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Sep 10, 2012

Why Being Unranked Doesn't Mean You're Bad

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With the close of the season upon us, everybody is frantically scrambling to get more Elo so that they can get into the highest bracket possible to earn some rewards.

Meanwhile, many summoners are stuck in "ELO hell" and can't get to Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, wherever you feel you belong.

Riot's official statistics on the rankings are as follows:
  • Platinum (Top 0.2%)
  • Gold (Top 3%)
  • Silver (Top 10%)
  • Bronze (Top 25%)
Lots of people have trouble understanding what this means. It means that out of ALL level 30s who play at least 10 ranked games, 25% of them are bronze or above (1250+).

Further, they say that 50% of users are between 1100~1200, which is LOWER than what you start at! (1200). How is this possible you might ask? It's actually very basic:

Ways to Gain Elo: Win a ranked game
Ways to Lose Elo:
  1. Lose a ranked game
  2. Elo Decay of 25 points every 4 weeks you don't play and you're over 1400 elo
  3. Previously possible to queue dodge
Also, whenever someone wins a ranked game, an equal number of players must LOSE a ranked game.

Naturally, this means that the average Elo MUST be lower than the starting point of 1200!

So you see, there's no huge conspiracy going on at Riot. All the numbers make sense. It stinks to play games and end up lower than what you started at, but that's just the nature of the game.

It's a ladder and not an RPG, so to get better, you not only have to get better at the game, you have to get better FASTER than everyone else is improving!

Good luck summoners!

It's a race to the finish!

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  1. I keep saying that one of the big problems of ranked games, is this, let's take my example.
    When i began playing ranked, droped until 800, and came from there, now i am around 1250, with 450 victories. Sometimes i am playing and in the resume at the end, i see that many of my partners, and enemy partners were playing their first 10 ranked games, and clearly they have not the same experience that someone who has played so much more games than them...
    Riot should moderate this a bit, doesn't makes too much sense i think


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