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Jun 18, 2013

2013 Champion Tier List - Solo Queue - Patch 3.8 Updated June


Preface Chatter
This tier list update is coming a little earlier than usual since there's been quite a few shifts in the meta after Patch 3.8. Since the last patch, we've seen quite a few changes in the jungle, which has made some ad carries like Miss Fortune (who relied on that early level 2 bully) less effective early game.

Check out the changes below!

Buffs: Annie, Karma, Lissandra,
Nerfs: Sejuani
Tweaks: Ashe, Hecarim, Kha'Zix, Nautilus, Sona

The Tier List

God Tier: 
Mid-Lane GodsKassadinTwisted Fate, 
Jungle GodsNunu, Nautilus, Hecarim, Fiddlesticks, Rammus, Amumu, Sejuani
AD GodsDraven, Ezreal,
Top Lane GodsSinged, Wukong,
Support Gods:  Janna, Sona, Nami, Thresh

Tier 1:
Mid-LaneZyra, Kennen, Malzahar, Diana, Jayce
JungleJarvan IV, Zac, Nasus, Cho'Gath, Evelynn, Diana, Lee Sin, Volibear, Maokai, Elise
AD Carry: Varus, Caitlyn, Graves, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Twitch
Top Lane: Kennen, Elise, Renekton, Yorick, Jayce, Nidalee, Irelia, TryndamereRiven, Lee Sin, Udyr
Support: Taric, Leona, Soraka, Blitzcrank

Tier 2:
Mid-LaneKayle, Ryze, Talon, Vladimir, Elise, Fizz, Ahri, Lux, Anivia, Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Zed, Cho'Gath, Rumble, Swain, Karthus, Katarina, Evelynn, Orianna
JungleUdyr, Shen, Kha'Zix, Nocturne, Leona, Shaco, Vi, Xin Zhao, Zed, Warwick, Malphite
AD Carry: Sivir, Vayne, Kog'Maw, Tristana
Top Lane: Jax, Kayle, Rumble, Ryze, Teemo, Aatrox, Kha'Zix, Vladimir, Nasus, Shen, Cho'gath, Zac, Darius, Volibear, Garen, Zed, Malphite
Support: Lulu, Shen, Zyra

Tier 3:
Mid-LaneMorgana, Kha'Zix, Akali, Pantheon,  Cassiopeia, Brand, Galio, Xerath, Annie, Master Yi, Sion, Gragas, Viktor, Lulu, Fiddlesticks
JungleRiven, Pantheon, Dr. Mundo, Trundle, Skarner, Jax, Kayle, Darius
AD Carry: Quinn, Corki, Thresh
Top Lane:  Jarvan IV, Warwick, Xin Zhao, Pantheon, Akali, Galio, Talon, Trundle, Fiora, Dr. Mundo, Poppy
SupportAlistarNunu, Elise, Morgana, Nidalee, Lux

Tier 4:
Mid-Lane Lissandra, Syndra, Veigar, Kog'maw, Zilean, Leblanc, Tristana, Janna, Ziggs, Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Karma
Jungle: Shyvana, Rengar, Olaf, Master Yi (AD), Tryndamere, Gangplank, Fiora, Blitzcrank, Alistar
AD Carry: Urgot
Top Lane:  Rengar,Gangplank, Shyvana, Olaf
Support: Kayle, Maokai, Yorick, Lissandra, Karma, Ashe, Zilean, Leblanc, Fiddlesticks, Ryze, Caitlyn

  • Heroes in BOLD I will talk about shortly
  • Heroes in Italics may be over/undervalued, but aren't/haven't played enough for me to make a better judgement.
  • Within each tier the champions are strongest from left to right, but within a tier each champion's strength is relatively close. This is especially true for Tiers 2 and 3 where these heroes are ALL highly playable and player dependent on how strong they are in-game.

Champion Explanations
  • Aatrox - Aatrox seems like a pretty strong champion at the moment, and I really like his passive. His attack speed has amazing synergy with Nunu as well, who is basically king of the jungle.
  • Alistar - Some people think that the jungle change was a nerf to Alistar since now he can't go all in at level 2. Personally I say it was a buff since now he doesn't get murdered by level 2 poke before he can get skills to either retaliate or heal it back up. It also prevents people from trying the all-in at level 2 in the first place, which generally backfires.
  • Ezreal - Blue Ezreal is pretty broken right now...his win rate should be higher, but the fact that he's so skillshots reliant as "blue" really hurts him at lower tiers.
  • Fizz - With the return of AP mages, Fizz is an absolute beast right now. He's also pretty good against melee spellcasters as well. Forever hidden OP.
  • Karma - I feel like they'll never buff her enough to make her on par with other casters and she's definitely tough to some point they'll give up and give her AOE nidalee spears...
  • Kassadin - With the return of AP mages to the field, Kassadin is really just too scary. Seeker's armguard also makes countering him harder.
  • Kha'Zix - His nerfs have made him considerably weaker, especially in lane. In jungle he's still decent.
  • Lissandra - Not sure what they have to do to make her better, probably a little more range, a little more speed, and a little more armor.
  • Miss Fortune - The level 2 golem start gave MF a huge advantage at start, and gave her a very high win chance when she was sitting blue side. However, now that the golems spawn later she's very on-par with other AD champions.
  • Mordekaiser - Even though spirit of the spectral wraith was nerfed slightly, he can clear wraith camp even earlier than ever before, bringing back that old meta.
  • Nami - Nami's really an insane support right now, and her abilities are much easier to capitalize on compared to Thresh's with almost the same amount of utility.
  • Nidalee - Despite the cougar nerfs, she can still build extremely tanky and split push like a monster.
  • Nunu - King of the Yetis, God of the Jungle, Nunu is close to broken right now. Don't play him support...just put him in jungle. His consume changes have given him so many extra percentage scaling stats that he's near broken right now.
  • Riven - Riven's very strong top lane at the moment after her strongest opponents were nerfed to the ground (Darius, Olaf, etc.) and she's back in old form.
  • Rumble - Rumble's nerfs have really hurt him, and even Rumble die-hards are seeing the effects. He's not as viable mid anymore due to bad match-ups, and a lot of top lane match-ups are difficult too. He's still strong, but there are stronger options out there.
  • Sejuani - Her nerfs hurt her a bit, but she's still very good in the jungle.
  • Tryndamere - His split pushing abilities are insane, and the whole Blade of the Ruined King + Statikk Shiv build is more than a little annoying. Nasus does well against him, but mid-game Tryndamere can still survive long enough against him to last through wither and lifesteal his health back up.
  • Yorick - After a lot of his tough match-ups were nerfed, Yorick is starting to shine again as the biggest top lane bully of all time.
  • Zed - His nerfs have hurt him. He's still very playable, but like Rumble and Kha'zix, you won't feel like you're in complete control of your lane from the get-go against similarly skilled players.
  • The purpose of this list is for discussion and to provide a starting point for hero selection.
Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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  1. Tryndamre: "and the whole attack speed buff is more than a little annoying"

    What do you mean? D:

  2. SSJSuntasticJune 18, 2013

    That should be attack speed build* not buff

  3. H0neyyBeeJune 18, 2013

    From what I have played and seen, in my opinion aatrox is terrible. His early game is very good and he can dominate early on but late game he completely turns useless, even when fed. I think that his horribly underpoweredness is hidden by his very strong leaning phase. From what i have heard, other people also seem to think that he is garbage because his playstyle simply do not work - melee dualist champions like him have very poor contributions to teamfighting and aatrox's issues and gameplay feels very similar to unsuccessful champions like fiora. With these champions whole skillset focused around dueling, how can they make meaningful contributions to the teamfights that win games.

    With these things taken into consideration, I find aatrox to be an almost broken champion.

  4. Nicolas CageJune 18, 2013

    Can we get an opinion on Jungle Aatrox? Also, Swain, if I recall, was placed much higher last week. What made that change?

    While we're talking about mid-lane, you said Rumble was no longer viable there in the champion description. But, he's in Tier 2. Which one's correct?

    Also, seem to be missing Teemo mid-lane and Diana top-lane.

    Thanks again for another great tier list, though! Quite the changes this time around.

  5. good ol' Rainman made that one famous in S2, haha old tricks always op.

  6. JusH78479e342June 19, 2013

    Can you Explain Why MaoKai isnt higher to me please i dont really play him but i do not understand why Other Junglers in Tier 1 are ahead of him.

  7. Trevor ClarkeJune 19, 2013

    Wukong is a god of top? I see Wukong less than Heimer these days

  8. Andrew MayerJune 19, 2013

    How is Nunu a god?!!??!

  9. Why is ziggs so low? I feel like a skilled player can bully a lane well with high CS and still contribute quite a bit in team fights, especially with bomb pokes and a nuke. Please explain.

  10. excuse me , u have taken zyra to tier 1 but u havent written why , maybe it was my mistake but i didnt see her in 3.7's tier list, was she there or are u adding her now? i mean, to see her hero explanation. Sorry for grammar mistakes, i do not speak english very well. Ty.

  11. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Maokai is a very stable jungler and very good, but after the changes to the jungle his big advantage early game with his quick sapling clears are gone.

  12. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Hi Trevor, Wukong is definitely played less than he should be, but also definitely not less than Heimer. His ability to win trades early on is very good, and late game his ultimate is a a huge game changer even if he lost his lane early on from being over aggressive.

  13. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Nunu's new consume bonuses make him insanely fast, tanky, and strong. He's always been an extremely good counterjungler, but now with the new changes on his consume he's also a big threat late game. He used to be a very support based champion late game that was only good for his auras and CC, but now he can build some more damage and still be extremely tanky.

  14. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Ziggs is low because a skilled player against an equally skilled player playing almost any other champion will offer similar damage if not higher damage more consistently and for far less effort.

  15. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Hi Pachu, Zyra has been Tier 1 for a while; ever since the release of Seeker's armguard she's been back in the meta, The nerfs to AD spellcasters like Kha'zix and Zed have also helped bring her back.

    She's got some huge damage scaling and great CC. Her only drawback was that she was easily bursted down by most common mid lane champions, but like I mentioned that's been resolved.

  16. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Haven't seen enough Jungle Aatrox to judge that. Swain's still extremely strong, but I think he's more of a secondary pick. He wins most of his match-ups mid lane, but the issue is that a lot of teams are getting more poke-based, and he can get whittled down fast.

  17. Henry YoungJune 19, 2013

    Sigh, after the nerfs on Akali, she's almost broken for me. I played her for more than 500 games from S1, and I can say I use her W very well. But after the nerfs, the playstyle I use to have have changed, or, unusable. I know that she was pretty op (almost 12 kills or more every game...), but the nerf on W really is a big impact to me. I don't play Akali anymore...

  18. Hey, I'd like to know what makes Jungle Rammus so good, and why jungle Warwick isnt higher.

  19. ShadowSectJune 19, 2013

    Where's teemo?

  20. Kyle DoroudianJune 19, 2013

    I've been a Wukong main in Silver I and II for a while now. I'm hipster like that, played him "before he was good". Anyways, I've found the best way is to rush Black Cleaver then build Warmogs, Sunfire, Randuins, depending on their comp. I would close with LW. This build ensures that I can initiate, kill,and survive. I want to know if the WK god top lane is more of a dmg oriented one with bc, lw, tri force, hydra.

  21. Parth PatilJune 19, 2013

    why is xerath tier 3, he has the highest burst and range for any mage in the game...
    secret OP

  22. THE FEELS. I know what you mean. They really killed my favorite champion.

  23. Somebody ElseJune 19, 2013

    Could anyone explain why Twisted Fate is so high up? I'm new to LoL and he seems pretty bleh to me, especially solo mid (might just be my own inability to play him well, though). Also, what makes most of the melee fighters (Fiora, Master Yi, Wawrick, etc) so low down?

  24. I read this tier list and was sort of relieved to found that most of my champs that i unlocked are mostly in Tier 2 with a few in Tier 1 and God Tier with the expectation of Veigar and Renegar. Talking about champ unlocking, I was hoping to get a new jungle champ since my only jungle champ Renegar is in tier 4, and I tend to do pretty bad with him since his Empowered Roar nerf. So from Tier 2 or higher, is there any jungle champ that a renegar player could easily pick up like having a slow, gap closer and sustain or maybe just any type of jungle champ that is easy for beginners to pick up. I tried Warwick while he was F2P and i hate the fact that without any slows from your ally, you will either let your target go, or chase them across half a map and might get counter ganked if they are fast enough, Any inputs would be helpful.

  25. Rumble from God to Tier 2....Im really disapointed in this "judgement"...

  26. Nicolas CageJune 19, 2013

    Maokai's my favorite jungler right now, personally. He's capable of jumping on someone and providing quite a bit of CC. Leona's much the same.

    If you're looking for someone a little cheaper, Udyr is a fun jungler who I'd recommend as well.

  27. Nicolas CageJune 19, 2013

    Twisted Fate's considered strong for a handful of reasons. He's got an on-command stun, great wave clear, and incredible map presence with his ult.

    Fiora and Master Yi are low on the list because the require a lot of damage items to do their job properly, like an ADC, but have to get into melee damage to do well. You end up jumping on the other team, and getting promptly CC'd and bursted a lot of the time. Warwick is low down on the list because of his reliance on his ult to do well, I imagine.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a Solo Queue tier list, and that there are team comps that can really assist a lot of these champions. Urgot can be a fairly useful ADC, if he has a team which will allow him to do his job, for example.

  28. CjuiceboxJune 19, 2013

    i still think rumble is a beast, i play him mainly mid in ranked and i do really well. but then again im only in silver so

  29. CjuiceboxJune 19, 2013

    how did rumble go from god tier mid and top to tier 2? u said last tier list that the nerfs didnt hurt him that much, so what's changed since then to make such a fall

  30. I think his personal judgement goes too high on this fall...really disapointed in that :/

  31. Cuz MuricaJune 19, 2013

    Finally seeing the ways of Nunu I see. You were skeptical at first, but now, you've seen the errors of your ways. I'm interested in knowing why Malzahar is so high up? Also, in ranked play, Malphite has been banned in my games virtually 90% of the time. Any reasoning why? I notice he's not very high in any of the roles.

  32. Why is Graves Tier 1? I thought his range made him extremely weak late game.

  33. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Hi Kadar, although his range is low, his utility from his smokescreen and quickdraw allow him to stay alive long enough to do his job. The main issue with him prior to the latest patch was that his level 1-5 wasn't as strong as other champions like MF and Varus, which lead to him getting bullied hard early game by almost everyone when he was on purple side.

  34. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Hi ShadowSect, he's in Tier 2 for top laners. I haven't added him yet for mid...might do that soon.

  35. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Hi Dan, his early ganks are very good and his speed allows him to blaze past warded areas for easy ganks. He's also very tanky and deals decent damage later on with support items. The reason he wasn't played much earlier was just a question of numbers. If you get boots of mobility and homeguard on him early on his presence in the game is just outrageous.

    Warwick isn't higher since his early game ganks are very lacking pre-6.

  36. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    HI Alain, it's possible, Galio's a very underplayed champion at the moment. On the other hand, with the Season 3 changes to the way Magic Resist works, Galio isn't nearly as good as he used to be.

  37. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Hi Kaung, I'd say Kha'zix fits your description pretty well, (even though he is the arch nemesis of your favorite champion). You might also want to take a look at Xin Zhao who's point and click and has lots of CC.

  38. SSJSuntasticJune 19, 2013

    Will do a little post on Rumble later for you guys when I get the time~

  39. Hello, I was just wondering i am a fairly decent jungler and i have tons of rp and i am willing to spend on new champions, I have purchased nunu and he is godlike early game but he dies off so hard late game he has little damage output lategame but can screw up the enemy jungler if you are successful

    Right now my favorite junglers are Zac and Trundle i was just wondering who are some must haves in the jungle right now that have good ganks good damage output and dont fall of lategame too hard.

    So my main question is who would you reccomend in the jungle(ranked solo) that have good clear times, good sustain,good ganks and dont fall off late game.

  40. Andrew MayerJune 20, 2013

    Viktor is one of the best team fighting champs in mid every, why is he t3? def should be at least t2 try him and you'll see that this is a misplacement.

  41. HI, I main in jungle and looking at the tier list, in my opinion, junglers with high clearing speed and a strong Ult should be evaluated higher. (like Skarner, Noctourne, Shyvana, Vi) How do you think about that?

  42. ExperimentAlphaJune 20, 2013

    I have found that, vs melee, Lissandra is a better top than she is mid. Most mids outrange her (A major weakness on her part: Her harass has such short range when not near minions), but against the better part of toplaners, she has enough escape ability, coupled with a good root and poke, to overcome and dominate with her mana sustain (Especially if you get chalice and ROA, as I do, which effectively removes her early mana problems and makes her pretty tanky). This is very player-dependent, but I think that putting her mid is a mistake.

  43. The PotatoJune 20, 2013

    Hey, when you talk about nidalee, do u mean ad or ap?

  44. The PotatoJune 20, 2013

    oh and also, what makes malzahar tier 1 ?

  45. SSJSuntasticJune 20, 2013

    I'd say most of the junglers in Tier 1 fit your criteria, but because of the amount of gold junglers gain in comparison with laners, I'd also say that "falling off" is always likely as a result of lack of gold.

    On the other hand, this is why junglers tend to build more support based tank items. Some of them also do decent damage (like Nautilus) or scale with armor (like Rammus).

    I'd say that the one champion that fits all of your criteria is Fiddlesticks, who can turn around a teamfight by himself.

  46. SSJSuntasticJune 20, 2013

    I may do a post on Malzahar a little later. Malphite's a very stable pick, with good survivability in lane and a strong initiation. The reason he's banned in 90% of your games is because of just that; he's easy to play and his strategy isn't too hard to execute. It's also very satisfying to come out of nowhere and one-shot the enemy squishies.

  47. André CanedoJune 20, 2013

    I was playing Nunu as a top laner. And i gava a lot of bad time to my opposites, he has a nice sustain and a considerable poking with snowball. The problem is that he is a little dependant on the ganks, but if you poke a little almost every gank results in a kill. So I'd like to ask what are your impressions about the yeti in top lane.

  48. SSJSuntasticJune 20, 2013

    Hi André,

    I used to play a lot of Nunu top lane as well, and he was definitely a beast. However, now that the jungle camps don't spawn at 1:40 anymore, he's definitely lost a portion of his power top lane.

    The nerfs to his iceball also knocked the yeti off a few pegs as well. I think the main issue with Nunu top lane at the moment is that he can't take advantage of the huge bonuses his consume now gives from jungle camps.

    Aganst champions who don't have high waveclear or sustain, he might be able to harass them out and counterjungle. On the other hand, if he can't get out of lane he's missing out on a huge part of his kit.

    Overall, I'd say he's still a situational pick and a little gimmicky, but if someone else on your team is jungling another champion, picking up Nunu might not be a bad idea to prevent the enemy team from getting him.

  49. Gustavo AguayoJune 20, 2013

    Watch Trick0850 videos of Nunu and you'll know why.

  50. Gustavo AguayoJune 20, 2013

    Udyr and Volibear are OP. Search "Udyr takes the long way to red" on youtube. GG

  51. Nunu should still be in the top lane catagory as well - I own with him top lane even after nerfs

  52. what means "return of AP mages",what changes happen?Plz tell me, i need this info :D

  53. Khazix and Zed nerfed, Seeker's Armguard, it all added up.

  54. what means "return of AP mages",what changes happen?Plz tell me, i need this info :D

  55. I'd like to know why is fizz t2. I really feel like he has the potential to be in t1, As his E is really annoying against many opponents, his R eats squishies like no other AP, plus the escape Q/e provides is useful against early ganks

  56. Thats hilarious as you say that not trying to be rude here but fiddlesticks is my least favorite jungler, now you are not the only person who has recommended that jungler to me wwhen i tell them things like what i listed above i was thinking about maybe naut i still am testing trying to find that special one jungler that works well with my playstyle

  57. Parth PatilJune 20, 2013

    why is xerath tier 3

  58. SSJSuntasticJune 25, 2013

    Haha, he's a little squishy compared to Rengar, I thought you wouldn't like him...but he did fit all your criteria! Rammus is also very strong right now. Maybe you could pick him up, he's fun!

  59. SSJSuntasticJune 25, 2013

    I'll keep a look out for him, his winrate jumped this week...

  60. SSJSuntasticJune 25, 2013

    Hi Kim, yep that's true :)

  61. Steve GloriaJune 25, 2013

    he is very high due to his hard pushing ability and lane superiority. he does alot of damage and even his "counter item" barely counters him as much. his ultimate allows him to lock down any target and when he uses his full combo, you WILL NOT survive. either that or it's very hard to.

  62. Steve GloriaJune 25, 2013

    i just never understood why people think thresh is OP. he gets countered HARD by leona and taric and even though he does good dmg, his dmg falls off hard mid-late game. plus his early stats are underwhelming and he relies too hard on runes to make up for having no mr. yet people ban him all the time. he's not OP but i cant see why he's behind janna. i mean really? her? ive ruined so many jannas with thresh and sonas. thresh should be higher.

  63. True players keep playing the champ after the nerf otherwise it mean you don't really love it and play only if OP !
    Just like Kat players ;)

  64. desciple5June 25, 2013

    is that ad yorick or ap yorick tier 1??

  65. I feel like his ulti isn't that great, since it can be interrupted easily with cleanse, mercurial, quick silver sash, or oranges. Also, he's disabled as well while he uses it.

  66. Rocco AelxanderJune 25, 2013

    Calm yo tits son remember its all opinion based :P

  67. Rocco AelxanderJune 25, 2013

    Also, i do see your point :)

  68. Juano WeberJune 26, 2013

    how is wukong in god tier? i mean i like wu but most of the best top laners (Yorick, Aatrox, irelia) out sustain and/or out damage him.

  69. Trundle should be tier 1 when support bottom lane! Only use E to block 1 enemy for biting a little hp slowly. Same with Zyra using W + Q skills. They only fear "Long hand" Blitzcank and "5 stars mamma" Sona.

  70. noah villagranJune 26, 2013

    thanks lol

  71. A good Syndra belongs MUCH higher ranking than 4th, she can be seriously strong.

  72. Nicolas CageJune 27, 2013

    Most likely AD Yorick. I don't find AP to be too strong myself.

  73. Andrew MayerJune 27, 2013

    Damn Shyvana is T4? O.o

  74. I think lulu is one of the better supports, especially when it comes to teamfights, her ultimate as well as her polymorph with her slow allows for a high skill cap and really a lot more to offer than some of the others in tier 1 and is probably on par with Jana

  75. wouter wijstJune 28, 2013

    woww, kassadin has 2 entire counters? shiittt didnt think of it that way.
    i mean like 2 counters is so much, assuming he counters every other mage in the game

  76. wouter wijstJune 28, 2013

    i liked kata better before the remake

  77. She was harder to handle and very unsecure after using shumpo...
    With the new W it offer move speed which isnt bad !
    and her old ultimate is similar to the new one just the new one is way faster! maybe a bit less damage don't rememlber...

    So the new kata is overall better but my point in previous answer is that whatever happen to your champ you keep playing it much more than the others! when i see those players "OMG they killed my best champion!" whenever i see such quote i can only believe that the player isn't serious since nerf = useless stop playing it.
    Bitch plz they nerfed TF since he exist and i didnt stop playing it after nerfing his passive > auto attack ratio > ultimate range > etc etc... so bitch plz QQ about nerf bat in the toilet...and close the door behind...

  78. noah villagranJune 28, 2013

    kid are you a downer? everyone counters kassadin he sucks ass i can run circles around any kassadin player rofl 2 counters? okay here goes.
    fizz, talon, gragas heavy sustain and barrel poke and even if he did come at him he has a free E every 4 secs, kha zix rapes that noob, zed, jayce lmfao i can name so many bro dont play league

  79. talon is absolutely unbearable to play now :'( used to be my main

  80. Nick GreenJune 30, 2013


  81. Varun SinghJune 30, 2013

    zyra lulu at tier 2 u clearly dont know what u are talking about

  82. Henry YoungJune 30, 2013

    Yeah, true. I get what you're saying. Somehow it is because I love Akali so much that I tried to escape the fact...doesn't really make sense but I think it is what happened.

    And thanks dude, your reply really make me want to try again, well, again and again, 'till I can get batter with this patch's Akali.

  83. Henry YoungJune 30, 2013

    Well, I've seen this kind of Nunu for like thousand times straight with my friend. So, what we came up after the first Nunu did this was we sit him before he sits us - first blood to our side. I think this is what happened if some new way is too popular, they get countered. I don't see this kind of play-style that often anymore.

    Thanks for posting this vid anyways, it is really an interesting way the guy came up with, really....original I [email protected]@

  84. NP Bro but you can only certified "Main champion" when you played it around 150 Games in ranked normal as no value and so the rest too...
    and in general a main champ from any player should have a win rate of 55% at very least and above 60-65% to be considered good!

  85. Plus you always keep learning new tricks the difference of you playing Akali at 50 first games are less important than the 50 next one which should be really better and not only your KDA.

  86. (strandedon)thewrongbeachJune 30, 2013

    Ezreal? Really? Blue Ez is not even viable. You have to get fed and it's the only option. Like fiora

  87. Cleanse doesn't remove supression, I haven't seen a gp in ranked in my last 40 games, QSS is big investment early game just to get rid of a mal ult, will make ur char much weaker in team fights unless they are running double AP comp. Mal however is playing often because it requires a very specific aoe cc comp to support him so he isn't killed while channeling, also he's very prone to cap closer jungle ganks. - Diamond 2

  88. Vi does warwicks role but better in every way, uncancellable suppression ult that does more damage, can gank pre 6 with gap closer, does more damage in general and is more mobile.

  89. I believe kha zix in lane is still very good, u just evolve q instead and u hit like a truck.

  90. C'mon, Draven should even be in the god tier. Everybody knows he's actually god himself.

  91. Jack GavinJuly 01, 2013

    the fact that you have sivir and kog ahead of tristana deeply worries me.

  92. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Fizz is indeed extremely strong and snowballs well. The only problem is when you don't manage to snowball, his damage is all very close range and his surviveability isn't quite that high if you build him the way you're supposed to (as an assassin).

    Basically, it's his late game team-fighting that diminishes his power, but otherwise I agree - In lane he's a monster.

  93. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Hi Parth, the reason why Xerath is Tier 3 is that even though he's strong, he's easily gimped by assassins and prone to being CC'ed since he has no escape and roots himself in place.

  94. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Thanks Josh! I appreciate it a lot :)

  95. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Hi Res, that's a possibility, I've only ever played Tiger top and Phoenix jungle though. Will have to do some testing.

  96. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    I might move Alistar up a bit, ever since the golem change he's a lot better now that he isn't getting the crap poked out of him early game.

  97. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Hi Andrew, I may in a later patch. If I add him now I won't be fair enough to him.

  98. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Hi Hoff, Lee Sin's okay mid, but in the end he's still a bit of a gimmick used by higher level players.

  99. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Teemo top is pretty good, but very niche.

  100. SSJSuntasticJuly 01, 2013

    Hi Jack, Tier 2 AD carries are all pretty much the same. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Tristana would be Tier 1 if it wasn't for the fact that she gets killed, CC'ed, and flipped out of the air during or after her jump almost every game.

  101. Are you kidding me? Thresh is broken. Dude even pros know this. You run ad quints and marks & take ignite on thresh. Land a hook and instantly ignite while the adc destroys them. NOTHING currently beats draven & thresh combo. It's the new graves/taric combo.

  102. So because kass has a counter he's suddenly bad? I'm in plat 3 & I assure you kass is not bad. You can counter/shut him down early game & he will find a way to snowball back. He's like akali, except the part where he can't be countered by a pink ward.

  103. He deserves to get nerfed. He's pretty much unstoppable after level 6. His only weakness is that his pre-six is awful.

  104. Most Yoricks usually build a blue build, from my experience.

  105. Give a list of people who can stop him after level 6. His pre-6 is awful, we all know that, but his after-6 is just too amazing. A Kassadin doesn't even need to be half decent to do the Q-R-E combo.

  106. He only does tons of damage because you try to fight him with nothing else nearby.

  107. Evan SidleyJuly 02, 2013

    Same boat as you, mained since week of release and been stubbornly sticking with him. I still get success with the rush wriggles into sheen > TF then build double cleavers.

  108. Brandon HoffmanJuly 03, 2013

    I was wondering why Varus is lower than Ezreal? Ezreal can do decent amount of damage and has utility. Varus on the other hand, has CC and i feel like more damage. Some people say that Blue Ez takes it all, but you need to be ahead for that to even be viable.

  109. Nicolas CageJuly 04, 2013

    Because you can catch Varus.

  110. Why is Wukong in God Tier and Elise not in God Tier?

  111. TheDarkstar0914July 04, 2013

    What happened to AD Sion top?

  112. Justin GrahamJuly 04, 2013

    Aatrox needs to be Tier 1.

  113. Each, is pretty viable in either role. You'd usually play Tiger jungle for plays, Tiger top when you can't press the waveclear advantage, Phoenix top for the waveclear advantage, and Phoenix jungle for the clear time. I'm usually Phoenix all around since Tiger requires more aggressive play and is usually less forgiving.

  114. The jungle kingJuly 05, 2013

    I strongly disagree with shaco's placement. I beleive he should be in the lowest tier considering his squishiness. This makes ganks go wrong very fast, especially if counter ganked. Shaco also needs quite a bit of gold to sustain his damage output which requires him to take lane kills/cs. While junglers such as maokai/sejuani have reletively cheap builds which enables them to give the lanes the kills which is what i personally beleive the jungler is supposed to do. And he has absolutely no cc thats worth having in team fights late game. If you're going against a team with a lot of cc thats one dead shaco. But junglers such as sejuani and maokai have very useful abilities such as dmg reduction and cc locks. Makes team fights so much easier. I personally jungle 90% of my games and every time i see a shaco i call "gg" and it always ends that way. Considering i ALWAYS use a tanky jungler with good cc. Keep the damage in the lanes and the tanks in the jungle, makes lane phase so much easier and allows for amazing burst late game. Maokai should definatly be on the god tier, other than naut he has to be the champ with the most gankability. 10 minutes in the game i already have all 3 lanes a kill and sometimes manage to work my way up again. Please re think his placement. His ult is amazing in teamfights, deserves re thinking definatly.

  115. Mike ZemanovicJuly 05, 2013

    When will you folks realize, that viktor's jack of all trades, aoe slow, viegaresque stun, long hard poke, shield, silence+aoe dot give him one of the best kits in the game, while not taking any specific ganker/ farmer role, he shines and can win lane against nearly anyone due to his diversity

  116. Because Wukong does more damage and is much more useful in teamfights

  117. where is katarina ?

  118. Omar Abdul HadiJuly 08, 2013

    how the hell is jungle cho tier 1 while top lane cho is tier 2 , top lane cho is a nightmare while jungle cho is very meh

  119. TheWhitePlagueJuly 08, 2013

    Wait, if Kassadin is becoming a higher threat because of the return of AP mages, why is Talon sitting in the same spot?

    He has the 5th highest winrate in the game, I really don't feel like he's tier 2. He's just underplayed.

  120. wouter wijstJuly 08, 2013

    true dat but i still mis her distant poke

  121. I believe he's still god tier, his nerfs aren't really nerfs if you're good with him. His ultimate can change team fights even more now, and it does even more damage than before if you can use it right.

  122. I disagree with almost all of these. The ones specifically are Olaf not being tier 4, Master Yi being tier 3, and orianna tier 1. Olaf just isn't good anymore, he got nerfed to hell. There's just no debating that. Master Yi is a terrible jungler, he has no CC and therefore relies on the lane he's ganking to CC the enemy, which won't always happen. He might be able to snowball, but it rarely happens that he can snowball. And Orianna is only ever tier 1 in the right situations. You need to have a full AOE team comp with someone like nocturne or she just doesn't fit. She doesn't have high damage in relation to other mids you could pick.

  123. I agree with the corki thing. He is basically like an underpowered kogmaw with an escape. His ult gets interrupted by units, where kogs can go wherever. Kog has % damage which destroys targets, and corki only really has a close range armor shred which is useless in teamfights because you need to get close. His Q just gives vision, doesn't really do damage. Overall, corki just isn't a good champ anymore.

  124. Wondering why jayce isn't in the top lane god tier?

  125. Rocco AelxanderJuly 09, 2013

    very true

  126. Rocco AelxanderJuly 09, 2013

    its really good.

  127. Karma support should be in tier 3. Because she is actually very good in lane. Shield is a great kiting tool either for your carry or yourself, and great counter-gank. She has a decent poke even through minons(although it pushes the lane a bit).
    Anyway, she is a very decent lane bully while still being able to save her carry in bad situations. And I've been able to outzone both carry and support in lots of matches.(making my carry get 30-40% more cs than enemy).
    She's difficult to play and is ap-reliant more than not, but she still has a decent utility(and aoe shield can freak the hell out of enemy), and very good escape/chase potential.

    and what is best for solo queue - barely anyone knows her, and everybody underestimate her.

  128. George MilliganJuly 10, 2013

    Dr.Mundo is S-tier for sure if you know what your doing.

  129. So lucian is on the PBE. Can you give us a prediction of which tier he belongs (based on his current stats and abilities — which are on the wiki)

  130. Alessandro OshiroJuly 10, 2013

    what is tweaks? sorry if this is really obvious, im from br server

  131. Yesterday 3.9 Patch Is Uploaded But What You Thinks About Darus Passive Changes ?

  132. VivroMoriJuly 12, 2013

    Jungle Cho allows him the freedom to nom on the camps as he pleases, basically giving him stacks on his ultimate for free. He can gank enemies extremely efficiently with rupture, and is better at working with the team as opposed to being by himself because his damage output isn't as good as other choices for top.

  133. something about vi being in 3ed tier?

  134. Von CorpuzJuly 14, 2013

    why darius , why? last time, he nearly shut down me , but thanks to some hellish support from alistar and thresh, i got pentakill...

  135. Steve GloriaJuly 14, 2013

    very valid point martin but do not forget. it also comes down to the skill of the player.

  136. I'm pretty sure that there are champions missing from this list. Is that intentional or did you miss them (or it could just be that these champions are just not a part of the meta right now.)

  137. One of these champions being Sion.

  138. Urgot shouldn't even be in the adc tier list. Since season 3, he's become a top laner, and a effective one at that. He pokes most top laners out of lane. Also, even with "decent mechanics," you can still get hit by the acid bomb simply because the enemy can predict where you can move or your in a team fight and don't normally think to dodge those things.

  139. Fyi dude. Urgot has become a top laner since season 3. His days of the anti-carry back in season 2 are well over. You can still do this, but you will find yourself more effective in the top lane (simply because you can out poke just about every top laner out there right now.)

  140. They are little changes to a champions kit generally involving mana cost and cooldown changes, but sometimes change other things like damage and visuals (like tf and his upcoming aiming assist for his q.)

  141. jack smithamJuly 14, 2013

    tier 3 mid lane

  142. jack smithamJuly 14, 2013

    not a buff or a nerf just a change thats not really good or bad

  143. Mr. BrownJuly 15, 2013

    I wnated to ask, why is never Nautilus put in support category? I know he is a much much better jungler, but as a CC Support Tank, he isn't bad. At best he is like a more durable, less effective Thresh. At worst a meat shield, who can engage fights.


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