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Sep 15, 2012

Sneak Peak at Season 3 Pro Team Salaries

The amount of money pro gamers makes has always been fairly secretive. We've all made speculations based on their stream revenue and prize money. But how much do they really make?

Elementz has said "enough to live comfortably"

The exact amount of stream revenue always varies...but with the release of Season 3, Riot's previously announced plans to pay salaries to top teams is further explained in this dialogue between Dan Dinh and ScYx17, which a redditor managed to snag a screenshot of (below)

ScYx17: Riot is paying salary to top 8 teams right?
Man Dinh: yes, 175k to the team, then its split between managers and players and subs. main 5 minimum is 25k.
ScYx17: That's at least 20k. I need to get on a top 8 team like I need it. My team deid repeatedly I can't actually pat together a team. The leader of the team has to be someone that people can respect. I'm like the scary guy on the team that comes up with crazy ideas.
Man Dinh: haha

Sounds pretty interesting to me! Originally there were rumors that the mini-prizes for winning each tournament would be considered "salary", but it looks like the top 8 teams will get a set salary in addition to the prize money from each tournament!

What do you guys think about this? Comment below!

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  1. Wow! I have not tried this one yet. Will surely check about this. I might love this and share this to my friends. I think they have no idea about this too.

  2. comment?? im only thinking that i wnat to be a pro gammer



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