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Mar 22, 2013

Which Summoner Skills to Use On AD Carries?

The summoner skills that AD carries run has varied over the years, with Flash being the only constant. On the other hand, we've seen a wide variety of secondary summoner skills including but not limited to: Ghost, Exhaust, Ignite, Cleanse, and the latest: Barrier.

Below, I'll go over some of the most popular summoners as of March of Season 3.

Chinese Miss Fortune

Barrier: Currently by far the most popular and likely the best summoner to run on your AD carries at the moment, this spell allows you to survive burst damage from otherwise unwinnable fights against assassins.

In certain situations you may want to run Cleanse, but the fact of the matter is, Cleanse is much more of a "use it at the right time" type of spell, whereas Barrier can be used while you're taking damage to it's full effect regardless of timing (unless you're already dead).
Ignite: Currently the second most popular AD carry skill, it's great against healing supports and also with kill lanes since're trying to use it to kill champions. The passive damage when it's on CD can give you just enough to win a fight as well.
Cleanse: A very reaction time/skill based summoner, it's popular when you're trying to be "good", but it's a little hit or miss with the whole 65% reduction thing. Ideally the entire enemy team would use their CCs on you and miss, but that's not only unlikely, but you'd also die from the spell damage.

I'm not really a fan of Cleanse, but that might be because I never use it at the most effective time...
Exhaust: This was popular back in the day, but since most supports get it now, people generally don't run this on the ADC.
Heal: Used to be popular, but Barrier's really better...some supports may run Heal + Exhaust.
Ghost: Once in a while some pro ADC plays Caitlyn, Varus, or Ashe with Ghost and makes some ridiculous plays like Aphromoo on this video. It puts you at a disadvantage early game 2v2 though.

Which summoners do you prefer? Comment below! 

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  1. personally, i love barrier, sometimes u run with almost 20hp and ignite on you to ur turret, then u can just barrier urself to live, or in lane fight, at half of it, secure ur hp using barrier and in almost all the cases taking a kill.
    in the case of cleanse, i pick it when i have to go as adc against something like taric, avoiding eating a lot of damage because of cc.
    in my opinion.. playing bot lane as an agressive adc, pick flash and barrier/ignite, both spells are great, and if u have an insane damage on early game (because of runes or idk ur support does a lot of damage too) picking flash and ghost is a good option too.

  2. It really depends on your skill level.
    Personally I think cleanse is by far the best summoner spell after flash for ADC because you can totally wreck "epic ganks" and combo attempts with it. Not to mention you can remove ignite with it. Then again cleanse is by far the hardest to use in it's full potential.

    Barrier/Ignite are a lot safer choices if you don't play ADC that much.

  3. I generally like barrier because the damage mitigation helps you to win a lot of early game skirmishes against other adc's, or even to escape certain situations. I think cleanse is good until the other team realizes you are competent with it because instead of burning all their CC on you at once, they'll wait for you to cleanse one off, then punish you for that.

  4. In my opinion, Barrier or Cleanse every time. Never a good reason to take Ignite. Second one should either be Flash or like Ghost on Ashe (situational).

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