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Dec 17, 2012

HoN Security Breached

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Apparently there's been a security breach over at Heroes of Newarth. If you have an account there with a password that you use for anything else (including League of Legends) you should probably change it for security purposes.

Here's an official post from Bellissimoh

Hey Folks,

My name is Bellissimoh and I'm a Live Producer at Riot. My primary responsibility is to protect the health of our live game environments.

As some of you may know, S2 Games recently announced a security breach involving Heroes of Newerth account information. If you have a Heroes of Newerth account that uses the same password as your League of Legends account, I strongly encourage you to reset your League of Legends password at this time.

Security breaches are a big f'ing deal. The key takeaway is that if you use the same password across multiple games, services, whatever, change them.

I know it's a pain to manage multiple passwords, but it helps ensure the safety of your digital (and in some cases physical) assets.

/end PSA

"Security breaches are a big f'ing deal."

Wasn't one of ours...

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