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Dec 19, 2012

New Vi Login Screen + Music and Neon Strike Vi Splash Leaked!

There's a brand new Vi log-in screen leaked online with music coming out featuring Nicki Taylor (check out her facebook).

New Vi Login Screen and Music

Video from ReignofGaming


She's such a misfit--always ready to roll
It's like her business--roughing up your friends is the law
There is no difference--if you believe you're strong
She's a bulldozer making sure you're flat on the ground
She's like a boomerang that never gives up
She flies in circles 'til she hits you and you're back in the dust
So just remember this, when she's chasing you down
Face-first, you'll be thrown into the Proving Ground
She'll knock you out!
Have you ever really wanted to be,
a total rebel flipping tables on the enemy?
Did you ever try to further improve
how fast you punch people through the roof?
Was there ever any certain time,
when you thought brute force and style combined?
I guess now it's time to shine-- 'cuz finally, she's here--
Here comes Vi!
(It really doesn't matter in fact)
(The best bet one has is to quickly react)
(To the first attack, to save you (???))

[Chorus again]

Posted by digitalnexus

Neon Strike Vi Splash

Vi will be released sometimes later this week according to Morello

Originally Posted by gypsylord View Post
We want Vi to break faces but we DON'T want her to break the game. Still sorting out a few issues. We're working hard to get her to you guys some time this week (hoping for sooner rather than later).
Clarification; tonight is unlikely, this week is the goal 

What do you guys think about the new music? Does it make you want to punch people through roofs? Comment below!

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  2. You take her blood, I'll take her virginity....


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