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Aug 4, 2012

Support Karthus - Zoning Poke Lane

Get bored of playing the same supports over and over? Me too. That's why if I'm forced to support  on my smurf accounts I only play Nidalee or Karthus as support.


That's right, Karthus. What are some pros and cons of this?


  • Very fun.
  • Bot lanes usually don't pack magic resist, and if they do it's scaling MR.
  • 2 or 3 Qs landed at the same time chunk them down to 1 bar
  • His wall works especially well with heroes like Corki, whose missiles and phosphorous bomb are magic damage
  • You can secure kills
  • Wall can slow 5 targets at once + shred magic resist
  • If you miss wall you have no escapes
  • He's kinda slow moving...
  • Late game if you haven't gotten enough assists/kills you'll be almost useless besides your wall
  • Very squishy
  • Your team may hate you unless you do way above average
  • If the enemy is smart enough to stand near creeps, you'll push the lane trying to harass if you're not careful
Your goal is to land as many Qs as possible on these support/adc mains who never play against Karthus mid. Naturally, it's much easier than playing against AP mid mains who play against Karthus on a consistent basis.

You have no sustain, so to keep your lane up, landing Qs is very important.

Against Soraka Lanes: An early kill is almost a must, if they play very safe you're almost certainly screwed unless you get a jungle gank. (Or your Qs are amazing homing missiles)

Against Taric Lanes: Don't get in range to be stunned, you will die. Try and land as many Qs as possible on Taric so he doesn't get too aggressive.

Against Janna/Blitzcrank Lanes: Get boots of swiftness or mobility later or you'll get ran down and feed. You probably won't be doing enough damage for them to fear you.

Against Sona Lanes: This one's probably the easiest, if you can land enough Qs she'll be forced to spend all her mana healing.

Runes/Masteries: I generally run normal AP masteries if I think I can get a kill on bot lane, or else I'll plug in enough in utility to get the extra gold masteries.

Items: Gold items are a must, but you'll want to eventually start building some AP so you can't be ignored. Generally support karthus only works if your teammates are good enough to buy wards so that you have enough gold to get some damage.

Didn't see that one coming did you?

Try it out and post your results below!

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  1. I have tried him some time ago when i locked him for mid and some1 else started screaming about him getting mid so I decided to just go bot with him. Rushing philo+kage's and boots then support items and some ap as you stated. We just stomped bot because of my harrass and wall.

    In teamfights later it was a lot about poking with Q from distance and landing perfect walls. Also the ultimate was kind of good at picking up low life champs leaving the teamfight or just lower enemies lifes b4 the teamfight. you dont deal as much dmg as mid karthus but still considerable dmg. only thing you have to be much more careful at being in the middle of the teamfight because your e does not deal that much dmg mid game and you die instantly if focused. any1 try to die in a good spot so that you can take the most of your passive or just poke and annoy from distance.

  2. I tried him out too, I was doing really well early on, but I died too many times with oracle and fell behind...I think someone else should buy oracle when you're playing support karthus.

    His auto attack really sucks for clearing wards...


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