Standing diagonally from turret

The reason why this is so effective, is that I've annotated with an "X" where an enemy champion would like to stand while CSing, which is as far away from the enemy champion as possible without taking free harass.

However, because of the way the creeps line themselves up, he or she is forced to stand in the area marked with a circle to last hit all the creeps or get pinned against the turret. This means that as long as you move in and out right after your auto attack releases, if they try and last hit under the turret it's free harass all day long without ever pulling turret aggro.

Enemy positioning locations

As you can probably tell, if you were standing in the same spot as in the first screenshot, harassing them without pulling turret aggro would be quite difficult as they can stand even further off to the left side to CS and pull you even deeper into turret range.

Bot Lane Screenshots
Naturally, the best usage of this would be bot lane where there's always a strong ranged AD carry that benefits greatly from the poke range, e.g. Caitlyn. Be cautious though, if you're using this tactic stay away from Alistar and Vayne, who will chain CC the living daylights out of you if you get this close to the wall, after which you'll come back and say "Nerfplz told me Caitlyn counters Vayne, and that I should stand near this wall..." I did no such thing...

Bot lane parallel aggro range

Bot lane diagonal just out of aggro range (no need to get this close)

The best champion to use this on would be on someone like Ezreal, who can benefit greatly from the poking and positioning himself for solid Q shots (which you might do unconsciously anyway because of the way the creeps line up).

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  1. Nice article. This will help me improve my ADC skills a lot more.

  2. FlugguerreimenJune 26, 2013

    Wow man! GJ with this article!

  3. Huh I just noticed that all the towers line up against the wall, occupying the edge if the lane. This means the other edge will have less coverage and thus allows you to be deeper in.

  4. PerpetualNewbJune 30, 2013

    This is awesome. I always wondered why I get continually harassed under tower, while every time I try, I would get tower shots to the face. Gotta try this out!

  5. Kevin Allen ParsonsDecember 19, 2013

    I think the phrasing is wrong but the concept is 100% right. Now I may have miss read wrong. by standing diagonal you are not standing any farther away from the turret. you are still standing at a straight line from the turret just in a different direction. Turrets agro is based a circle radius if I am not mistaken and all a radius is the same exact distance from a single point to form a circle. the reason why you can harass more easily is because you force the enemy champ to fit in that circle that you were talking about to actually get every cs. with them standing it brings them close to you which allows you not to go into that turret radius so you can easily get out quick enough after an auto like you said. but lets say the enemy is very noob and dumb. and they stand in front of the turret. then you would not want to stand diagonal because it would put you farther away you would want to stand in front because then you are closer to enemy and would not have to get in turret agro. I hope this makes since

  6. Kevin Allen ParsonsDecember 19, 2013

    another side note. say the opponent was in between the tower and terrain wall in mid tower. the most optimal place to be to harass technically would be in the little path way leading to blue buff on either side that puts you close to enemy but with out taking turret shot but I strongly do not recommend this because then you are very easily set up to be ganked and killed.


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