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Jun 3, 2013

Flexible Cost Bundles Available!

So Riot's latest marketing ploy is the following...Flexible cost bundles! Basically they're bundles that change based on the content you already own. Pretty simple idea, but it's been a long time coming since it didn't really make sense to ever buy the bundle if you had a few of the higher priced items...

Check out the full post below:

You might've noticed that the bundles section of the store is a little sparse. We noticed too, and are offering some new thematic deals and introducing flexible cost bundles to spruce things up!
What's a flexible cost bundle and how do they work?
Instead of one flat rate for a fixed amount of content, flexible cost bundles automatically adjust their price based on the content you already own. Now you can purchase content at lower bundled prices even if you already own some of the content offered. Bundles will have a minimum cost but pricing is otherwise flexible based on what you own.

First, we're permanently removing the Gamer's Choice bundle. We're changing the Champions Bundle and the Digital Collector's Pack to new flexible cost bundles:
  • Champions Bundle – 3410 RP
o   Sivir will replace Nunu
o   Huntress Sivir will now be included
o   Minimum flexible bundle price: 975 RP
  • Digital Collector's Pack – 2520 RP
o   Nunu will replace Sivir
o   The Riot Points and tier 3 runes have been removed. The total cost has been lowered to compensate
o   Minimum flexible bundle price: 975 RP

We're also adding the following brand new bundles for one week, until 11:59 PM on June 10:
  • Commando Bundle – 50% off – 2600 1300 RP (3100 RP if you need the champions)
o   Skins included:
1.      Commando Lux
2.      Commando Garen
3.      Commando Galio
4.      Commando Jarvan
5.      Commando Xin Zhao
o   Champions included:
1.      Lux
2.      Garen
3.      Galio
4.      Jarvan
5.      Xin Zhao
  • Grab Bag Bundle – 30% off – 3675 2572 RP (4490 RP if you need the champions)
o   Skins included:
1.      Deep Terror Thresh
2.      iBlitzcrank
3.      AstroNautilus
o   Champions included:
1.      Thresh
2.      Blitzcrank
3.      Nautilus
  • Damsels Causing Distress Bundle – 25% off – 4875 3656 RP
o   Champions included:
1.      Lissandra
2.      Syndra
3.      Diana
4.      Zyra
5.      Ahri
  • All Star Bundle – 50% off – 4340 2170 RP (4467 RP with champions included)
o   Skins included:
1.      Resistance Caitlyn
2.      Hillbilly Gragas
3.      Debonair Jayce
4.      Mecha Kha'Zix
5.      Wicked Lulu
o   Champions included:
1.      Caitlyn
2.      Gragas
3.      Jayce
4.      Kha'Zix
5.      Lulu

Going to buy some of the bundles? Got more comments on it? Post below!

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