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Dec 5, 2012

Season 3 Mastery Guide - Which Masteries Do I Pick?

Season 4 Update: New Season 4 Mastery guide coming up later today 11/21, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for an update notification!

A lot of you are probably a little confused by which masteries to take on which heroes after all the recent changes in the pre-season patch. Well, that's okay, it's the first few days! So how do we figure out which points to put where? Let's start by checking out some common mastery allocations and you can work your way out from there.

First up, AD Carries:
Doublelift's masteries

Here we have Doublelift's masteries, the classic 21/0/9. It's pretty much identical to the old masteries, and most AD players should be comfortable playing with this set-up.

Chaox's masteries

On the other hand, here we have Chaox' masteries, who's known for being a little more open to interpretation, rocking with 22/5/3. 

My thoughts: As an AD carry, as long as you have those 21 in offense, you're off to a great start. Where you put the rest of your points is up to you. Personally, I favor this set-up:

SSJSuntastic's masteries

AP Carries:
As for AP carries, similar to the AD carries, these 21 points seems to work best with any other combination of 9 points somewhere else similar to above:

Bigfatlp's Mastery Set-up

The new "spellsword" mastery (5% AP damage in each basic attack) is interesting, every 100 AP you have it translates to 5 damage (some high level math here) which you sacrifice 2 AP from Mental Force to get.
Tanky Champs:
The tanky top lane/jungling champs are a little different, and as always if you're running 21 defense, a lot of the points are based on personal preference.

Voyboy's Masteries

Just for reference, you can see Voyboy's masteries showcased above for I believe Rumble. This is of course not to say that Voyboy's masteries are the BEST top lane masteries. Just to show you how different they can be, here's a set of Dyrus' top lane masteries.

Dyrus' Masteries

As you can see, besides the obvious offensive tree differences, they've picked pretty much oppositely in terms of the "optional" masteries near the middle of the tree.

The strongest single point move here is probably "Block" (reduces 3 points of damage from champion basic attacks), which most people will probably opt to get for early game.

"Reinforced Armor" (reduces damage from critical strikes by 10%) is probably largely going to be ignored, although it might save your life more than once late game. I think it's more useful than "Defender" (1 armor + 1 mag resist for each nearby enemy champion) unless your team intends on doing a level 1 battle, in which case Defender will be HUGE.
Last, but not least, we have the supports! There's a lot of stuff in the utility tree that seems awesome for supports like that pickpocket move, but most higher level players opt to be tankier to help soak hits in lane rather than be aggressive. Here's Nhat Nguyen's masteries as an example:

Nhat Nguyen's masteries

Random Olaf Mastery Set:

Just to show that I'm not just sheepin' I ran this set of masteries on olaf top lane on my smurf and did perfectly fine; I still prefer 21 in defense over the utilities though.

As you can see, the masteries are actually fairly similar to the way they were in season 2, albeit with some interesting new unique masteries. Note that these aren't the end-all to mastery selection, simply a collection of mastery sets that top level players have chosen to play with these first few days.

Feel free to experiment with your own! Which masteries points do you think are super valuable? Post below!

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  1. I feel like mastermind is highly under-rated by the pros. That along with Insight and distortion, your flash is at 188 seconds. But we'll see how it all plays out.

  2. disqus_rZ6zwwy9pQDecember 06, 2012

    On APC you don't have sacrifice a point in Mental Force for Spellsword really. You can take the three wasted points in Havoc (which is still as useless a mastery as it was last season) and put two of them in Butcher for easier lasthitting, with the third very conveniently fitting in Spellsword.

  3. Dudee! u forgot about junglers!


  4. Defender gives more points than legendary armor for 1 point once any team fight occurs, which is as early as a 10-20 min dragon. It provides same gains as 1 point in flat armor or mr (+2 vs +1/+1 and out does it for every point after when flats become +1.5 to single stat). If there is a gank, you get +2/+2 for a net gain of 4. If you gank someone, you immediately gain +1/+1. If you gank a duo lane, its +2/+2.

    Defender is one of the best single point talents stat for stat in the game. Legendary armor for 3 points give 5% to BONUS armor and mr. At level 18, Darius has 83 armor and 50ish mr. If you had 200 armor on him, thats roughly 120 bonus armor for +6 and if you had 110 mr (say you build bulwark), thats +60ish for +3 bonus mr from legendary armor. Total gain is +9 at some very, very high end item builds (bulwark, probably a randuins as well or something similar for armor). By that item build time frame, you are having team fights and should never be 1v1ing unless a split pusher. You are losing to 1 point in Defender for raw defensive stats with 3 in Legendary Armor.

  5. Do you guys remember Wickd's/MaKNooN's 9/14/7 Irelia/Jayce mastery page? There's actually a great S3 alternative to that: 10/16/4! Image below shows my setup.

  6. im not so sure about that. havoc mastery gives u 2% dmg dealt . i did math and on many champs not on all mental gives u higher dmg only 1 - 6 lvl and that not huge higher which if u play passive is not o usefull imo so i would rather go for havoc istead of mental because there are only few champs with incredible ratios like 0.7 ,.8 or so ... like maybe ori ahri which are good for mental

  7. SSJSuntasticDecember 07, 2012

    The reason I omitted them is because I feel like they're very variable and hero based. Generally the only thing that would define them as "jungle" pages would be points into reduced minion damage or improved smite. Otherwise, I feel that you'd set your masteries depending on what role you want to take with your champ, whether it be mostly in the offense tree or the defense tree. The utility tree is somewhat viable, but the other two definitely offer more from a preliminary standpoint.

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