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Nov 27, 2012

Red Post Response to Emote Spamming Ban + F-bomb Usage Guide

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Ever since players started getting banned for spamming emotes a little while back, the community's been in a state of confusion as to what exactly can get them banned or not. Fear not, a red post has been made by WookieeCookie - (Player Support Lead - Player Behavior)!

He explains what can get you banned, and also goes into a detailed guide on how to drop the "F word" properly

Apparently, the big takeaway here is:
Don't Be A Jerk TM

Here's also a jingle!
Riot sees you when you're sleeping,
They know when you're awake,
They know if you've been bad or good

So be good for goodness sake!

Ohhh you better not troll, you better not cry, 
you better not spam and I'm tellin you why...
Riot squad is coming, 
To town.

Here's the original post detailing when and how to drop the "F word":

Don't be a jerk.

Players frequently write to my team full of excuses for their case, or fearful that they're going to get banned in the future.

They often want to debate the Summoner's Code down point by point.

Is it okay to do this? What about that? What if someone else does X, and I do Y to them in retaliation? Can I get banned for Z?

And our response can always be summed up with one simple phrase:

Don't be a jerk

Sometimes player's ask why isn't the Summoner's Code more specific? Why doesn't it specify each and every action I can or can't do? But they don't notice that we wrote the Code that way on purpose.

We don't want to run a game dictated by strict specific rules. Because every game is unique, and played by different standards.

How much fun would a rule be that says you can never say the F word in your matches?

How much fun would a rule be that says last pick must always be support?

How much fun would a rule say that you can never be Rammus support because he's not considered "optimal" by the community?

Every game should be judged by its own context. And that's why the core rule is always:

Don't be a jerk.

You can say the F word in a friendly context:
"Holy ****, did you f***ing see that ult? I can't believe he did that.
You can also say it in a very toxic context:

"u f***ing piece of **** nub. y dont u uninstall!!!!11!!!!!1"

---The key difference? Don't be a jerk

Sometimes it makes sense for last pick to be something besides support:

"hey guys, I know a lot of mids, I know i'm last pick, but if I'm able to choose mid I can pick a pretty good counter to their enemy Ahri choice!"
Sometimes the situation can be very toxic:

"listen you stupid tards. if u dont giv me mid, im going to feed. lol u been warned"
---The key difference? Don't be a jerk

Sometimes it makes sense to go with a real unusual support pick:

"dudes! I've been duoing bot lane with my friend and we play a pretty good rammus/caitlyn match up. it always throws the enemy for a loop, and it's great to catch them off guard!"
Sometimes an unusual pick can be really toxic:

"lol, i told u i was mid u stupid noob. now you have to deal with rammus support? kk? haha. ur fault"
---The key difference? Don't be a jerk

I've seen this case emote spamming case before. And he fails the test. [COLOR="Red"]He was being a jerk.[/COLOR]

You can see in his matches that other players ask him to stop. They even do so nicely at some points. But this player doesn't care. He doesn't care because he's being a jerk.

Is he using a feature of our game which has many legitimate purposes? Of course!

But is he abusing this legitimate feature to be a jerk? Yes. He is literally spamming the same phrase throughout the entire duration of the game.

Could other players fiddle with their sound settings to disable this? Sure.

Should we expect other players to adjust their player experience because a jerk is harassing them?

No. Never.

I even spent some extra time looking up this player's past harassment history. This is not an isolated 5 games this player has done this. He has repeatedly found ways to annoy and harass other players. That's the main reason he has a tribunal case in the first place. 

Lyte has mentioned this in the past, but the Tribunal is really great at finding jerks in our game. But it's not always great at providing the full context of just how much of a jerk they are. But always keep in mind it takes many reports, in many games, by many people to even be considered for the Tribunal. The system may only pull 1 to 5 chat logs for a case, but make no doubt about it, the accused has been reported in many many more games than that.

The process is always being iterated on and improved though. And if the PB&J Team sees a need for the additional context to be shown, I'm confident in their abilities to make that happen.

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