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Mar 29, 2013

Thoughts on Patch 3.5/FOTM Report Combo

Since I didn't get a chance to chat about the Patch changes yesterday when I posted them up (to be honest I didn't even read them at that point) I'd like to take a moment to go over some of the major changes and how it will likely affect the meta.

Change #1: Turrets
You might be wondering why I put this change at the top since well, it was at the bottom before. Let's check it out and you'll see!

Specifically, these two lines:
  • Turrets now deal 105% damage to champions for the first attack, increased from 94.5%
  • Turrets now deal 25% additional damage for consecutive attacks on the same champion (max 225%), increased from 20% (max 210%)
I think this is a majorly brilliant play on Riot's part, since if you look at a lot of the top win percentage champions before this patch, a lot of them were big tanky champions that could dive your turrets or push past them with no problem.

This change shifts the meta heavily towards more burst oriented champions like Fiddlesticks and poking champions like Twisted Fate. (As if they needed more of a buff). Meanwhile, I think you'll start seeing a drop-off in champions like Singed and Akali. Either way, that Jarvan tower diving you while soaking in that turret is going to be hurting a lot more and Taric probably shouldn't even bother at this point.

High Noon Twisted Fate
It's time for a twist of fate...

Change #2: Spirit of the Elder Lizard
Again from the bottom...what's with this? Well as you might have noticed, a lot of bans last few patches centered around junglers, particularly Vi and Hecarim. I think we'll start seeing a shift of bans more towards mid-lane pokers like Twisted Fate and Lux again

Change #3: Champions
Akali: Not qualified to make a serious judgement on this, but I suppose it does affect her play. I feel that it might actually be somewhat helpful despite it supposed to be a nerf?

Draven: Not sure why they improved Draven. I think he might be the best AD carry in the game right now.

Rumble: Um...not really a huge nerf. With Rylais and a well placed ult, most champions will still have some serious trouble getting out of that ultimate before the damage starts kicking in. It does allow for more time to cast spells and/or flash out, but I think he'll still be a beast.

Udyr: At the rate they're nerfing junglers, Udyr's probably pretty darn strong right now. They did nerf Spirit of the Elder Lizard, but he's still got plenty of other choices. I'm not so sure about the change in his passive though...I don't think he had enough trouble closing the gap to justify removing so much tankiness.

Chinese Udyr Skin
Do I look like a monkey to you?

Want to chat about a change that wasn't discussed? Agree/disagree? Comment below!

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  1. disqus_TTUIErDY6HMarch 29, 2013

    I think you're on point with your assessment of the turret damage alterations. With this, do you think we may begin to see an increase in Soraka and Nunu play for their utility and unparalleled lane sustainability?

    Also, I feel as if the changes to Draven were more aimed toward addressing necessary, justifiable QoL issues rather than buffing him. And, I'm interested to see how Rumble play shapes out post-patch, because I feel as if the change to his initial R burst significantly impacted his game presence. However, the increase on AP scaling could balance out the removal and he may see more consistent play, composition-dependant, of course.

    Overall, great thoughts! :)

  2. disqus_3zSe7xHlvmMarch 29, 2013

    I remember watching an LCS game and lane phase was over 5 minutes into the game... Fun?

  3. Do we have an idea of when Trundle rework will be ready?

  4. Udyr's a beast right now, nearly impossible to get away from him with his constant speed up and stunning once your first turret falls and he catches you in the middle of the lane. Wish my friend got back into playing him again.

  5. derpzieeeeMarch 30, 2013

    Am I the only one who thinks they're just slowly re making udyr, at least i think it started with those very hard nerfs in the past.

  6. Gangplank StyleMarch 31, 2013

    LCS is arranged play though, I don't expect solo to be as coordinated as you can blow up a tower in that time against competent lane opponent/s.


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