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Jun 11, 2013

Champion Spotlight: Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

Check out the new spotlight on Aatrox! Mmm...wings and a lightsaber...

Learn to dominate top lane through damage-heavy exchanges and potent lifesteal in the Aatrox Champion Spotlight.
Aatrox’s combination of mobility and survivability enables a hyper-aggressive playstyle, punctuated by brazen dives and daring escapes. He excels at relentlessly pushing lanes, relying on his Dark Flight and Blood Well to evade incoming ganks. In team fights, Aatrox’s mobility takes on a more offensive bent, allowing him to dive past tanks onto valuable back line targets.

Learn how to massacre your enemies with Aatrox in the Champion Spotlight, where we’ll sample the Darkin Blade’s tactics, masteries and more.


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  1. You mean the Devil May Cry 4 boss? :D

  2. Alessandro StamattoJune 13, 2013

    Credo is a brazilian portuguese jargon for "Holy ****!". So, I guess he's meaning to talk something like "OMG! What a IMBA champion!"

  3. No, I meant it as in the DMC4 boss, if you ever played it, it's just like Credo's "Angelic" form, and default skin looks like Rebellion's Devil Trigger in DMC3.

  4. Cesar HoustonJune 17, 2013

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