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Dec 13, 2012

Overplayed/Underplayed Heroes of the Winter 2012

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Haven't done this in a while, but since I've been feeding you guys nothing but news lately I'd like to throw this post up to spark some creative juices for those of you getting bored playing the same old FOTM heroes over and over...anyway, let's not beat around the bush and jump straight into it!

Shh...they don't notice me!
Jarvan's innately tanky, got great AOE, TWO non-summoner flashes, an aoe knockup, and a wall that can't be circumvented without using a blink or a flash.

So why isn't he played more? Well there's the whole "too many heroes have blinks" argument as well as the "hard to aim combo" argument. I say, go practice and force enemy heroes to pop their blinks so your allies can wreck havoc on them. You have up to 3 blinks anyway!

A good Akali can be almost as good as a good Katarina, and snowball almost as hard. Sure Katarina's clearly favored at the moment, but for those of you who get a tired of that Shunpo noise and/or your favorite ginger is banned, feel free to pick up this old favorite. With the oracle nerfed to 5 minutes, Akali isn't nearly as easy to counter as before.

With the box nerfs Shaco quickly fell out of favor. However, the new jungle aggro abilities make it extremely safe and easy for him to clear out the jungle, and his ganks are just as annoying and deadly as before. The introduction of black cleaver has also made him again a force to be reckoned with.

Alistar's still pretty strong in the right hands, but otherwise he tends to just be a sack of meat for enemy AD carries to poke down with the reduction on his headbutt range. Support Alistar especially gets the brunt of it, and while he's still got strong AOE initiation late game, there are better junglers and supports to be had.

Just because Toyz is god at Orianna (no mistype there), doesn't mean everyone is good at her. She's still pretty unreliable at best, and those 0 damage whiffed ults aren't doing your team any favors.

Still trying to live out the old glory days? Well sorry but Jayce is strong but nowhere near the overwhelming force he was before. If you still want to be a bully with ridiculous movespeed, might as well pick up Rumble instead.

Am I still underplayed?! HA.

Agree/Disagree? Got more heroes to discuss? Post your comments below!

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