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Oct 25, 2012

New Twisted Treeline Goes LIVE

The new Twisted Treeline is live! This is another one of those big info posts that are directly from Riot, so in the interest of me being lazy...


The new Twisted Treeline Beta is live. We got some great feedback from PBE testers, so now it’s time to hear what all of you think about the new 3v3 battleground. Whether you’re a veteran Twisted Treeline player who topped out the ladder last season, or you’re just sitting down to your first 3v3 match, your feedback is important to us, so leave us your comments!

To recap, here are some of the revisions you can expect from the original map:
  • New terrain and new items to help improve the number of viable team comps
  • A condensed jungle with reliable monster camps to focus the action towards the center where junglers can gank both lanes
  • Wider choke points near the inhibitors and a wall separating the shrine turret from the Nexus to prevent late game turtling
  • An epic new spider boss and two neutral altars to encourage combat around team-wide buffs
  • Beginner and intermediate bots specifically designed for the new terrain and mechanics, available in both Custom games and Co-op vs. AI matchmaking

Remember that even though it’s passed through PBE, the new TT is still in beta and we need your help as we continue to improve 3v3 League of Legends. We have a team of designers specifically devoted to supporting the Twisted Treeline remake, so be sure to stop over at the Twisted Treeline forums to leave your feedback and comments on how we can make the experience better.

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  1. I played it for the first time today, and i dont have the best computer in the world but it runs games such as LoL and WoW perfectly fine. however, while running through the jungle on this map i experienced a ton of lag. Is there any possible changes that will be made to Si that will allow the community with more average computers to play here?

  2. That's odd.. I play on a crappy, crappy compuer and I wasn't getting any lag at all.


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