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Aug 22, 2012

Riot Suspending Users for False Reporting

If you've been writing out lots of false reports lately beware...Riot's decided that false reporting is just as bannable as trolling!

Here's a Red Post on the topic:
These are not Tribunal bans. We've been doing a lot of experiments and analysis with false reporters and have found that many of them are contributing to negative experiences in the games they are in--these players tend to threaten players with reports, or threaten players to play their way or be reported. For example, the OP in this case has reported hundreds of players that were not actually toxic and in the process created toxic experiences for these players. The same OP has received reports in 19% of his games resulting in hundreds of reports filed against him and has been punished multiple times by the Tribunal.  
We've reviewed these players with extremely high numbers of false reporting and decided to send out a temporary timeout to these players and warn them that this behavior is unacceptable and let them know that they have been creating a negative experience for other players.

Also, luckily for you I have some unscrupulous friends (or just one) who was suspended, so I have a copy of his letter for you!

Dear Summoner,

Internal audits by staff members of Riot have revealed consistent abuse of the “Report A Player” feature by your account within League of Legends.

Falsely reporting players over a large span of time dilutes the significance of your reports and causes unnecessary distress to the players being reported. Reporting players is a tool used to help improve the community rather than a tool used to threaten or bully other players.

Due to this toxic behavior, your account has been temporarily suspended.

Please note that this is a temporary suspension to serve as an official warning. Moving forward, be mindful of who you are reporting as falsely reporting players is not only against the Summoner’s Code, but also negatively effects the League of Legends community.  Failure to adjust your in-game behavior can result in additional punishments.

What do you guys think? Is this good for the game? Bad for the game? 

Some people can be so childish...

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  1. It's ridiculous. I was banned today for this. I don't 'threaten' players with reports; I use the system to report people who make the game an unenjoyable place. So what Riot is saying here is "go ahead and use our system, but careful because if you happen to run into a LOT of trolls or assholes, YOU might be the one getting the ban". All this has done for me is now when I finally get back into the game in a week (which now I miss sales, etc.), I won't report ANYONE ever for anything. So Riot is effectively neutralizing the Tribunal.

  2. DeadpoolVII, may be you could just adjust your report criteria. Here is a statement from Pendragon:


    In your 1100 games you have reported 896 people. You have issued reports in about 40% of all of your games (the average is roughly 5-8%). When dealing with

    That in and of itself wouldn't be a problem except that a very large percentage of these reports are inaccurate. Some stats:

    - You have 8 different games where you reported every other player in the game
    - You have 54 different games where you reported every other player on your team (very few of these were full premades)
    - Of these reports, a minimum of 60% of them are false (the criteria we did this)
    - You are reported in ~15% of your games (5-8x the average)

    That being said - they are banning people only if report the majority of the players you are playing with and most of them get pardoned. If you could stick to reporting only the severe cases - things like not following meta and so on are not really reportable, you would be fine.

  3. That guy's got some preeeetty ridiculous reporting stats...LOL

  4. Damn, those stats are too funny, thanks for sharing!

  5. I agree with you; sure, maybe we should think a little bit more before we report, but ya know what? It's pretty unfair to make something not okay all of a sudden and condemn someone because they took part in it when it was tolerated. What Riot SHOULD have done is email all the people that were in this boat (people like me), and say "hey, we need to stop false reporting. We're making it against the summoner's code and if you persist, we'll suspend you." That would be MUCH better and would make people a LOT less pissed off rather than just ban us with no warning. That is what gets me. That is why I'm so frustrated with Riot right now and I'm just going to resort to EXTREME cases that I report like actual threats or AFK. This is completely wrong and Riot is pissing a LOT of people off by doing it this way.

  6. " I'm just going to resort to EXTREME cases that I report like actual threats or AFK." So what were u reporting before?

  7. Actually Lyte (think that was his nick) confirmed they messed up their communication in thus he opened a pretty long thread about the bans in the NA forum. He did explain that they banned only the most extreme cases - ones which are both offensive and false reporting. Some summoners should have just receive a warning email and so on. At least that's what I understood from the red posts in the forum.

  8. Good. The "reprot reprot reprot" assholes are half the time more annoying than just plain legit trolls or feeders. At least the trolls and feeders know they are being assholes... the tools that report everyone else are just self-righteous twats that think they are right and everyone else is wrong. Temp ban away IMO.

  9. 1) They already have a system in place to deal with people who abusively "threaten" people with a report in-game. It's called "The Tribunal." If my behavior has truly been that abusive, it would have punished me by now.

    2) The Tribunal ALREADY handles people with a high "false report rate" by diminishing the weight of their reports for future reporting.

    This was a really nasty action taken by Riot and shouldn't be tolerated by the players. Please feel free to join me and thousands of others in the general discussion forum and take them to task on this.

  10. Think about this. If 40% of the people I report are punished by the system, and the other 60% that aren't punished are NOT AFFECTED IN ANY WAY BY MY REPORT, how have I had ANY effect on their gaming experience?

    40% of the people I report are punished-that means A LOT of negative players are removed (either temporarily, or permanently) from the game.

    60% of the players I report are not punished. They will never know I reported them, and if their case went to the tribunal and was pardoned, again, they will NEVER know that.

    If **I** abusively threaten to report someone, theoretically, the Tribunal should have punished by now. It hasn't.

    The end result is this:
    -40% of the people I report get punished. THAT'S GOOD FOR THE GAME.
    -60% of the people I report are NOT IMPACTED IN ANY WAY by those reports.
    -I HAVEN'T BEEN PUNISHED BY THE TRIBUNAL FOR the THREAT of false reports in game.

    Why, again, did I receive a week long ban?

  11. It's okay.. you can report for unskilled player, or trolling, but beeing bad, you can report a person for nothing..

    usually i only report huge huge verbal agressions

  12. esto no deberia ser posible, de 1 racha en la q t toque 6 juegos con feeders o trolls seguidos,debemos de reportar!!


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