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Feb 25, 2013

ZenonTheStoic Chats about "Win Nao"

Chinese Viscero Xin Zhao\

With Xin Zhao rapidly climbing the tier lists of solo queue, it's no surprise that Riot's giving him a second glance lately, wondering what we should do with him. ZenonTheStoic replied to this...

Trust me, our live design dudes are very much aware of Win Nao. There's a bunch of changes being tested on PBE, but overall what it boils down to is we're reducing base damages and increasing E and R cooldowns to reduce the amount of burst he gets even while building tanky. If that doesn't work we can adjust further. Source
On the other hand, if you're afraid of them overnerfing him, fear not!
I think our live design team has seriously stepped up its game. We tend to be a lot more reactive now. If we overnerf we reverse the changes, of course, but there's also that old psychological effect. One story Feralpony told me once was that we put out patch notes saying Vlad pool had lost its MS buff and received some other nerfs and Vlad was suddenly considered trash tier, with both his pick and his win rate plummeting. Problem was, the changes accidentally never went out. So after it seems like a champion was overnerfed and is trash now, we have to wait a little to make sure that's actually what happened. Remember also that Hecarim was considered weak for the longest time and has skyrocketed to the top of jungle picks now with no changes. Source
What do you guys think about Win Nao and his outrageous strength? Speaking of "outrageous" strength...Gems.

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  1. Solid pick if team needs a tanky guy to fill their comp. Great engages and great survivability, he indeed is really broken atm with the right build, runes and masteries, but strangely he isn't a permaban.

  2. they cant both nerf damage AND cooldowns, gonna be another Rengar Olaf ect...

  3. And pretty easy to play...

  4. Very few actually play Win Zhao because there are so many interesting junglers out there. He's great for winning though, deserves a nerf.

  5. Even the Xin Zhao bot is OP. Getting on killing spree and stuff VS the other bots. :3

  6. Wish I knew how to play "win nao" I can jungle just about everyone successfully now...including the Mobile Medic (aka Soraka)...but I can't get a win with Xin to save my ELO!!

  7. big reason for Hecarim skyrocketing is mostly because of the S3 item Spirit of the Elder lizard though

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  9. Everyone just hates on junglers case and point.

  10. Its so easy just nerf his PASSIVE.

  11. Gank Lvl 2 as soon as you get the first buff (doesn't matter which one, but red is better), you will get a guaranteed fb if your ally isn't asleep. From this point, just start building HP and resistances if the game progresses normally (neither team getting overfed), or just rush AD if you're team is awfully fed and you're raping every lane you visit.


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