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Sep 4, 2012

New $100 RP Tier + Bonus RP Sale

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As the season winds down and pool parties aren’t as prevalent as before, we’re looking for more ways to stay in the summer spirit. We’re pleased to offer you some extra RP when you pick up some points, doubling the amount of bonus RP you receive with each purchase. For Double Bonus RP’s duration, we’re also adding a new RP tier that nets you a total of 17,000 RP (13,000 + 4,000 bonus RP) for $100. Here’s the full breakdown on how much RP you’ll nab during the double bonus promotion:
$5.00 – 650 RP
$10.00 – 1460 RP (1300 + 160 bonus RP)
$20.00 – 3000 RP (2600 + 400 bonus RP)
$35.00 – 5450 RP (4550 + 900 bonus RP)
$50.00 – 7900 RP (6500 + 1400 bonus RP)
$100.00 – 17000 RP (13000 + 4000 bonus RP)
This Double Bonus RP promotion and special $100 RP tier will only be available from September 4 through September 10, so double up now!


Personally I'm trying to limit my RP purchasing as much as possible but holy batman! 4000 BONUS RP POINTS?!

I think I've already spent $200 on RP so far in increments of $20...wish I got that bonus! 

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