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Apr 18, 2013

New TPA S2 World Champion Skins Incoming!

In honor of their victories as world champion, Riot is releasing 5 new skins in honor of their victories! Check out the sneak preview below: (Dr. Mundo, Orianna, Ezreal, Nunu, Shen)

Reigning world champions Taipei Assassins secured their place in League of Legends history when they defeated Azubu Frost at the Season Two World Finals. Soon, you’ll be able to field TPA’s winning lineup withnew skins that commemorate their victory. Get ready to capture the power and ferocity of these titans of Taiwan during the LCS All Star break! Source

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  1. Ezreal looks like Yosuke Hanamura from P4

  2. ezreal, orianna, mundo, nunu and shen.. not bad

  3. Michael HawesApril 21, 2013

    I see a scout.

    Those skins look pretty awesome. I wonder if TP got to work with Riot on the design so it suited them and their theme.

  4. Budimir NikocApril 22, 2013

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