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Sep 6, 2012

Things You Can/Can't Throw with Syndra's Force of Will

The new champion Syndra's Force of Will has summoners testing the limits to what she can and cannot throw. Recently, LoLRageFailWin posted this video up, which he believes covers all the things Syndra can and cannot throw!

Can be thrown:
- Zyra plants
- Heimerdinger turrets
- Yorick Ghouls
- Tibbers (His burn will apply)
- Shaco Jack in the Boxes (His Fear will apply)
- Malz Voidlings
- Jungle creeps

Cannot be thrown:
- Jarvan's Flag/ Caitlyn Traps
- Anivia's Wall/Trundle's Pillar
- Shaco Clone
- Wukong Clone
- Zyra Passive
- Orianna Ball
- Gragas Barrel
- Maokai Saplings
- Yorick/Morde ghosts
- Teemo Shrooms
- Olaf Axe
- Wards

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  1. this will be fun

  2. this will definetely annoy heimer... as well as other heroes than rely on dropping stuff (and can be thrown ofc)

  3. she can throw games too

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