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Sep 16, 2012

First Impressions of Syndra

Hello there summoners! I haven't posted on a new hero for a while now, mostly because I don't tend to buy the new heroes on release until I see them in game.

However, upon hearing that Syndra is a high skill cap champion that "sucks" I couldn't help but be reminded of release Riven and release Lee Sin, where their skill caps made everyone think that they simply weren't very good...

So I tried her out!

Laning Phase:
Her laning phase is pretty decent, her balls are spammable and she does have a slow with okay range. Her stun actually isn't all that hard to hit, but I wish the balls would last a little longer for more zoning power.

Absolute Beast. Her ganking is awesome and her damage output just makes them cringe. Roaming around the map also lets you play with her W more, and she can clear waves very quickly.

Late Game:
Even if you're fed, you need to have a trade-off between using DFG and survivability. She really needs to get enough balls up to maximize the effectiveness of her stun and her ultimate, but it's a little difficult to set up and she has no gap closers/large scale cc.

You really have to get them funneled into an area where you can set up balls with poke (but place the balls between where you plan to do battle) and then get off a good aoe stun. The major problem with this is that it takes time, which makes it a very unreliable form of initiation.

Syndra is extremely fun, and has a decent amount of damage. However, her fatal flaw is her ramp up time to full power and the fact that to consistently hit your stun you need to give up your major source of damage (unless the enemy is running away).

If you combine her with Amumu + Kennen, I think she'd be an amazing addition and extremely viable. However, it's hard to say she's on the same level as other APs like...Zyra. 

She's a very thought-provoking tactical champion though!

What do you guys think about Syndra? Post below!

Balls...balls everywhere...

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  1. Yeah that's true. Thanks for share :)

  2. Syndra is becoming the next extremely fun and absolute beast game ever! Baz @ Construction CRM


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