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Aug 2, 2012

The Nunu VS Yorick Matchup

Today's post focuses on two heroes I believe have very similar playstyles top lane: Yorick, and Nunu.

Personally I think these two are the easiest top laners to play, and also two of the safest, which makes them both awesome for solo queue.

Their role is to harass their lane as hard as they can, sustain, farm up, be tanky, and give a massive buff to their AD carry late game.

So what happens when you put them up against each other?

Laning Phase:
As long as each of them has mana, neither of them can kill each other. Nunu should focus on eating Yorick's brown ghoul if they start exchanging blows, but Yorick's cooldowns allow him to still plug enough in to sustain himself.

If either one of them blows all their mana at once, they can do a sizable amount of damage, but will require a jungler's help to deal the killing blow. Doing so can send the enemy back to base, but is also dangerous since both of them are extremely vulnerable when out of mana.

Until Yorick's tear/manamune is stacked enough, Nunu can win most full exchanges. If Nunu rushes gold items when Yorick rushes Manamune, Nunu should NOT fight him until he gets a Chalice.

Team fighting:
Yorick tends to be more of an anti-carry whereas Nunu focuses on protecting his AD carry through slows.

Personally I love both of them, but I think I prefer Yorick at the moment. However, I believe Nunu is a very viable counterpick to Yorick, and a much more useful hero than Nasus at the moment.

Got any more insights on the matchup? Post in the comment section below! 

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  1. I think these two along with Kayle are the most annoying heroes I've ever encountered.

  2. Also, better than GP, or panth...

  3. After the healing reduction from minions on Yorick, I firmly believe Nunu might be better between these two... And probably he's one of stronger tops right now.


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