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Apr 11, 2013

Map-Specific Champion Balance Changes Incoming!

After Riot's little tease earlier this week regarding something "Very Cool" coming up, summoners speculated what's coming up. Earlier today RiotNome revealed it!

They will be coming out with map-specific champion balance changes in the future! Check out the official post below:
First off, you’ve deserved a response to this thread for a long time, and I’m sorry we haven’t been able to give you one until now. We’ve been well aware of how the Dominion and TT communities have felt left behind and ignored, but we wanted to make sure we had a plan that we were confident in and committed to before commenting, because we don’t want to make any more empty promises.

Dominion’s fun (it’s fast). So is Twisted Treeline. But they both share one key problem – League of Legends is competitively balanced for Classic gameplay on Summoner’s Rift. Our original goal was to create rulesets that would result in balanced experiences across all game modes with the same champion stats. We’ve experimented with itemization, game pacing, map features, and other design elements. While we’ve had limited success here, there’s still room for improvement, so we’re going to take the plunge: in the near future™, we’re going to be implementing map-specific balance changes for individual champions.

This is going to take a few patches to implement, but we’re actively working on the tech, and we’re already got a bunch of specific balance changes in mind that we’re iterating on. We’re sure there will be lots of questions regarding the initiative, so we’ll announce more specifics when the time comes. I’ll actually be joining the live design team to head up map-specific balance for TT and Dominion. Remember that this is just the foundation for support - we’ve got some other tentative plans that we’re exploring to enhance both maps farther down the line! Source
 Art of Revelry Teemo
Does this mean I'm getting nerfed again?

Excited? Comment Below!

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  1. and thus, the down fall of LoL balance...kis MLG goodby

  2. By map specific changes, do they mean say for instance Twisted Fate's Destiny would have a smaller range on Twisted Treeline than Summoner's Rift, or would they nerf the range on his ult on Summoner's Rift also?

  3. This isn't going to have any impact of overall LoL balance. They are going to make changes to champions on those maps only and it won't change anything about the classic summoners rift balance.

  4. How are changes specific to those maps a downfall in LoL balance? They now can balance champions around each specific map, changes in TT or CS would not affect SR, so I don't see the problem. This allows them to address issues that only affect play in TT or CS, but not SR.

  5. They would nerf his range on twisted treeline and dominion but it would stay the same on summoners rift. Its an attempt to try and help all champions be viable on other game modes. Everything on summoners rift will be handled totally separate

  6. What are you telling? This is the best thing they made for a looong time. TT was nearly unplayable for any AP Mid lover on SR. There were a couple AP Champions you could play (Cho, Diana, Eve, Singed, Rumble, Kata, Karma. Half of them are more AP Tank) while every bruiser on TT is near op while some are op from here to moscow and back (Darius). Also 90% of the supports and most of the tanks are just bullshit.

    Basically, its a bruiser fest. So: Thank you Riot, you have my blessing for the next 73 years to do whatever you want.

  7. Okay thanks, I was just confused on the wording.

  8. I seriously hope English isn't your first language, then.

  9. Successful troll is successful.

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  13. Funny, I have a close friend who plays Soraka, in 3's, carrys pretty hard, I dont see whay any 5's mid champ would have problems..its all in the roll of the dice, shaco is still playable in 3's. Your team has to adjust to make it work tho. No one person (or champion) should dictate the outcome of a match, ever.

  14. BTW, check "Nimsh" match history if you need proof, b/c if your like me, SS or it didnt happen right?

  15. Look at WoW, and when they tried to balance classes based on what they were doing in the game..that worked ...right? ......

  16. It will have a detrimental impact on the game as a whole, with so many champions to balance, you will see the QQ rolling in on forums and changes made based on one comment or another due to over worked tech department not giving a crap about one champion or another..the history is out there, go read it. lol

  17. In SR, the champions are going to remain the same, in TT and CS, they are going to make changes to certain champions that become over the top in those modes. SR is not affected, yes it may take some time to tweak things to get it right, but its a solid way to balance those modes without disrupting SR. I do not see the downfall in LoL balance.


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