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Apr 9, 2013

Something "Very Cool" Coming Soon for Twisted Treeline and Dominion

Earlier today RiotNome made some eyebrows raise on a thread complaining about the current state of Twisted Treeline. Although Howling Abyss is the main priority right now, she says "something very cool" is in the works for TT and Dominion!
"We're focused on Howling Abyss right now (lots of work remaining before we're ready to ship), but there's something very cool in the works that should please both Twisted Treeline and Dominion players soon." Source
It sounds interesting, possibly the return of the 6v6 Twisted Treeline map or a new item/objective?!

What do you guys think it is? Comment below!

Was I not BIG enough for you?!

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  1. SSJSuntasticApril 09, 2013

    Hey Jacob! That would be awesome, I didn't even think of that haha.

  2. Yeah just anything to better support the game modes would be really appreciated, a structured ranked mode for dominion would be really awesome imo.

  3. Ohh my, these guys at Riot, they love to hype us! Personally I don't think it's something big enough like ranked queues for Dominion since this mode still lacks something

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