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May 24, 2013

TPA Skins Will Be Released on May 24th?!

Earlier today the Taiwanese LoL server announced the release of the new TPA skins promised over a month ago. Not only will they be released soon, they're also being renamed to the following:
The King of Top Lane, Shenley; The Glorious Ballz, LILBALLZ MUNDO; The Beast Mid Laner, Toyzana; TW Captain, MisNuNu; The Giggle Master, EzBebe. - ka822
According to the TW site, they will be released on "May 24th @ 10:00 worldwide to all servers". If this is true, then we should be seeing them very very soon!

In addition, on the Taiwan server (and likely replicated or something similar worldwide), Riot's doing a special promotional deal with two promotional packages:
  • Deal 1: All 5 skins for 12% off in RP
  • Deal 2: All 5 skins and all 5 heroes for 30% off in RP

Please note that these skins are NOT limited, but will be on sale for the first week ONLY.
Turns out they will be legacy and available to June 1st! Check out the NA/EU Updated post here

Check out the original Chinese text on the Taiwanese website here

Stay tuned for the EU/NA announcements! Excited? Comment below!

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  1. ユへンMay 24, 2013

    They're released in sea server alr though, and their name is just TPA ezreal and so on

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