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Mar 29, 2013

New Karma Champion Spotlight Released!


Channel the powers of Ionia in this Champion Spotlight as Karma, the Enlightened One, now completely remade and ready to rejoin the Fields of Justice.

In her new role as mage-support, Karma goes toe-to-toe against opponents in solo lanes or when paired in a traditional bot lane. With a versatile skillset that protects allies and blasts opponents, as well as three distinct ways to supercharge her abilities with her ultimate, Karma’s dangerous no matter which role she fills on your team. 

For more info on Karma’s new abilities, sample mastery builds, tips, tricks and everything in between, check out the Karma Champion Spotlight now.

Our Traditional Karma skin - a vintage skin that pays tribute to Karma's old aesthetic - will be available in the store for 975 RP beginning on March 29 at 11 AM Pacific. After two weeks, the skin will be retired to the Legacy Vault, so get it while you can.

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  1. Karma... Karma's everywhere. And none are doing that well. She certainly has gotten a lot stronger, but to be used as a jungler and APmid now? Eh... even the ones playing her as a support get wrecked at bot. Not sure if people have a hard time getting used to how she works, or if she still lacks.

  2. I'm sure people are getting to the new format. Now Karma players need to think carefully with what they use mantra with as now it has a huge cool down and cannot be spammed. Also the new spells have longer cool downs, which is different from the old Karma. I'm sure in a week or so, everything will get back to order.

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