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Aug 16, 2012

Rengar's Ridiculous Level 1 Damage

It's been a long time since we've seen the full magic pen Udyr or full AD page Riven go for the level 1 first blood. There's a new kid on the block though, and he puts the both of them to shame.

His name is Rengar, the next champion to be released. Some kind of man-beast, his damage at level 1 is INSANE as shown by this video posted by RevanantTube

Although you can probably evade it if you're looking out for it, this tactic does indeed seem ridiculously overpowered, especially since his gap closer is pretty long, and most heroes will be playing melee top.

If he's not getting nerfed before release, I'm definitely banning him every game!


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  1. It's also hilarious how strong Q+Q works on towers, you can almost take half the hp from one.

  2. Damn guy...
    Riot needs to stop releasing that op champs xD

  3. I'm pretty sure they gonna nerf him. Anyway, I'm damn sure im gonna buy him XD

  4. LOL, I tested this on PBE.

    Guaranteed FB.


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