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Aug 13, 2012

Reginald Considers Stepping Down After Season2

Long time captain and AP mid of Team Solo Mid, Reginald is indeed as rumors have it, considering stepping down after the end of Season 2.

In a recent AMA by Dyrus, the following was asked:

Q: Are the rumors true that regi is going to leave TSM after season 2? If so, will TSM disban or will you seek a new ap mid?
Dyrus: he's still deciding. if he does step down we'll probably look for a new AP mid. I assumed it was going to be salce: but time will tell.

Possible replacements for AP mid include Xpecial and Salce.


What do you guys think about this? We've all been seeing Regi slowly fade out of the public celebrity scene and making several disputable calls in-game, but he's a pretty staple part of the team.

Would the team be better or worse off without him? Do you think he'll actually go through with it and become solely an administrative guy?

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  1. It's about time

  2. Idk, Regi's kinda a dick and all, but I feel like he's good for the team

  3. shit! Regi is the brain of TSM. He pretty much deserved most of their plays. I know he can be a dick sometime but he is a very important member and without him TSM wont be the same

  4. Also for you haters out there. REGINALD > Scarra at every possible way

  5. just pointing out, you say, "for you haters out there." and then proceed to hate on Scarra. In my opinion they both have different qualities that are better and suit their teams. And you were being rather hypocritical.

  6. Tsm needs Reginald but if he needs to step down that's his call. He just fits really well with the other players Imo.


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