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Dec 17, 2012

Rengar Nerfed to Oblivion, Riot Plans on Re-buffing

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After Rengar's nerf in the recent Preseason Balance Update 1, he's been a little...less than what he used to be as you can see by this chart below from Directly after the patch, his win rate took a little dive off the deep end.

However, all is not lost for the hunter, as Statikk has this to say:

Rengar has been a complicated situation.

Our initial approach to the champion was to chip at him until we put him in a good spot. Unfortunately, it turns out there are core mechanics on the kit (ie: % Health based heal, a huge Armor / MR buff, instant stealth) that simply don't fit the gameplay patterns we were trying to create for Rengar...thus we began to gut / remove them.

For example, his stealth duration was nerfed due to the fact that it was instant, but we have now made it non-instant. This leaves his ult feeling more lackluster than ever. The end result is a huge mistake on our part where Rengar is both weak and unsatisfying to play.

Classick and I are currently working on buffing Rengar back into a state where we feel more comfortable with his gameplay. Some of the changes include re-increasing the stealth duration back to create the prowling feel again and adjusting the W heal to be a flat heal based on champion level. We're still working out all of the specifics but we know we took a faulty approach to Rengar's balance for the past few patches.

We screwed up on Rengar...oops.
We're gonna buff his stealth duration and his heal as compensation.


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