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Jun 9, 2013

FOTM Report: The Rise of Janna, Fall of Taric, and AD Quints

Good morning summoners, today's post chats about the changing bot lane meta.

IN the beginning of time Season 3 Taric was brutal. I would know since I played him from Gold I to Plat I. But what made him so strong? They changed half his skills and killed his stun sure...but why?

The answer is the lane advantage. Once you get a kill or use up all the enemy laner's regeneration skills, you've decidedly won the lane. However, in Taric's case he didn't even need to wait until you used up your regen...even if you were at full health and full mana, you were at constant fear of...

Instant Death

Did someone say one-shot?

Taric had the ability to kill champions, especially squishy sustain supports like Soraka or Sona in one combo from full stats and both summoners, which meant that by carrying a pink ward, as long as you managed to control the bush, the enemy laner was at constant fear of dying.

However, with the nerfs you can bring them down very low in one combo, but it also takes a few extra auto attacks before you can finish them off. This means that they have a chance of getting away and regenerating health...(see next section)

Lifesteal Quints

These little gems are a MUST right now. By packing lifesteal quints, AD Carries can sustain their early game without requiring a sustain support, making champions like Janna, Leona, and Lulu on par with the previously favored supports.

Combined with the nerfs Taric along with these listeal quints, Taric's ability to be a game-changer reduced drastically, and he now hovers around a 50% win rate...basically a non-factor. So who's powerful now?


Even in Season 1 and 2, Janna was overpowered because of her utility. The only reason she wasn't at the top before was because Taric was busy one-shotting her before she could use any spells. However, now that she has time to cast, she easily outclasses all other supports in terms of trading and CC.

Combining this with the fact that laners no longer need sustain due to Lifesteal Quints, Janna is an absolute terror on the field.

Bonus: Nami

Nami is so strong right now. Ban Janna, play her, you'll win, she's overbuffed.'s a secret!

Think a different support is stronger? Got more tactics to share? Upset I haven't been posting as much? Comment below!

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  1. Justin MiousseJune 09, 2013

    If janna and nami are the best supports atm which adc benefits the most? Youd think that vayne would get more attention but people are still getting dominated by mf and draven with ezreal showing up from time to time. You are correct that leona and lulu are quite strong at the moment. Protect the vayne could be a real strong strategy at the moment. Also ive noticed that in solo lanes, with the pot limits, that dorans blade is great sustain when youre not running ad rune.

  2. SSJSuntasticJune 09, 2013

    it's hard to say which adc benefits the most since they're both so versatile in what they do in terms of passive vs aggressive play.

    Vayne should be getting more attention, but the way she fights is very upfront and aggressive. Since it's not very safe, so to play her effectively you need to have a lot more map awareness and game knowledge than other AD carries at the moment.

    Doran's blade combined with lifesteal quints and a vamp scepter pretty much makes an ad carry immovable in lane unless the enemy champions go all-in.

  3. Thresh and Sona are just as good. I think Thresh, Sona, Janna, Nami are the fantastic four of supports right now. Here's some numbers to help justify why:

  4. Pfft Lifestyle quints. I've been using them on my ADC since October last year. Copy Cats.

    Also fuck Janna, I hate Janna. Her kit is dumb and considering how hard they bitch slapped support Taric, Janna in this stat needs a knock down to a more balanced level.

    Not sure if Nami is overbuffed or not. Shes annoying to lane against sure, but, its still iffy. I think on <100ms she would be pretty far due to her spells being slow. With >100ms shes a lot more annoying the game isn't balanced around that.

    TL/DR Nerf Janna and Buff Taric. I want to go back to having fun on Taric (not that isn't fun still, but, after the nerfs, choices such as Sona and Soraka are just more appealing because you won't get slapped back down on them when you try and engage nearly as badly as Taric does now, less risk more reward).

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  6. At first, I thought this article was also about the use of "Attack Damage" quints! :D

  7. Erik GooaalJune 09, 2013

    If i go Ad carry, i prefer to use kill lanes champs like Draven. Should I still go life steal quints and lose that extra ad?

  8. I'm guessing lifesteal is great if your support is a passive/poke support with shield. If however, you just wanna kill the enemy or have a kill support or heal support, then I guess you may keep your AD/Arpen quints.

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  10. With everyone focusing on sustain, Tristana seems to be doing well in this environment. She works wonderfully with Thresh/Janna.

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  12. Addison T. SmithJune 11, 2013



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