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Oct 25, 2012

New Patch Makes Ranked Teams Disappear into the Shadow (Isles)

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With the release of the Shadow Isles Patch it appears that while things have appeared, other things have...disappeared. Namely, many people's ranked team trophies.

Moreover, some people have also been experiencing complete disbanding of their teams! Is Riot going to reply to this catastrophe?!


10 Games to Seed?!
Q: Ranked teams now require 10 seeding games gg wp. WHY IS THIS RIOT?! I don't think I'll be able to get 5 people to play again, what about my gold icon in 5v5 queue?
RiotYegg: This is a client bug that was unfortunately introduced with the patch. Ranked teams still only require 5 games to become ranked and will still qualify for rewards after only 5 games. You just temporarily aren't able to see your team's rating if the team has played fewer than 10 games. We're investigating the possibility of a hotfix since the end of the season is coming up shortly.
Team Disbanded?!
Q: MY team all just disbanded after this bug because they thought it was changed... will I still get the rewards now that I'm not in a team.
RiotYegg: Submit a ticket to Player Support and mention that I sent you, we'll look into it and figure something out. Sorry about that.

Ha. You didn't think they'd make this EASY did you?

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