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Oct 31, 2012

New Champion: Zed Sneak Peek (Power Rangers?!)

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The new champion was just revealed...Zed! Maybe he's a power rangers tribute to EVIL?

Anyway, back to the League of Legends part!

Morello posted earlier on some skill details:

Hey guys,

So we’re going to be doing a big reveal on this stuff soon, but I wanted to give you a quick gameplay peek of the next champion – the Shadow Ninja.

We’ve worked hard to make a cool gameplay loop that is really ninja-y and lets you be pretty clever. Let me run you through it real fast;

He can make a stationary shadow of himself that then copies his skills when used. For example, you can throw a skillshot shuriken and he’ll also throw one. If they both hit, then you hit with two!
He can swap places with his shadow to be elusive, set up ganks, or dodge skillshots
All his skills can double hit!
Yes, he uses energy 

Shadow Ninja’s gameplay isn’t about deceptive clones, but instead copying himself to extend and increase his power or mobility. And since his moves deal with areas or skillshots, setting up the right positioning to double-hit and maximize your damage is really important.

OK theorycrafters…all yours!

It sounds like he'll be somewhat similar to a more advanced Morphling from Dota, but as a ninja, he's naturally infinitely cooler!

Since early antiquity, shadows have long been a subject of fascination. If you’re a scientist, your shadow is probably a simple projection of light. If you’re more spiritual, your shadow might be a reflection of your more shady whims. And if you’re following a forbidden path filled with dark techniques and even darker motives, it’s possible that your shadow is a sinister companion ready to help you pull off a vicious assassination in some dark corner of the Fields of Justice.

While we’re delving into the forbidden ways, allow us to introduce Zed, a relentless ninja master who’ll leave your enemies scared of their own shadows.

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