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Jun 20, 2013

Chatting About Rumble in June Meta


Some of you voiced strong concern after the latest release of the Solo Queue Tier list regarding Rumble's drop from first place God Tier to Tier 2. 

Originally after the nerfs in 3.7 to Rumble's damage, I originally said that Rumble wasn't hurt too bad, since the buff in his danger zone more than made up for the decrease in AP and base damage. However, a few other points came up that I didn't consider that's dropped his win rate to under 50% for the first time in a while.

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Ease of Play
The fact is, most players don't manage their heat well enough to begin with (myself included), which means that he lost a lot of his "facerolling" ability in terms of experience with heat management.

Without the buff to his danger zone on flamethrower, Rumble's base damage on his flamethrower is pretty terrible right now, and means he'll lose the majority of his trades to other top lane monsters like Tryndamere and Yorick at under 50 heat.

Meta Shift
In addition, the shift to a more poke reliant meta with champions like Jayce, Lux, and Caitlyn becoming flavor of the month has led to a decrease in Rumble's overall strength as well. 

The best way to counter a poke comp is by either having a burst initiation comp or by having enough sustain to heal up the damage. Ever since the change to his ultimate that moved his initial burst into a damage over time spell, his burst is lacking when the enemy champions are spread out (which they tend to be in a poke comp).

Rumble is definitely a much weaker pick in the current meta, and I stand by dropping him out of God Tier. He's definitely nowhere near unviable despite his classically low popularity rate, and perhaps he deserves higher than Tier 2. However, looking at the Tier 1 champions and the Tier 2 champions, I think his current spot seems about right in my eyes.

What do you guys think about Rumble's placement at the top of Tier 2 after reading? Comment below!

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  1. Nice taking the heat management in consideration, people here don't seem to think this is SOLO Q tier list, means no PDD OR THE ONE GUY IN DIAMOND THAT ALWAYS DIVES LEVEL 6 AS RUMBLE! we're talking about mostly SILVER and GOLD players (where the majority of ranked players are)

    Nice reasoning, thanks for taking your time!

  2. The majority of ranked players are actually Bronze and Silver (90% of them in those two categories), and I think Tier 2 is actually still too generous. Even as a person who loves playing Rumble I don't think he's anywhere near as good as he used to be. I'd say more like Tier 3 or Tier 4. In the hands of an average player he's definitely Tier 4.


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