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Jun 11, 2013

Morello Chats About Fiora, Declares Heimerdinger to be "Top Priority"

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Earlier today Morello fielded a few questions about our favorite female AD glass cannon melee champion who wields a rapier and starts with an F and ends in an iora...that's right, you guessed it, it's Fiora!

 Bet you didn't see that one coming! 

Fiora Commentary:

Q: Will Fiora be buffed or changed sometime in the future?
A: We don't have specific plans right now, but only due to workload. Some of our work on Yi will likely inform our work on Fiora (plus I still want something sexy for Riposte), but it's not our top priority currently. Source

Q: Whatcha gonna do to her?
A: A lot of it really is about Melee ADC qualities overall, which is a hard conversation to have as its little to do with her current stuff and more to do with "how do we make this work"? She'd have the same skills, but power budget would be modified. Again, I do want to make Riposte way better. Source
WAY BETTER - Morello
Q: People tell me Fiora sucks, and it took a lot of convincing for Nerfplz.Lol to even put her in Tier 3...she's not THAT bad though right?
A: Yep. It's more noise than truth that Fiora's bad. If you're sub-plat, play Fiora and win all you'd like. This is more about improving the character, not buffing it. There's different levels of depth to the work and design for those.

Heimerdinger Commentary:
Q: Is Heimerdinger the top rework priority right now?
A: As far as design-driven total reworks, yes he is. Source
I hope they're not getting rid of his turrets...or his brain...I think his ultimate could use some work though. It's bit boring as far as ultimates go...
What do you think about Fiora and Heimer? Happy to see they're on the radar? Ideas on what they should do? Comment below!

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