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Oct 31, 2012

Season 2 Reward Icons Preview

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With the impending closing of Season 2, RiotYegg has released some previews of the summoner icons to come:

Official Post:

Wanted to give you all a small preview of some of the reward icons that will be given out at the end of the season.
Season 1 Gold icon
Season 2 Silver Solo icon

Season 2 Silver 3v3 icon

Season 2 Silver 5v5 icon
Season 2 Bronze bonus icon
Season 2 Diamond bonus icon
For Season 2, the elements on the cup represent the queue where it was earned, with the embellished base representing 5v5, the embellished top representing 3v3, and the center gem representing solo queue. The bonus icon has all of those elements as well as a much brighter background so that it looks unique even at smaller sizes.

As a reminder, the Season 2 icons will be earned by anyone who finishes their Ranked Solo placement matches or qualifies for rewards with a team this season, with the bonus icon going to anyone who earned an icon in all three queues. And the Season 1 icons will be given out to anyone who achieved Bronze or above during Season 1.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this glimpse of the reward icons, and I'll be back later this week with a preview of the profile banner trims and loading screen borders. Now, time for bed.

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